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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 01:57 pm

Lauzon Preaches How Jon Jones "Screwed The Fans And Fighters" By Not Accepting Sonnen Fight | UFC NEWS

UFC 151 is cancelled. Jon Jones was supposed to fight Dan Henderson, but Dan had to pull out because he tore his MCL and his knee is unstable even walking. There is no way that Dan can fight. Chael Sonnen has volunteered to fight Jon Jones, someone that EVERYONE else turned down because its Jones and its short notice… and Jon turned down Chael. As a result, the UFC was forced to cancel the entire show.

Not only has this screwed over all the fans that bought tickets, non refundable airfare, took off work, made arrangements, etc… but think of all the fighters. Fighters that put in full camps, flew people in that helped them trains, etc. By the time I am actually fight, I spend close to 20k between corners, flights, expenses, coaches, etc… and then to have the whole show cancelled because ONE guy didn’t want to fight. This ONE guy that had trained an entire camp, who was the CHAMP and at the top of his weight class, who was going to fight someone who didn’t do the camp, and was fighting UP a weight class.

I have always been a big Jon Jones supporter… but I would be FURIOUS if this happenned to me and I was on the card. To call is scorched earth wouldn’t do it justice.

– Joe Lauzon via his personal blog.


50 Responses to “Lauzon Preaches How Jon Jones "Screwed The Fans And Fighters" By Not Accepting Sonnen Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jeff says:

    Sounds like Joe wants to fight him!

  2. Yo says:

    Exactly ,selfish only thinking bout themselves,Greg Jackson needs to get in the cage next,always ruining the party.

  3. the original steve says:


    • the original steve says:

      off topic. i just realized. nick diaz loses fight wants to move up and fight silva. that doesn’t make sense to dana. chael sonnen loses fight wants to move up and fight jones. that DOES make sense to dana. both guys are HUGE draws. wtf

      • Da bat says:

        This was an emergency situation. Chael was the only guy available to fight. In Silvas case… he had a few more options than Nick Diaz and plenty of time to figure it out. This was 8 days out. Not months.

        • jdog says:

          There are MANY other 205ers that could have fought Jones, maybe none that are great fighters but someone could have been moved up to fight besides Chael. Dana only gives a crap because Sonnen is a draw ans wanted money, why the hell do you think he canceled the entire event. Because he was crying like a little b@tch. It is Dana that screwed the fighters NOT Jones. Even if the UFC would have lost some money the show would have still sold and done good enough to pay the fighters and if not who the f@ck cares they make tons of money they can take a hit once in a while but NOOOOOOOOOOOO Dana wants to play the f@ckin blame game!!!!

        • lionstrangler says:

          plus 1000…Dana,not jones cancelled the show. Go ahead with the card, lose money but honor the commitment all the other fighter have made to the event.He preferred instead to screw the fighters and blame the headliner who refused to fight a replacement with just 8 days notice. Laughable. Dana is an asshole

        • Yo says:

          What the hell you talkin bout Willis?lol

        • Been Thinking About This All Day says:

          Jones and Jackson are being thrown under the bus BIG TIME by the UFC (Dana White) and the masses are just eating it up. Had so many other alternatives besides cancelling but White went for the extreme choice to make the entire Jackson Winklejohn camp look bad. And it worked! The UFC could’ve ran the card and had it the worse card ever, but the UFC wasn’t worried about UFC 151 fighters losing money today, THEY WERE WORRIED ABOUT THE UFC LOSING MONEY IN THE FUTURE. So, they chose the option of taking the hit today in order to save themselves in the future. Good business decision, but to throw it on Jon Jones, was totally fucked up. Dana White IS an asshole.

      • Clay says:

        I was thinkin the exact same thing

      • Nick says:

        Well it’s simple, this was a dire situation. No one else wanted to take the fight. And Chael has ALWAYS done what the UFC has asked of him. I’m a huge Nick Diaz fan, but he’s not the easiest person to work with. I see where you would think that, hell I even brought up that comparison, but after some realization and some words from other people I realized it’s a different situation.

      • Bob'O says:

        Original steve, Very good point bro. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. ~Bob’O

      • Calvin says:

        also a last minute showing a chael sonnen is mind blowing diaz is not that exciting

  4. drew says:


  5. drew says:

    Webster’s dictionary

  6. maurice says:

    lauzon shut up b4 i call pettis.

  7. Michael hamlin says:

    Bones is trash!!!

  8. Danny says:

    I’ve honestly lost almost all respect I had for Jones over this.

    Ok, i’ve never really like him since he won the title, but i’ve always respected him as a fighter, and a very talented one at that. But not now, not just oer him turning down fighting sonnen on short notice but also the articles i’ve been seeing about how he only fights for money.

    I suppose he’s just proved that out and out here, he clearly doesn’t care about anything other than himself and making as much cash as possible.

    Although on the other hand, i’ve also gained monumentous respect for Sonnen, he’s showed not only does he come to fight every single time, but he’ll pretty much fight anyone, anywhere, any time.

  9. bahahah says:

    jbj didnt accept cause he doesnt want sonnen to have the satisfaction of being able to talk his way into title fights which chael IS doing cause he knows its his last shot at gold and is a desperate man and will do ANYTHING for it. so all in all u can blame chael, jbj, dana and lorenzo, cause everybody somewhere, somehow is at fault in there own way

  10. Weird1 says:

    A simple non tittle fight with chael sonnen, or have machida take on sonnen instead, dont blow the whole card just yet.

  11. norm dutton says:

    jones should be strip 4 not taking fight. dana get a set of balls

  12. norm dutton says:

    jones should be striped of the belt 4 not taking on connen. and dana should grow a set of balls.

  13. george says:

    Dana should have insisted. If Jones refused, strip him of the title for timidity and let Machida face off with Sonnen for the LHW title. Then offer Jon Jones a chance to get his belt back against the winner of Machida-Sonnen.

  14. ufc to blame not the fighter says:

    why should jones take that fight ? Chael only wants to talk his way up the ladder win some fights first
    really Dana cant find any other fighter bullshit any real 205er would take a title shot short notice or not “Chael you lost work your way back to the top stop trying to get it given to you”

    • Brian says:

      How is this Chael’s fault? And how can you honestly say he doesn’t deserve the shot… I guess you don’t know the story.

      Dana didn’t just ask Chael to step up.. he asked everyone in the upper echelon of the LHW division and NONE OF THEM WANTED TO FIGHT JONES ON 8 DAYS NOTICE. Chael was the only one who agreed to.

      In my opinion, this isn’t a matter of Chael talking his way into a title fight.. Dana offered it to him, and Dana is the fucking promoter of the organization. How did Chael talk his way into it exactly? Chael already said he was moving to LHW after the Anderson fight. Do you really believe he wasn’t going to get a title shot soon? He was probably going to get one after Hendo and Machida got theirs.

      People hate on Chael but the fact remains, he will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. He doesn’t cry about short-notice, or injuries. He also doesn’t make excuses, in fact he is very critical and honest about his performances and especially his mistakes.

      IMO, Chael is more of a champion in the way he acts than Jones will ever be, and it’s beyond me why fans still side with Jones even after all of his bullshit he’s been pulling after winning the belt. Jones openly admits he only fights for money and doesn’t care about the fans. He’s also the only UFC fighter to give fans a hard time when they ask for photos or autographs, something that is majorly frowned upon by Joe Silva and Dana/Lorenzo. And this joke gets a Nike deal, after smashing his $200k Bentley into a pole while driving drunk.

      All of you Jones supporters are fucking ass-backwards in your logic. You’re supporting a complete and utter douchebag only because he has been dominant in the cage lately. The guy should be fighting at heavyweight, but due to his abnormally skinny legs for his size, he is able to make 205. It’s a fucking joke. Even JDS has said the fact Jones is fighting at LHW is ridiculous.

      • KIDD433 says:

        @BRIAN…Well said dog.I agree 100%…Jon “PU55Y BITCH”Jones shouldn’t be fighting at LWHT against these 5′-11″ 6’footers in the first place.Always knew he was a chump and eventually be exposed.His ass would get annihilated by any top 3 HW.

  15. shiveley says:

    I don’t blame Jones for turning down a new opponent 8 days before a fight. That’s not cowardice that’s smart fighting strategy. It’s not Jones fault that they built such a weak undercard that the whole thing had to be scrapped. The fact that Chael volunteered himself as a replacement for Hendo does not make him deserving of the opportunity. He’s lost his last two fights, why should he get a title shot? I get why Dana White is disappointed, but to put all the blame on Jones seems unfair. Jones trained for a specific fight with a particular fighter. How does it benefit him to throw out all of his strategy and fight a last minute replacement? And besides, Sonnnen simply isn’t worthy of the opportunity. He needs to earn his shot.

    • Project pat says:


    • Rob says:

      Wrong. Chael has won both of his fights between the Silva fights.
      Why should Chael get this fight? Wasn’t JBJ tweeting a week ago for Chael to say this and that to his face… here was his chance.
      Right here is the bottom line. JBJ wants to keep up his fight streak of not being taken down, and whether Chael could actually win, he would absolutely be on Jones from the jump, and would absolutely take him down. But we just won’t find out, will we?

  16. jdog says:

    How is it selfish???????? They could have still had the event, it was not Jones fault Dana cried like a little b@tch and is trying to push blame on him and Jackson MMA. Sh@t happens it is the UFC’s fault they did not have ANY contingency plans in place. Maybe next time Dana will not cancel the fight and have a good back up plan in place prior to setting up a fight card. They could have swung something or did something to make the show go on. There is an old saying that Dana needs to remember “The show MUST go on!”

  17. frank says:

    If machida is the #1 contender why did chael get the chance? Is lyoto on medical suspension from his last bout on fox?

  18. Jay-Z says:

    You unknown undercard guys that are crying, it’s state fair season just go work at a concession there and that should make up for what money that tight ass Dana was gonna pay you guys.. He’s throwing a shit fit cause of the money the UFC is losing. he could care less about the low paying fighters..

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      How can you say the UFC doesn’t care about the low paid fighters? First, the undercard usually provides the best fights on the card itself. Second, don’t you realize that most of the UFC’s stars today started on the prelims? Jones himself fought on the undercard at UFC 87 and 100. Even GSP made his debut on the undercard against Parisyan at UFC 46.

  19. kush says:

    when he first came on the scene as a gangly, awkward boy, I liked him. He was fresh and humble. Now, he is a grown ass man, he should fight at his true weight class, HW. Not impressed how he can beat small guys, with his reach and wrestling, he should win. I want to see him get tested by JDS, Cain, even Struve or Travis Browne would give him lickens, and humble that donkey.

  20. JR says:

    Dana is a brilliant promoter. It’s about ratings and dollars. I personally don’t know how many people Dana asked but to have Jones say no to Sonnen will only make it the biggest fight when it does happen! To be a hated fighter will only bring more dollars because people will be tuning in to hopefully see Jones get his ass kicked. Chael is the man and I never liked Jones and since dropping Rashad, I lost respect for Greg Jackson.

  21. Steve says:

    Nike: Just Do It.
    Jon Jones: No.

    Jones bit the hand that fed him, screwed his fans and his fellow co-workers all to protect his name / record. Jones even stated to, I believe MMAWeekly that he was a company man and he will never tell the UFC no and always do what they need him to do and that he feels that is what sets him apart from other champions. Top that off with him saying he doesn’t want to fight Machida (one of his toughest fights) because it was his lowest draw? This pathetic excuse for a champion has officially become nothing more than a zit on MMA. He’s a liar, selfish, cocky and extremely petty.

  22. DMAC says:

    I would give Jones my house note for his d1ck in my ass

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