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Monday, 09/05/2011, 01:22 pm

King Mo: “We’re just waiting for Strikeforce to die.”

“The thing is, what’s the point? What’s the point of having the belt when it’s been vacated, and the person who vacated it is still fighting somewhere else within the same umbrella, but not the same organization?… It feels a little weird, because it’s not the same. It’s like a cancer patient, like a dying cancer patient. That’s how I feel like the organization is. We’re just waiting for [Strikeforce] to die, to pass. As long as I can get my fights in and they’re still around, I want to get them in.”

Former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, King Mo Lawal, tells’s Ariel Helwani that the value of the Strikeforce title has declined and he is merely waiting for the promotion to die.

While the ZUFFA brass still pitches their “Business as usual” line, is anyone buying it?


13 Responses to “King Mo: “We’re just waiting for Strikeforce to die.””

  1. DVO says:

    He should keep quiet and get better. Then maybe he’ll be able to fight in the UFC

  2. anthony says:

    mother fucking true.

  3. josh says:

    umm what he is saying true

  4. Justa Thought says:

    A couple things you could do with Strikeforce is create maybe some Tournament Style Events with some good but non contender fighters. (or Vets that still want to fight) You could also create a “farm” league like baseball has. Lose a couple fights and go to Strikeforce and find your game again. Kind of a safety net if you lose a few. You wouldn’t have to get locked in to a contract with another organization. You might have cheaper PPV’s or Showtime events with well known fighters. Lots of fighters out there people love to watch that aren’t contenders. I would like to see those guys fight similar vets, not no name new comers in some oddball fight league. Just my thoughts.

  5. Real Talk says:

    This guy annoys the shit out of me. He doesnt have anywhere near enough talent to back up all the dumb shit that comes out of his mouth. When strikrforce does die if mo fights in the UFC he will be cut.

  6. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    King Mo annoys the shit out of everyone i know and its because he thinks he gods gift to the world. King Mo is the most overrated mma fighter on the planet along with Kenny Florian. Mo’s entire MMA game revolves around “FITCHING” The only reason he’s making these comments is he knows the UFC has no interest in picking him up after strikefroce folds up shop in early 2012. King Mo will be in the same boat as Luke rockhold and the Tim Kennedys and all the other NON-UFC level talent that will be heading back down to the local circuits. King mo hasn’t fought in what 2 years now. time to give up king Mo or whatever other alias you will be using to try and reinvent yourself in the small shows fighting cans

    • Real Talk says:

      Mo does remind me of Keflo with a bigger mouth. Both making all these claims of greatness they cant back up. BJ would KO this dude.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Thats all the UFC needs is another Fitch. Lets pray the UFC doesn’t pick up Mo, woodley, kennedy and the rest of the strikeforce sub-par competition however UFC did let all the “cans” in the WEC have 1 or 2 fights before they sent them packing. Fighters like Banuelos, who everyone knows is barely good enough to fight on local circuits but Banuelos I think only got to fight in the UFC because everyone knows he’ chuck Lidells little ” BITCH ” i remember watching the “tapout” show back when Mask was still alive and they showed banuelos washing chuck lidells boxers and scrubbing his house. sorry where i come from that makes you someones “bitch”
        Can you imagine how bad Kenny florian would take a beating if he fought at his walk around weight or even at 170. Bj penn has to be only fighter under 225 lbs that fights at his walk around weight. Jon fitch walks around 205 and fights at 202. If the UFC implemented same day weigh ins BJ would be the welterweight champ IMO.

  7. Christian says:

    If he works on his cardio, he may be a contender. Also needs to watch his mouth. He’s definately not optimistic towards cancer patients.

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