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Friday, 10/07/2011, 08:38 am

Lauzon: “I think I'm the worst matchup for Melvin Guillard”

“If I can’t get the fight down, I’m going out on my shield. I’m going to do my best to get the fight to the ground. If I find that I can’t get it, I’m going to keep working at it, but I’m going to have to throw punches the entire time. The days are gone when you could just shoot on a guy from way out and take him down. Melvin’s a great wrestler. He’s not going to give up any takedowns. I’m going to have to fight for every single one… Melvin’s coming off five or six wins in a row – a lot of wins – but personally, I think I’m the worst matchup for Melvin Guillard. His biggest weakness seems to be submissions. He’s been a lot better lately, but at the same time, I’ve submitted a lot of guys – a lot of really, really good guys, too.”

Joe Lauzon talking to during the pre-UFC 136 media rush thinks he is the worst stylistic matchup for the rising Melvin Guillard.

Lauzon has proved time and time again that he is better than your average “Joe”; however he has struggled with breaking through to the top tier of his division. The same can be said about his opponent tomorrow night.

With the Majority of Guillards coming by way of submission (7 of his last 8) and with Joe taking home submission of the night honor’s in a good percentage of his recent outings, who will win this chess match?

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5 Responses to “Lauzon: “I think I'm the worst matchup for Melvin Guillard””

  1. Will says:

    I like Guillard for this fight… His stand up is devistating and the lst guy that tried to work for a take down was smashed. Good luck Joe, i really like you but i don’t think you will get the best of Melvin.

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Classic striker vs grappler. The fact that the striker is no fish out of the water on the ground, and the grappler is no slouch on his feet, makes it more interesting. I got Melvin.

  3. Heath says:

    Take it to him J-Lo.. Submit this guy… Good luck.. All your Neighbors pullin for you up this way..

  4. Curtis says:

    ppl forget how hard j- lau hits, its gonna be interesting

  5. Joegun says:

    Guillard is going to murder j-lo no offends joe but i think hes to fast and striking is to deadly

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