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Friday, 07/27/2012, 03:15 am

LA Kings Reject VIP Offer To ‘UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera’ "Sorry. The cup is only for those who play a real sport." | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
This past June the Los Angeles Kings professional hockey team ended a 45-year long championship drought to win their first ever Stanley Cup. They defeated the New Jersey Devils in six games to become the NHL’s 2011-2012 season champion.

The UFC extended a VIP invitation to the team via the promotions official twitter account.

“We got a VIP ticket with Lord Stanley’s name on it for #UFConFOX at Staples.”

However it seems as though the victory may have gone to the heads of the LA Kings or at least the heads of the individuals who run the official twitter account.

“Sorry. The cup is only for those who play a real sport.”

The Tweets have since been deleted however they can be viewed here. The tweet was replaced by another.

“We may be busy parading our big shiny trophy around the world.”

The UFC immediately fired back by posting a picture of the seven title holders and the message “Our checking line > your checking line”

The tweets may not reflect the views of the entire LA Kings roster and staff. However it seems that someone in the front office may not be very fond of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

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67 Responses to “LA Kings Reject VIP Offer To ‘UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera’ "Sorry. The cup is only for those who play a real sport." | UFC News”

  1. dogfart says:

    lol stupid idiots. how is mma not a real sport
    fighting is part of human nature, its a spectacle, a sport in the realest sense

    its the ultimate competition

  2. BX81 says:

    Score: UFC 1- 0 hockey

  3. Xaninho says:

    So they think a bunch of alcoholics on skates chasing after a puck is a sport?

  4. Ryan kelly says:

    Oh ya gold is a sport hahaha !!!!!

  5. Ryan kelly says:

    Oh ya golf is a sport hahaha !!!!!

  6. Bob says:

    Fighting is the ultimate sport. In football, baseball and basketball they always say stuff like “we beat them” or “we kicked their ass” but only in MMA(UFC) you can “REALLY” say “I kicked his ass”.. This “sport” involves your whole physical body… Anyone who doesnt call this a sport is a pussy idiot.

  7. Xaninho says:

    All sports with excessive padding is a pussy sport.

    Wow a bodycheck wearing full armor, try getting run into the cage by a strong fighter without all the padding bitches!

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        Ah jeez that had to hurt. Ok a swat to the face with a stick is easier to hurt someone with than a fist (we use weapons for a reason, cmon people). Wearing padding doesn’t make you a pussy–football players are typically bigger and have more space to build up speed when they run into you after all (people die every year).

        Still the guy from the Kings who wrote that stuff is an idiot who doesn’t know how to recognize a sport. You’re still competing with all your physical and strategic abilities to beat another man down. I’m tired of prejudiced shitheads who think like this.

      • Unanimous221 says:

        Uhh? yeah? try getting punch by one of those “not real sport” players. see what happens.

  8. Rampage 2877 says:

    If it was the end of the world tomorrow and there was one bit of food left on a planet and it came down to an ice hockey player or mix martial artist to get it for survival… My money is on the fighter getting fed.

  9. I have watched hockey, but am not interested says:

    And ask many viewers of hockey why they watch hockey, and you know what you’ll hear? THEY LIKE THE FIGHTING AMONG HOCKEY PLAYERS! LOL. So the main interesting aspect of their sport is a fraction of our sport! MMA for life.

  10. DMAC says:

    Says the dudes that ride around on skates like little girls in the winter.

  11. Dante Niro says:

    atleast everybody in the world can compete in MMA, makes the title of “world champion” more real and befitting
    Lord Stanley can keep that bitch ass cup… and all his 200 hundred hockey fans they have.
    nobody in the world and even north america give two shits about hockey!

    • Heathen says:

      Not a hockey fan but your quote “even north America” not giving a shit is wrong. Canada loves hockey. It’s their national past time. Even though Canadians are Americans little brothers they live their hockey.

      • Dante Niro says:

        true my friend, true.
        i was only meaning that relatively speaking! in comparison to the other big sports in N.A hockey is probably 4th behind bball,football,and baseball (in terms of money generated)
        i dont mind hockey haha.. just pissed me off hearing the kings talk shit on mma ninjas

        • primalmasher says:

          yeah and it’s an american team to boot! I don’t get why they talk shit meanwhile MMA is about as real a sport as any(besides any sport without contact). yes, these guys skate around at mach speed, yes they hit each other at mach speed, but they don’t go for 25 minutes straight trying to take another guy’s head off.

          hockey is no pussy sport, but it’s definitely not as raw as MMA.

      • genius says:

        yea canada is not america’s little brother… besides total population, canada is greater than america at every aspect

  12. OC says:

    I’m sure the person who controls the twitter acct. Never played Hockey and got beat up when he was younger!!

  13. ganjaneer says:

    Interesting, hockey is the only sport where fighting is allowed (to an extent), and the most entertaining thing about that sport. People go ape shit when there’s a fight in nhl, and I’m pretty sure there’s a fight in every game. They even have a position for them ( enforcer) make movies about them (goon), then they call out mma? Pretty weird. Maybe they meant it literally, quote says those who play sports. Ok,, well you play hockey, basketball, play golf, soccer, play football. Never heard anyone going to play fighting so maybe that’s what they meant.

  14. Plain and simple... says:

    Hockey’s for padded up pussy’s!!

  15. Screw those L.A Queens, Hockey Boys don’t even know how to throw real punches….

  16. Bobby says:

    I tend to agree. Sports are games played by children who like playing with balls/pucks. MMA is more than a sport so good for the douche bags to point that out. Hope they enjoy there shiny little trophy. I do however find it ironic that a sport that enjoys “brawls” would insult a real combat organization.

  17. Not You says:

    I like how the actions of one person hiding behind a Twitter account led to the judgement of an entire NHL franchise and the whole sport of Hockey. So much for honor amount the MMA community.

  18. Eric Oka says:

    that champ line up pic is BAD FKN ASS! love how the UFC fired back after the lame comment that was directed towards them. HOW YOU GUNNA FUCK WITH THAT?!?!?!

  19. Kryptonite says:

    Altough the fighting in hockey is exciting, trust me that is not the reason fans watch hockey. Hockey is one of the fastest and most athlectic of all sports. It is not uncommon to see a hockey player sitting on the bench getting stiches while waiting to go out for his next shift (just like an MMA fighter). A great majority of hockey fans are also MMA fans and I think this is because of the physicality of the two sports, so the people bashing Hockey fans and players are also bashing a lot of thier own fan base. Other than the physicality and the occasional fight the two sports are so different that you cant really compare the two. One pencil neck moron sittnig behind a computer at the L.A Kings office does not speak for the rest of the Hockey community.

  20. jp says:

    They’re both great sports. I bet a few of those players are upset about this missed opportunity.

  21. Clay says:

    Hockey sucks.. Unless there’s a fight. Which is kind of ironic

  22. B-rad says:

    So if MMA isnt a “real sport” then i guess Baseball, Football, Basketball, HOCKEY, Socqueer, and all these arent real sports then either.. I fucking hate ignorance and thats what this is pure ignorance

    • Gabi says:

      Socqueer? Umm I think not. Believe it or not there is a lot of fighting going on the pitch you don’t see. Those fools are tough ass mofos. Only why multiple players also die on the pitch. Go play real soccer then talk. MMA and soccer I believe are the most demanding sports. Too close to call. They play just about year round weekly. Soccer kicks happen in matches. Hardly in MMA anymore. I’ve practiced both and both killed me. Played every other sport listed too. Those 2 where the hardest.

  23. Nick says:

    Just because there’s one dude bashing the UFC don’t take it out on Hockey. Hockey is a damn physical sport. Just because there is one ignorant ass guy don’t blast a sport you know nothing about. I’m a MMA fan and Hockey fan so don’t talk shit about something you don’t know.

  24. andy says:

    When you guys (kings) were playing in the Stanley Cup Finals and Cake Boss had more viewers then you’s ..don’t blame the UFC for your sorry ass ratings…you F***king Haters!!!!!

  25. noob says:

    Most sports require one ball (or puck for this matter).
    Real sports require two.

  26. m says:

    Kings are regret that move when the UFC becomes a bigger organization than the NHL and they have to wait in line to get their tickets like everyone else.

    Burning bridges.

  27. teddy b says:

    fuck the l.a kings any canadian team that had the cup would have welcomed fighters dumb asses mma isint a real sport? dumbest shit i heard mma fighters train 10 times harder then hockey players and im a hockey fan

  28. L.A.WHO??? It’s a Californian Hockey club, you have to consider the source. It’s Holleywood. They shouldn’t even have the cup, and fro that remark will never have it again if there are hockey gods in heaven. We hockey fans love MMA just as much as MMA fans love hockey; and don’t say you don’t, Dana just invited the Stanley Cup winners to the next fight for free. Hey invite me, i’m a hockey fan and an MMA fan and I’ll even hold a sign saying “Fak U LA Jokers, i got your seat!”. Naw, get it together people we love these sports. The PR manager for the Kings is a FAG!

  29. mean170 says:

    What the fuck is hockey? I live in Michigan and have never played or seen it played.

  30. Bjj BB says:

    So mma is not a real sport? Then why is hockey the only sport where they let u fight and its ok as if there fighting in the octagon? 85% of hockey fans go2 see a fight, the other 15% were brain washed at birth!!

    • B-rad says:

      Or their from Canada!! Im not exactly wild about hockey, but your right most people watch just for the fights.. I think the only reason i somewhat like hockey is that my grandma was from Canada 0.o. Whoever said this obviously knows nothing about martial arts, or probably any sport for that matter, it was probably some fucking rich old suit who probably looks at it in the same light as dog fighting or cock fighting -____-

  31. Tommy says:

    The ignorance of both parties in this discussion amazes me. If I had to guess, whoever wrote that tweet on behalf of the Kings has never been punched in the face or slammed to the ground and choked out. And on the other hand, I’d have to imagine all the JUST BLEED bros spewing nonsense in the comments have never taken a 90 mph slap shot to the ankle or been laid out by a 205 pound monster skating 50 mph at you. I give all the credit in the world to every professional MMA fighter and NHL player. In my opinion, you don’t see athletes with the kind of drive and intensity and the will to do whatever you possibly can to win except in MMA and hockey. The people who say that fans only enjoy hockey for the fights are the same type of MMA fans that boo any type of clinching or grappling. Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

    P.s professional hockey player Brandon Prust (former New York Ranger, now with the Montreal Canadiens) trains MMA with Sam Stout in the off season. Ask either one of those guys if what they do is a ”real sport” or not.

  32. lex walker says:

    Mma smashes hockey all day every day

  33. Matt says:

    I like MMA. That comment hurts my feelings.

  34. Wow talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Hockey players fight (not as well as MMA fighters) and they have the nerve to say MMA is not a real sport what a joke. Hockey is nothing more than a bunch of ugly figure skaters

  35. Zach Rusk says:

    Yeah ice polo is such a badass sport

  36. Quinn says:

    Gladiator fighter sports have been around wayyy longer than ice hockey…period!
    Those hockey ‘fighters’ look like a bunch of drunken WWE girls fighting over a boyfriend!

  37. xleanx says:

    im sure the person that runs the account is the social media manager or at least was

  38. Mike R says:

    They barely won a championship and suddenly their shit dont stink, fuck they la kings they suck for so long this cup doesnt even count

  39. Secludedly says:

    All I know is I need a bigger-sized version of that picture they tweeted, immediately. I need a nice copy to Photoshop with and use as wallpaper. This is a dire necessity. Link? Anyone?

  40. I Never Asked For This... says:


    Hockey is a real sport.

    MMA is a real sport.

    The management responsible for that post are the douchebags. Hate on them. Not all of Hockey

    I don’t watch Hockey, but I can understand that being able to move at that speed while controlling a puck, maintaining your balance and being able to spot your opponents and teammates is pretty amazing.

    I don’t need to give you all a list of reasons why MMA is an incredible (and in my opinion, the purest essence of) sport.

    Let’s be grown up about this folks.

  41. DewYouKnow8 says:

    This is clearly the wrong doing of one person who is posting, the Kings players should not be blamed, nor should anyone involved in only on ice performance. Looks bad for the kings and the nhl though.. so I see someone in the Kings marketing/fan relation department getting the quick boot.

    NHL and UFC.. the two greatest leagues on earth.

  42. Shawn says:

    Before Hockey, Football, Basketball, Golf, and even Boxing, there was a crazy ass sport being fought over life and death (literally) in a place that was called the Collesium. By warriors called Gladiators. MMA is the closest to that ancient sport. Winning after 45 years must have really got to their heads. Whoever wrote that tweet was delirious. Lol

  43. doug says:

    “Our checking line > your checking line” what the hell does this mean

  44. Bob Van says:

    I’m sure that the Kings organisation instantly regretted this rushed decision… I only know one NHL from my high school, and he’s a HUGE UFC fan. I’m willing to bet that most of the Kings players would love to bring the Holy Grail to a fight as Dana’s VIP guests… Who in their right mind wouldn’t? #StupidManagement

  45. Jordan Vickers says:

    MMA fighters are some of the most (if not the most) well trained and conditioned athletes in the world if anything is not a real sport its F*&^ing hockey….they want to throw fists on the ice let them lil boys come into the octogon and get smashed….im sick of people saying that MMA isnt a real sport but at the same time i cant stand it when espn trys to cover the UFC they dont know what they are talking bout

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