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Thursday, 05/17/2012, 07:50 am

KO Bonus Gives A Broke Tom Lawlor Stability In Time Of Need | UFC NEWS


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11 Responses to “KO Bonus Gives A Broke Tom Lawlor Stability In Time Of Need | UFC NEWS”

  1. Michael hamlin says:

    What a stupid ass!!!

    • Xaninho says:

      He took the gamble to follow his dream. One might say that’s stupid, but right now he’s doing well and he’s making a living out of doing what he loves the most.

      He could have been doing some shitty deskjob or something or maybe doing the same job as you’re doing right now. I can’t call the guy stupid for that.

    • Tobias Solem says:

      Hey, at least you know yourself! Good for you.

    • Jamaican1 says:

      When someone down on their luck makes good doing something he/she loves, something legal how can you refer to that person as being stupid? What would you’ve called it if he robbed your ass? Genius!!!!

  2. ganjaneerUSMC says:

    What’s so stupid about his ass? Dude is trying to live his dream, and obviously has people around him who believed in him and helped support him until his payday came, how can you hate on that? Good for him I say and I don’t even like or dislike this guy, just w all the bs in the world, what’s wrong w a happy ending once in a while?

  3. Damnu says:

    ^leaving there now!

  4. calvin says:

    Tom lawlor has too many haters always saying he only has entrances and weigh ins but honestly id pay to see that kind of stuff in the ufc its refreshing and more exciting than shit talk so hopefully he can get financially stable and keep winning

  5. he's not poor says:

    “I think I miscalculated the cost of living in the Northeast. I basically took all my money, bought a house and blew through all my money…”

    you ain’t broke if you own a house. Sell it and rent like the rest of us poor folks.

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