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Tuesday, 03/19/2013, 06:42 pm

Lavar Johnson Flagged For Elevated Testosterone Following UFC 157 Loss | UFC News

A post-fight drug screening after Lavar Johnson’s fight against Brendan Schaub at UFC 157 was flagged for elevated levels of testosterone. As first reported by, CSAC Executive Officer Andy Foster stated that an additional carbon isotope test revealed “the testosterone was consistent with the administration of a steroid”. The commission tested the fighters for drugs of abuse and performance-enhancers.

What does this mean for Lavar Johnson? Well, Johnson’s loss to Schaub was his second straight in the UFC, after KO/TKO victories over Joey Beltran and Pat Barry in his first two outings. The UFC has recently taken a tough stance against failed drug tests and PED use. President Dana White was recently quoted saying: “Some things recently have led me to believe that people are f—– cheaters, people are taking good things and turning it into a bad thing and if you want to play those games than guess what, we’ll play.”

The UFC is on a cutting spree as of late, with intentions to cut up to 100 fighters in 2013 to make room for a new women’s division, Strikeforce imports, and The Ultimate Fighter standouts. They recently released welterweight Matt Riddle for failing his second drug test for marijuana use. The future looks grim for Johnson, but nothing has been decided just yet. will keep you posted on the latest developments on this story.


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  1. GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) says:

    Damn when are all these fighters going to realize its only OK for Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” marquardt to JUICE (legally) and get unlimited chances as with marquardt just getting his 4th chance by Dana White for JUICING–?quot%3Bno-fourth-chance-for-marquardt=&quot%3B=

    Nate “THE CHEAT” is the worst cheater in the UFC

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