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Thursday, 07/19/2012, 10:04 am

Koscheck vs. Ellenberger Booked For UFC 151 | UFC NEWS

Two top 10 welterweights have agreed to square off in September at UFC 151.

Both Josh Koscheck and Jake Ellenberger will compete in Las Vegas in what is scheduled to be the night’s co-main event.

UFC officials announced the bout last night.

UFC 151 is set to go down on September 1 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the main event light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones will attempt to take out another legend in the sport when he faces off with number on contender Dan Henderson.

Koscheck last saw action in a close split-decision loss to Johny Hendricks during the UFC on FOX 3 main card broadcast this past May. The loss snapped his two-fight win streak and halted all talks of being a contender to the title.

Ellenberger last saw action headlining the TUF 15 fight night card where he lost to Martin Kampmann in the second round due to Kampmann’s brutally landed knees. The loss snapped Ellenberger’s six-fight win streak and is only his second on record since being picked up by the UFC.


20 Responses to “Koscheck vs. Ellenberger Booked For UFC 151 | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Wizard Of Kos says:

    I see Kos pulls off an upset by a long boring wrestling and grappling affair people maybe “booo” once or twice. Ellenberger will rush off the start won’t land anything to put Kos away. Come the second round he’ll be gassed and Kos will hump him for the other rounds might at some point later in the fight try to hit him with one of his goofy ass haymakers. Ellenberger will look slow and weak from cardio in most of this fight. This fight will be a disappointment. The wizard has spoken….

    And in all honesty I don’t even like Kos I’d love to see him get laid out but I don’t buy any of the hype of some of these match ups that just have to happen cause they’re necessary to division order.

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I think Kosheck should move up. He isnt relevant in welterweight division anymore. I think he would make a great addition to middleweight division GSP already beat him twice.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    Kos is gonna come into this fight with a Chip on his Shoulder and KO Jake.

  4. KOS says:

    KOS is one of the best fighters in the WW div. History. You gotta respect the guy he’s fought in UFC for almost a decade, and has always been top 10. He has some crazy wins and in my opinion got ROBBED in his last fight. Yes I know he cant beat GSP but neither could BJ PENN. He will prove why he is still a top 5 WW when he smashed this guy.

  5. John M says:

    I see some fireworks in this fight. Both fighters can stuff each others takedowns and they both throw bombs! I don’t see a reason why they won’t be trying to knock each others heads off.

  6. gil says:

    ellenberger is the more technical striker with big power he’ll ko that faggot

  7. WrestlingRules says:

    Ellenberger will maul this guy. Kos is done at 70.

  8. B-rad says:

    If Ellenberger comes out like he did against Kampmann, and land some bombs, he will put Koscheck away.. This is a tougher fight than his last one and hes comin off a close loss..

  9. stephen riddle says:

    I think koscheck will take this one and no im not a koscheck fan.

  10. Clay says:

    This is a great match up. I can’t wait. If koscheck mixes his game up a little, instead of the same heavy overhand right or takedown and ground n pound, he will win. He always has the same game plan tho!

  11. slacker says:

    Koscheck should have this. Ellenberger has been exposed. No gas tank.

  12. punchkick says:

    kos by UD, fake eye poke

  13. Dick Diaz says:

    i think the advantage is in Ellenberger’s side because this won’t be a fight round fight. if it was, then i’d definitely go with Koscheck on this one. on a sidenote, does anyone think Koscheck got robbed in that fight with hendricks?

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