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Wednesday, 06/27/2012, 10:05 am

EXCLUSIVE | KJ Noons: Josh Thomson doesn't even deserve to be in the ring – coward | MMA NEWS

Just Scrap Radio Episode 10 - KJ Noons walks on the treadmill while getting interviewed by the Pulver Bros. He’s hoping to get into the next Strikeforce fight card on August in San Diego where he lives. Noons would like to fight for his hometown people and family though there has been no official offer, announcement or possible opponents.

Q: How quick would you sign a rematch to fight Josh Thomson?

KJ Noons:

"Never. I’ll never mention that guy’s name come out of my mouth again. I never want to fight that guy. He doesn’t even deserve to be in the ring – coward."

Jens Pulver asked if Noons was going to elaborate further but Noons says Jens was breaking up and that he couldn’t hear Jens. Abel Pulver asked, "Speaking of that fight? Let’s say that – that’s the number one contender fight Strikeforce wants to make is that an idea that you would even entertain or is it an idea that absolutely not – I’m not fighting Josh Thompson. He has no place in the ring with me."

KJ Noons:

"I don’t know. I don’t really feel good about talking bad about people at the end of the day it’s whatever the fight promotion wants. Whatever they want to do. I just train and fight whoever they want. I know it contradicts what I just said but it’s really up to them."

KJ Noons‘ baby is due in a couple months and he is super stoked and ready for his healthy boy to arrive.

Listen to the full KJ Noons interview at Just Scrap Radio Episode 10

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