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Friday, 05/31/2013, 12:40 pm

Le Wants Fight with Bisping, Bisping Wants Fight with Le


| Cung Le has been one of the most shocking and exciting imports from the Strikeforce recruits so far as he has put together two straight wins inside the UFC octagon over top talents in Patrick Cote and Rich Franklin. However, Le has been fairly quiet since his impressive KO of Rich Franklin way back in November. Since the victory Le has been rehabbing his right elbow, which has been giving him problems during training due to bone spurs, and hasn’t really had a chance to schedule his next fight because of the health complications. Still, Le is in good spirits and is looking to make his return as soon as he is healthy. Let’s hope that’s sooner than later as Le, who is 40 years old, does not have time on his side.

The former Strikeforce Champ recently spoke with ESPN about his return and who he’d like to face. It comes as no surprise that Le brought up the British Bad-Ass, Michael Bisping. Le is not the only one seeking a fight with the highly ranked middleweight but the matchup seems to make the most senses, for the fans, for both fighters, and for the company.

With limited action left in his career Le explained that he wants to make each fight a high-profile bout and believes that he deserves that recognition and respect. Although he is not in the top 10 rankings of the middleweight division Le is a very tough fight for anyone in the division.

In speaking with ESPN about a possible fight with Bisping Le explained, “That would be a great fight for the fans. That would be a big fight. But I’m not the one to make that decision. Whether I’m at the top of that list for the fight or on the bottom, it ultimately comes down to who Joe Silva and the UFC decide who we fight.” 

The UFC would be smart in considering this fight as, like Le stated, it has the potential to be an exciting matchup for the fans and, with Bisping coming off of his win over Alan Belcher at UFC 159, the records and timing for both men seems right. ESPN also caught up with “The Count” and ran the idea of fighting Le by him as well. Bisping, who has never been one to back away from a challenge, explained that he would love to take that fight if it was offered to him. Although Rich Franklin and Luke Rockhold have also expressed their desire to fight The Brit, Bisping feels that the fight with Le would be the most appealing.

 “Of those three, Cung Le would be the most attractive,” Bisping told “He’s on a two-fight win streak. He just knocked out Rich Franklin. So I would fight him.”

So, with both men waiting for the UFC to give them their next fights do you think that the UFC brass will find this fight as appealing as both Le and Bisping do?

The fight is a definite possibility but first things first; Cung Le must continue the rehab on his right elbow and get himself 100% healthy. Once that happens this fight could very well be seen as a main-card/main-event caliber bout at an upcoming UFC event. Keep your eyes open for this one, fight fans. Both men want it and the fans want it…that’s enough to make it a reality. We’ll see how this plays out over the next couple of weeks. Stay posted to for more updates regarding this possible bout.

-Jake Chastain



0 Responses to “Le Wants Fight with Bisping, Bisping Wants Fight with Le”

  1. Ya herd says:

    Lee, Luke, franklin, don’t matter bisping beats these guys all day, bisping is on the edge of greatness just needs to get past that mental edge on the number 1 contender fights,

    • Kmart says:

      Or get passed the roundhouse head kick. The guy will never champion!

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      All 3 would beat Bisping. Bisping is one of the most overrated snoozefest fighters in all MMA. All he does is goes in circles and pitter patters.

      Bisping is avoiding Luke and Franklin cause he knows he would lose.

    • wrong says:

      Bisping isn’t qualified to hold these guys jock straps. He’s an over rated track star that got KTFO’d by Hendo and Belfort. Guaranteed to lose against Franklin even though he is in the twilight of his career.

  2. Part Time MMA Fan says:

    I am from San Jose, so Lee all the way to the bank and Over the Spider!!

  3. Destroyed says:

    Cung Le dominates Bisping hands down.

  4. Dddddd says:

    A good challenge for both. I’m a definite fan of Cung but Bisping could wear his out. I knew Belcher would kick his ass and he didn’t. If Cung can get off first and have punishing forward movement I think he’ll dominate but if Bisping could stop him from launching and break up his rythem he could win.

  5. 123 says:

    good on Michael Bisping for wanting to fight the toughest fighter out of the 3 which is Cung Le.. in my opinion he easily beats Rich Franklin & Luke Rockhold but Cung Le would be a good fight.. & you disrespectful pricks who hate on him for no reason yeah he got KO’d & TKO’d by 2 great fighters in Dan Henderson & Vitor Belfort.. get over it you idiots.

  6. Sean says:

    Bisping should take this to the ground

  7. Dee says:

    Bisping needs advisers. This a bad match up for him all day; however, Cung Le may tire easily because of his old age. This is why I like the Count. He will fight anyone unlike some people who makes a case for a title shot, yet avoid any competition.

  8. Ya herd says:

    Look at the names bisping has fought the best in the game to say he is afraid of lee, Luke, or ace, is stupid come on guys come up with something better than that

  9. Slim Charles says:

    yeah; this fight makes sense; make it happen!!!

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