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Friday, 07/13/2012, 12:08 pm

Lack Of Strikeforce Promotion Angers Tim Kennedy | STRIKEFORCE NEWS

By Jonathan Kirschner

Tim Kennedy/Luke Rockhold and Nate Marquardt/Tyron Woodley will be fighting for their respective Strikeforce titles this Saturday. Usually a card like this would have the attention of mixed martial arts fan masses from around the world, but this weekend’s card seems to be a bit different.

Earlier this week Zuffa and Strikeforce held a press conference for the upcoming fights and the attendance was less than stellar. Even though all gears were turning behind the scenes and on stage, it’s what was, or was not, in front of the stage that caused discomfort for the fighters. There were allegedly no more than five reporters present covering the event.

With five UFC events taking place inside a month’s span (UFC on FX: Maynard vs. Guida, UFC 147, UFC 148, UFC on FUEL TV: Munoz vs. Weidman and UFC 149) it is easy to see why reporters are getting lost in the mix of all of these cards. For Strikeforce Middleweight title contender Tim Kennedy, it’s very frustrating.

“Take a picture. There’s not a single goddamn reporter here. There’s four of you guys. This is two title fights for Strikeforce. It’s crystal clear that nobody gives a s***. They don’t. I knock Rockhold out on Saturday night? Changes nothing for me. Nothing in, like, what media publications are going to cover me, who talks about me, sponsors I’m going to get. Do you know how much money I didn’t make in sponsors for this fight because nobody cares about Strikeforce? It’s insane.

“I’m fighting one of the best fighters on the planet. Not top 10… like top five. I’m very confident that both Luke and I would clean house all the way to the top one or two guys in the UFC that could finally give us a fight, and nobody cares. It doesn’t make any sense. Just the ignorance of the sport and the athletes, there’s no way we can change that unless you let us fight other guys outside of the organization, and that’s just not going to happen.”

Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy takes place this Saturday in Portland, Oregon at the Rose Garden. The event will be available to watch on Showtime at 10:00 PM EST. Luke Rockhold defends his Strikeforce Middleweight Title against Tim Kennedy. Nate Marquardt and Tyron Woodley will duke it out for the vacant Strikeforce Welterweight Title.

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22 Responses to “Lack Of Strikeforce Promotion Angers Tim Kennedy | STRIKEFORCE NEWS”

  1. Zulwali says:

    Did something happend between Zuffa company and Dana white? i remembered when the ufc bought Strikeforce. Dana white said he wants to work on Strikeforce but then a few months later he said he’s no longer involved with anything to do with Strikeforce company. I feel sorry for those fighters. Why not just merge Strikeforce with the ufc? they already broguht nick Diaz,Alistair and whoever into the ufc. It only makes sense to me. those fighters just wants an opportunity to fight and show the world that they are just as equally as good if not better.

    • BJJisSupreme says:

      It’s because showtime pissed off Dana white then a repoter told everyone all the sht talking Dana did when that reporter was not aupposed to tell so showtime and Dana aren’t on good terms right now.

  2. allmightysandman says:

    just how dillusional is Kennedy?????? he sure a shit would NOT run through the ufc division and only get a real fight outta the top two guys!…that’s frickin ridiculous.

    he should do enough to get out of strikeforce and into ufc, then he’ll get the press.

    I understand his anger, but I don’t understand his insane assessment of the fight and the division.

    • Brian says:

      I think he was making a point that no one will ever know if they can clean house because they are stuck in this organization. They might be able to, they may think they can but they can’t prove it in their situation

      • KTFO says:

        “I’m fighting one of the best fighters on the planet. Not top 10… like top five. I’m very confident that both Luke and I would clean house all the way to the top one or two guys in the UFC that could finally give us a fight, and nobody cares.” – Delusional Kennedy…Him and his….uhh…opponent….would clean house all the way to the top one or two guys in the UFC? What a joke…

  3. BJC says:

    They can sign with who ever they want once the contracts they signed expire.Nobody’s fault but their own that the sighed with Strikefarce. Quit your bitchin Tim your starting to sound like Fitch

  4. JuicyJ817 says:

    I defiantly don’t care!

  5. B-rad says:

    The co main event is a better fight anyway… He should be thankful hes on the headline lol

  6. True mms says:

    The reason nobody Care’s is because of stupid ass comments you make which makes people not take you seriously. Your a fucking fool if you think you can beat a top ten middle weight of the UFC.

  7. Ignorant Fan says:

    What’s a Strikeforce?

  8. stephen riddle says:

    No one can afford to watch showtime! And u could see these quality of fights on a free ufc event.

  9. Not You says:

    Tune in to watch 4 of some of the more skillful guys in the top 15-8 of their divisions fight for titles that don’t matter in an organization you don’t care about. They should just give Coker a couple 100 million and then hold the largest MMA tournament there is. 5 top guys from each division make it to the UFC PPV, 6-10 on Fuel and FX shows and the rest can ind their own way.

  10. Nick says:

    Nobody gives a damn about Strikeforce. I respect Tim Kennedy, and he’s right for the most part. Except running the division. They just need to merge the Strikeforce into the UFC, it’s pointless now.

  11. Michael hamlin says:


  12. B-rad says:

    Rockhold MIGHT be a top 10 in UFC… Tim Kennedy…….naaaaaaaaa

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