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Tuesday, 09/06/2011, 09:46 am

Koshcheck: “If Matt Hughes is man enough, he’ll take the fight”

“He wants big-name fighters. He’s getting near the end of his career. I think he’ll take the fight because it’s good for the sport and good for the UFC. I’m a big-name fighter, so he can take that and run with it. I put it out there. I told UFC I’d do it, and if Matt Hughes is man enough, he’ll step up and do it. I think he’ll do it. I think he’ll take the fight.”

Finally close to a shot against Matt Hughes, long-time welterweight stand-out, Josh Koscheck tells the guys over at USA Today that the only way he doesn’t get the replacement slot for Diego Sanchez against Matt Hughes is if Hughes isn’t man enough to do so.

The deep welterweight roster over at Koscheck’s home gym of AKA in San Jose has been campaigning for a shot at Hughes for the past several years, however the former divisional champion has eluded them, perhaps up until this point.

With just a little over two weeks until fight night, the UFC has remained silent on the issue, as has Hughes, however, the always bold Koscheck is keeping his name at the top of the list and will probably continue to do so until a decision is announced.

Stay tuned…


31 Responses to “Koshcheck: “If Matt Hughes is man enough, he’ll take the fight””

  1. T.DADDY says:

    Hughes is gonna beat ur azz!

    And im still Junkie Killa!

  2. louie says:

    u wish u were half the man and fighter hughes is ur just aloud mouth punk . i hope he picks u up and powerslams ur goofy looking azz!

  3. BJPennrules says:

    I want to see this fight!! do it Matt!

  4. Sideshow says:

    Wow. You have resorted to calling out washed up fighters. Bravo Josh, bravo.

  5. adam says:

    I honestley don’t think matt would win this fight matts stand up is horrible and kos is also a wrestler so I give kos win by decision or ko!!!

  6. chad says:

    kos is right in that it is a big name fight and good for the sport, but i really feel like it put’s matt in a bad spot. he almost has to take it, even though he was preparing for a totally different fighter. i was actually out in hillsboro a few weeks ago and watched him train for a few hours. he looks really good, but it’s really tough to switch gears like this. last time hughes did this was when he was going to fight matt serra and ended up fighting GSP on 2 weeks notice. he had almost no time to prepare for that fight and it showed. who knows, he might still be champ if he had a proper camp to get ready.

    it’s tough on anybody, but especially when you only have a couple fights left in your career. a part of me hopes he says no and reschedules this fight a month or two from now, where he could properly train for josh. i don’t know, it’s a tough spot, but ultimately matt has never backed away from a fight, so i’m sure he’ll end up taking it.

  7. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I think its funny when Koscheck refers to himself as a “halfbreed” because the truth is he is maybe a ” one / eighth breed at most. he’s a funny looking SOB i will give him that

  8. dragonblade2332 says:

    ok matts stand up isnt as good as koscecks but i still think matt would kik koschecks ass becouse matt isnot washed up for one and his ground game is way better then koscheacks he isnt in the ufc hall of fame for nothing i mean come on matt beat gsp something koscheack has never once done but ive sed it before and i will say it again this is mma aney thing can hapen koscheack could knock matt out who knows but i still think matt would win via submisson

    • Jon says:

      Matt beating GSP back then is irrelevant in this day. Matt tapped, Koscheck went three rounds with a broken orbital. So obviously he is more than a loud mouth punk. Hughes is washed up, Get over it. You know why Hughes is in the HOF? Because he’s a UFC pioneer, Not because he’s hardcore.

      • chad says:

        actually, kos went 4.5 rounds with the broken orbital. he said it happened on the 2nd or 3rd jab in the first round. but whatever.
        matt took his last fight against GSP on 2 weeks notice, so his tapping is no more relevant than georges tapping the first time. they’re all great fighter’s at this level, it happens. matt and josh are both studs.

        as for the HOF, come on dude…matt hughes was the best there was at that time. he’s not just a “pioneer”, he took on all comers and still does. he’s a fucking legend and actually finished fights. i doubt there will never be another WW with his record. at least try to show a little respect.

  9. phill says:

    i think they should re-schedule a fight between matt n kos for later cuz matts training has been for diego not kos

  10. BJPennrules says:

    I tell you right now, Kos, u dont want this fight..this is a bad matchup for U!

    • Jon says:

      How is this a bad match up for Kos? Kos is the better striker and wrestler. If he loses he lost to a legend. If he wins he beat a legend.

      • BJPennrules says:

        This will not be a striking match..I guarnatee this will be a ground an pound brawl, and of course Kos will underestimate Matt Hughs because of his recent showing…this will be a great fight to watch…Kos is not a very good striker he is average at best like Hughs.

  11. Sideshow says:

    Hughes is done. His best days are behind him. Get over it.

    Who’s Kos gonna call out next, Royce Gracie?


  12. Kos is another funny trash talking mofo..too bad he let me down against Gsp! Hughes got new life on since he has been training w Bj. Wish Hughes luck, but tuf fight against Krotchcheck!

  13. Mike says:

    I hope Hughes wrecks him.

  14. dubmatic808 says:

    weak sauce no one wants to see this fight. kos will never be champ he had his chance now hes just splashing in the water before he goes under

  15. mike f says:

    I see why Kos wants this fight. Hughes is a HOF, a former champ a legend and moat of all a winnable fight. Both are wrestlers, but Kos maybe better technically ( better amateur career) and his striking is probably better. He will also have the better teach. I think Hughes is the better grappler, but Kos is confident he won’t get taken down and submitted.

  16. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    This would be an interesting match up, but of course the obvious outcome to the majority would be Matt Hughes getting smashed by Koscheck! Still for some of the few hopefuls like myself will be pulling for Hughes to be the victor. I can’t imagine the pandemonium if he was to win, it would be comparable to when Couture beat Ortiz! ” haha

  17. Billdo says:

    He may have a tough time making weight. He was thinking he may fight at 185 in November…

  18. Heather says:

    I love Matt Hughes! He was the best for such a long time! Just an amazing fighter! As much as this pains me to admit, I think Josh has the upper hand in this fight. I truely hope, if Matt takes this fight he will be victorious, but I just dont see him winning. I really hope Im wrong!! Matt Hughes will ALWAYS be number 1 in my book!!! :)

  19. Sideshow says:

    The fight is now official. Jokes.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Kos get beat up?

    Doubtful, but wishful.

  20. SVUSO3 says:

    I like Matt but I’m going with Koscheck for the W but I wouldnt be surprised if Matt wins.

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