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Wednesday, 06/27/2012, 10:05 am

EXCLUSIVE | KJ Noons: Josh Thomson doesn't even deserve to be in the ring – coward | MMA NEWS

Just Scrap Radio Episode 10 – KJ Noons walks on the treadmill while getting interviewed by the Pulver Bros. He’s hoping to get into the next Strikeforce fight card on August in San Diego where he lives. Noons would like to fight for his hometown people and family though there has been no official offer, announcement or possible opponents.

Q: How quick would you sign a rematch to fight Josh Thomson?

KJ Noons:

"Never. I’ll never mention that guy’s name come out of my mouth again. I never want to fight that guy. He doesn’t even deserve to be in the ring – coward."

Jens Pulver asked if Noons was going to elaborate further but Noons says Jens was breaking up and that he couldn’t hear Jens. Abel Pulver asked, "Speaking of that fight? Let’s say that – that’s the number one contender fight Strikeforce wants to make is that an idea that you would even entertain or is it an idea that absolutely not – I’m not fighting Josh Thompson. He has no place in the ring with me."

KJ Noons:

"I don’t know. I don’t really feel good about talking bad about people at the end of the day it’s whatever the fight promotion wants. Whatever they want to do. I just train and fight whoever they want. I know it contradicts what I just said but it’s really up to them."

KJ Noons‘ baby is due in a couple months and he is super stoked and ready for his healthy boy to arrive.

Listen to the full KJ Noons interview at Just Scrap Radio Episode 10

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27 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | KJ Noons: Josh Thomson doesn't even deserve to be in the ring – coward | MMA NEWS”

  1. ballsackface says:

    fk noons, he knows he cant beat thompson

    you cant just be a boxer to win an mma fight

  2. chris says:

    Lol i don’t like him but it definitely is pretty sad thomson had to fitch that fight to win

    • ballsackface says:

      thompson was injured
      look how he fought melendez…..

      kj couldnt do that shit

      kg has fought week fights since his inception. he can suck donkey bollox and floss his teath the the pubes.

      hes a bitch, hes scared of good fighters then backtracks when he realised he looks like the pussy he is

  3. the Natural says:

    Your so sry. Thompson beat u ud not even split or any controversy. You oviously fell off since your elite xc days I don’t even like Thompson but u are a can. Proly shld be booted from sf. Keep ur mouth shut keep having ur dad fight for u pussy. Have fun making no money ever.

  4. scotty says:

    KJ needs to stop going all over place to train and most of these places are boxing gyms.. He needs to stop being a boxer and train more on his weaknesses.. Used to train at the same gym as KJ back in SD before I left and then he left for a better gym but he has all around skills but always trains boxing and kickboxing.. When he should be working more on his ground game like wrestling reason Thompson did what he did cause he knows thats a big weakness in KJ;s game.. Another reason he lost to Jorge, he was fighting like a boxer and dropping his head which he kept getting kneed and kicked.. If you are going to be a boxer atleast be like the Diaz’s and have the ground game!

    • Scotty's Mom says:

      Damn right the diaz brothers got ground game. MMMHMMMMMMMM

    • WrestlingRules says:

      YAH He needs to train what??? Yah..WRESTLING, WRESTLING and MORE WRESTLING!! Which is the MOST dominant aspect in an mma fight,

      • You Cant Be Serious says:


        • WrestlingRules says:

          I knew it you’re a jitzer. Why is it I always get the jitz boyz who want to fight me? No gi jitz is tough against a wrestler….

        • primalmasher says:

          except when the guy is larger and entangles your base while hitting you. then in a matter of moments you can’t breathe or your limb is snapped.

          good day!

          p.s this is coming from a wrestling AND jits guy, but I prefer hitting overall… just laying on guys isn’t what I want to do for a living /puke

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Yah and that’s when you grab that bigger dudes balls and crush them, he rolls over like a baby then. Oh you meant a real mma fight with refs and such, then the dude WON’T be bigger. douchebag. Wrestler my ass , your a half-ass bjj that bitch slaps and thinks he knows some tdd? SFOB.

      • Gabi says:

        Idk about it being the most dominate. Remember that a lot of other martial arts have takedowns. Just because at it’s core wrestling is takedown and ground control oriented martial art doesn’t make it the most dominate. JJJ and BJJ have takedowns. Judo has takedowns, Hell almost everything besides boxing and MT have takedowns. So no a takedown does not mean wrestling, so that does not make it the dominate martial art on MMA. Remember it’s called MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, and it’s roots most certainly did not come from wrestling or evolve out of wrestling. That said he needs to be his own man and not his dads puppet and he does rely on boxing too much. He does need to expand his game to where it is more visible and useful. Anyone can train something. It’s how you apply it. Goes for everything, look at how many people have college degrees yet do something totally different then what thy went to school for.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You obviously haven’t wrestled, because if you have or are you would never had said this. All I can tell you is that if you watch any mma event, at least the UFC, ALL you see is mostly wrestling both offensive and defensive and boxing. Throw in a little juijitsu, kickboxing, MT and that;s about it. But Wrestling gives the base and the power to a fighter. I would say Jones is the best fighter right now and what does he do most of a fight?? Yep, wrestle and box…….do you see him doing MT, no, Judo, no, juijitsu, no….he boxes and wrestles and a tiny bit of kickboxing now and then.

        • Gabi says:

          Wait what, Jones doesn’t use MT? Umm where do those killer elbows and knees come from? Especially keeping distance w kicks? That’s MT buddy, idk what you watch. Especially knees and elbows in the clinch and spinning backfist he’s had so much success w? I do believe that’s all MT?. And I said almost all martial arts have take downs and they didn’t come/took it from wrestling, well modern and the wrestling we know, because everything evolved from one ancient and lost to time martial art to the next and branches out. Yes wresteling is important, but it’s not so a little this and that and you have MMA being made. It’s not like their is a recipe for a success in MMA fighters, it’s not say 70% wrestling, 20% boxing, 4% jujitsu, 3% MT and 3% kickboxing. (that’s a lame ass joke and if you think that then you sir do not understand the sport). Everytime a take down happens that doesn’t mean it’s wrestling based, due to other arts having their own take downs (and a lot look similar). And I see Jones submit people and KO people which is not wrestling at all, the times people tap is due to BJJ. So yea that’s not wrestling again and same w ko’s. I see more overall fighting then wrestling and boxing w Jones. Jones is using MMA and mixing up the things he knows, if anything more MT then anything. That was just dumb. And if wrestling is such a staple in MMA and the dominate style then why was the first few UFC’s won by a BJJ practitioner (while wrestlers fought too) as well as many other fighters having success who have no wrestling? For example Anderson Silva, BJ (remember he’s BJJ then boxing) Machida, GSP before he became a point fighter, and and many other fighters? Remember wreateling is to America as BJJ is to Brazil. We see so much wresteling and used to it that we think it is so superior and anything that looks similar move it has to be wresteling so bjj, judo, and any other takedown is seen as a wresteling move when it’s not, it’s simply that martial arts takedown in a way to where fighting is different and not so lay and pray dominated style of fighting as wresteling. Before GSP became a wrestler (when he actually fought and didn’t know wresteling) he was winning and winning in exciting and proper ways (people would talk shit simply because he didn’t know wresteling) but would win in exciting ways and finish fights (but people had to find something to talk shit about so they talked about lack of wresteling), now he became a wrestler and is boring to watch. Since he’s become a wrestler he’s become boring, predictable, and leaving to the judges (point fighter, after Serra he had stayed scared). And always says I tried and I’ll try harder next time when he does the same thing after every fight now (well has about his last what 10+ So almost half his career), now he’s a boring point fighter, same as how wresteling is point based. Also wresteling does not give the base or power to a fighter (well wrestlers yea, same as other fighter in their stance). There are many stances and they look very close to each other. And yes I did wrestled in high school so I do know the stances and all that. Same w taking TWD as a preteen and teen, so I know those stances. I know in many martial marts you change stance even if slightly depending on what you are going to do. Stuffing a takedown is not all wresteling (it’s a common natural reaction buddy) so there goes that defensive bs you said as well as being part of other arts and also just the evolution of the sport.  Yea you see a lot of wresteling because there a lot of wrestlers, but not everything is wresteling related. Other martial arts have takedown defense and offense. Why is it so hard to understand that wresteling is not the best and neither is one art. They are all equally important because all can end a fight if used at the right moment and most arts also have takedowns and takedown defense. It wasn’t created recently to combat wresteling. It’s MMA not wresteling w a few punches and basic submissions. Come on. It’s a very complex sport if you really know martial arts and know what you are watching besides seeing 2 dudes fight each other. Because if you look at it like that then its either boring wrestling ok boxing and every blue moon a submission. Nope not like that at all it’s all very complex and a physical chess match in which wresteling is the most boring and hardest to judge because not much wresteling is really done besides basic sweeps and takedowns. You should know this if you wrestled so much. Come on dude basically MMA has no dominate art. That’s the great thing about it. But is it smart to know the basics of other things yea because it plays into your playbook and allows you to have more weapons in the toolbox. 

        • the Natural says:

          Edgars the only d1 wrestler that was a champ nobody else in UFC is a d1 wrestler were u get ur shit from

        • Gabi says:

          Oh yea forgot to mention the simple fact that takedowns don’t really cause much damage (creates a way to stall, if not used to get to a sub or GnP) unless it’s some crazy slam. They are usually used for 3 reasons. First when a fighter is losing the stand up battle so it’s an easy way to score points that shouldn’t even be given because usually it leads to nothing and the person who was taken down gets right back up 80% of the time. Second, to get a person to the ground to set up submission or try to KO/TKO them, or just work them so they gas, gas due to defending subs attempts and avoiding a KO/TKO’s attempted by the fighter who commited the takedown trying to finish the fight, we both know when people start to gas they get sloppy and leave openings, both standing and on the ground. It goes both ways one can bs GnP and try for bs subs. I was not aware that wrist control is truely really damaging and a convincing way to win a fight. Lol Get the fuck of here w that bs. And what do a lot of people do once they take a person and are actually able to keep them down but don’t attempt any subs or try to GnP? They just control wrist until the round is over, we see it all the time. Point fighting is bs and hurting fighters and the sport. Who are the biggest point fighters? Wrestlers do (due to a bs takedown is somehow important). Remember when you learn to box you have to learn to fight instinct and not grab the person or throw a kick, take them down, and all other basic human reactions when being attacked, it’s not easy to learn how to fight basic human reaction (think in wresteling how you had learn and remind yourself that you couldn’t punch or kick, but you had your forearm you could sneak in nice and hard (remember when the freshmen came in who didn’t wrestle in Jr high, yea that was funny to watch). Lastly if a fighter is solely a point fighter and likes to leave it to the judges (most wrestler often do). Well, whats the easiest and safest way to win a fight? That would be get a takedown and just hold them there by wresteling (don’t get me wrong I know keeping a person down and controlling them so they can’t get up isn’t easy) and leave it to the judges. In reality a point fighter on the ground is what a wrestling match is all about, so it shouldn’t be treated like that in a MMA bout. Wresteling is all about controlling the guy trying to pin him, but there are no subs so no way to win in MMA (right there how is it dominant? You can’t even finish a fight), it’s the stand up version of stick and move, where are the wresteling subs? Can also be seen as just circling over and over by getting a takedown then just getting right back up m, (especially a wresting point fighter) is a disgrace to MMA simply because they are not fighting at all. So the bs point fighter gets his totally misunderstood ground control points. Unless its to gain a better position a takedown should not get a point. Laying on an opponent is not dominating a person at all (well not in a MMA match). So yea wresteling is not the dominate martial art in MMA, a takedown is a takedown, not purely a wresteling move. You don’t learn a takedown, most are basic instinct, like a single or a double, you learn to do them effectly w/o wasting as much energy as a person who doesn’t know how to properly perform a takedown, (watch kids or people who don’t know don’t know basic fight shit. Well what do they do? Grab the shirt and try to get the person to the ground and on top of them, control their wrist and wait for it to be broken up. If you really want to look at wresteling it’s a instinct, and a natural reaction at that, so don’t give to so much praise and credit. The sport is just a refined way to not spend so much energy and practice something natural at a glance, yes there is a lot more to it but what really applies to MMA . Look at it in a sports sense, how is wresteling scored? Points based on takedowns and control of your opponent. Whats the most basic thing seen when a person takes someone and lays and prays in an MMA fight? Wrist control. They sit in their guard and control their wrist, hoping their opponent doesn’t know how to get out of it. Where does that come from? Wresteling because controlling a opponents wrist pays off in the sport of wresteling, it shouldn’t in MMA. How is that damaging an opponent or winning?. How does taking a person to the ground and laying on them equal winning a MMA fight? Maybe that’s why MMA is getting so horribly scored (because people think it should be scored as a wresteling match where a takedown is great. Why are so many boring fighters are still in play. Why because so many people think wresteling is so dominating and nothing but pure dominance. Laying on someone is a form of dominance? No not at all look at Fitch perfect example of a person not being able to transition over and yea he wins but hows that? Laying and praying mostly. Laying on someone to move and get into a better position and fighting on the ground is worth points and showing dominance, not just taking someone down and laying on them holding their wrist. History has shown that wresteling doesn’t transition over well if you look how a match is scored. Wrestlers bring that point mentalatity as well what have value and made everyone think it is the greatest thing over that’s why it’s seen of such great importance. MMA can not be judged like a wresteling match, even in the sense of control. Control in wresteling is stalling and boring in MMA, it has no place if brought over as pure wresteling, both competition and scoring wise. Wresting and MMA should be scored differently, it has to be altered like any martial art used in MMA. Wresteling should not be looked as a platform to score MMA as in what gets points, what’s dominance and what’s laying. The effectiveness of what the takedown is used for, is it to stop my face from being broken in, as an act of desperation (which can be seen in fights all the time) or used to set up a sub or GnP . Why is its point style scoring and understanding of control applied so much to MMA? It makes no sense that a single takedown can win a round, but a punch/combo, which do a lot more damage aren’t seen for their effectiveness both controlling a fight and damage? Idk about you but I would rather fight off a take down or have one done to me, then a combo of punches or even a single punch. A punch combo is usually what causes a fighter to go after the takedown to nullify the punches. So it’s more of a desperation move not any form of control (most takedowns end up w both fighters right back up or the person committing the takedown sitting there wasting time.Time the other fight could of used to actually fighting and tryin to finish the fight. If you wrestle you know that most takedowns seen in MMA don’t do much damage (they aren’t Rampage powerbombs, if it is, then shit give the point, you know what I’m saying). But taking a person down onto their back doesn’t really hurt or nearly as much as a single punch (don’t get me wrong yea it can hurt if you wrestle you get used to the average takedown pain), some people can drive way thru it, knock the wind out of you or even if you fall wrong can get seriously hurt, I’ve seen it happen even people get KO’ed. Was it Stout or Fisher (don’t remember who it was really, they just stick out for some reason) that KO’ed himself doing a takedown when he fell on his forehead melon, yet still denies it, even after film clearly showing that he KO’ed himself lol. Taking someone down is not a way to show dominance, taking someone down and controlling their wrist until the round is over is not dominance, but taking someone down and getting past guard and use GnP to win or getting a sub is dominance. We think wresteling is so great because it’s basically the nations martial art. It was in school all that. It was generally accepted. It doesn’t transfer MMA is using wresteling/boxing judging rules w/o knowing what really hurt and doesn’t and what is control an what isn’t ( different sport). That’s why if you brought a forgin judges who had no knowledge of the fighters no bias would of called fig
          hts differently in close, bad calls or controversial. Because they don’t have wresteling in there blood, does tht make sense? Not everything is wresteling on the ground because of other martial arts like BJJ same w transitions an even takedowns. They should yellow card/take points away from people for bsing w takedowns over and over again w no results (like running, a way of stalling) or getting it and just laying there. Just as how they should for people who run. There is a huge difference between stick and move and just throw one and run for 2 mins then throw 1 more (look at Guida and Condit, both basically running. One two and run. One three and run). Get what I am saying. Wresteling needs to be looked at as a whole and people need to realize at how it isn’t as effective (damage and control) and hurting the sport in this mentality. Yes it has it’s spot but a lot of wresteling doesn’t work in the cage. Just in stance you don’t stand the same way as a wresteling match. Takedowns and transitions forgot some sweeps too do work if used properly then a different one from another style (us being so wrestling oriented seeing so much we think everything is wresteling if it looks releated; so, it must it’s pure wresting and not say maybe a judo takedown or BJJ takedown and sweep you know) that’s very similar in the move (most takedowns lead to nothing or laying there if wresteling. There should not be a reward for this at all unless it leads to something. A sub needs a take down and transition to be able to preform one (well most do), being able to GnP needs a takedown and transition past guard to full mount (to work at it best). But again those are basic moves needed and come w what style (it’s not wresteling related) you are using to get the sub or GnP. What are other great wresteling moves that get you points in a wresteling match as well as in an MMA event? Not many. That’s very simple to see. Umm and HOW CAN YOU SUBUIT SOMEONE WITH A WRESTELING MOVE, HONESTLY?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @Gabi – bullshit on you wrestling…Describe to me what a half nelson pin maneuver? Then tell me what it is in wrist?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          …and make it short and to the point please….

        • TheNaturalisRetarded says:

          “edgar is the only d1 wrestler that was champ” are you kidding me. Off the top of my head i know Cain Velesques, Randy Courture, Brock Lesnar, Matt Hughes, and Rashard Evans are all d1 wrestlers and were all UFC champions.

        • ballsackface says:

          jesus gabbi calm down, fuck with the long comments

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I knew Gabi writes long-ass posts BUT shit, I must have gotten the longest post EVER. I actually got 2 long ass posts. Unfortunately, Gabi writes alot BUT doesn’t say much. I wonder if in real like this guyl is as quiet as a church mouse.

  5. stephen riddle says:

    I saw this dude fight a couple times and i cant believe the hype! He acts like he is a champion or something!

  6. Blahblahblah says:

    @the Natural, Koscheck was an undefeated D1 champion at 174 his junior year.

  7. Eastside-ridah says:

    Kj would knock anyone one of u out, and josh had too wrestle obvioulsy to much respect to throw them

  8. Tsimanga says:

    Gabi – do you really think people care so much about what you have to say that we need 9 pages of your drabble?

    All I read was the ending of your long-winded post, the one where you said “How can you submit someone with a wrestling move”

    Although you’ve proven many times that all you do is talk nonsense without any actual experience, that statement right there is about the cream of the crop. Quit while you’re behind my friend. You know far less about MMA than you think you do, so Just enjoy MMA and don’t try to lecture others about it.

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