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Wednesday, 03/28/2012, 07:39 am

King Mo Responds To Release, Explains Twitter Rant

“I came in respectful. I apologized to them for my attire. I came in speaking English. When they asked the questions, I answered in a timely fashion. I felt I was disrespected by the woman’s comments. How are you going to ask a college educated, well traveled man if he can speak or read English? I’m speaking English right in front of you and I’ve been speaking English right in front of you for the past 15 minutes.

I went there to tell my side of the story out of respect. I could have just stayed home, let the commission fine me and not made any effort, but I didn’t. I showed up there as a man to give my side of the story and take my punishment.”

How he was informed he had been cut:

“Sean Shelby (a ZUFFA employee) didn’t contact me. He contacted my manager Mike Kogan to inform us that I had been cut.”

General reaction to today’s events, including being released:

“It is what it is. Of course, I want to fight for Strikeforce and fight for Zuffa, but if they want to cut me for what I said, then I can’t take it back because it already happened. I have never been asked in such a condescending way if I could read or speak English like that. I did something wrong, so I can’t really say I’m being treated unfairly. I don’t know if it was excessive to cut me.

Right now, I just want people to understand that I went in there respectfully and that I’m not playing the race card. I’m too old to play the race card. I’m established on the West Coast now and since I’ve been out here, I haven’t experienced much racism. I’ve experienced some stereotypes and small prejudices here and there, but other than that, no, I haven’t experienced too much, compared to when I was in the South. The woman’s comments reminded me of times when I experienced racial insensitivity from other people.

Zuffa made a decision just off what was said on Twitter. I don’t know if they care about what happened. I’m pretty sure they didn’t hear any of the audio. They just made a decision off what went down on Twitter. I’m pretty sure Keith Kizer and certain people at the commission are mad and I didn’t mean any disrespect to Keith or the rest of the people in the commission. I just felt disrespected by that one person that asked if I could speak or read English.

To me, that was a blatant insult. Just listen to the audio. You’ll see.”

King Mo gave his thoughts and reactions to yesterday’s events when talking to

If you want to hear the Audio from yesterday’s hearing with the NSAC Mo is referring to you can head on over to page 2 to check it out.

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22 Responses to “King Mo Responds To Release, Explains Twitter Rant”

  1. lily fertig says:

    bellatorrrrrrrrrr, here i come! – king mo

  2. King Mo says:

    Bellatorrrrrrr, here i comeeeee!

  3. Trevor says:

    “I honestly feel like Lundvall was a racist bitch.” Then he goes on to say today “I didn’t mean any disrespect to Keith or the rest of the people in the commission” hahaha how quickly peoples attitudes change when they lose their job.

    • Reality says:

      Was it said whether that tweet came in before or after he was cut?

    • Gank Train says:

      He said that he didn’t disrespect the other people, just that one person for the things she said. Don’t twist his words hater, it makes you look stupid. He was VERY respectful, even after she insulted him like that. Pretty unprofessional on her part and pretty unprofessional on his part for the twitter rant. Zuffa should not have released him.

      • Huh? says:

        @Bla Debla That sounds just as dumb and ignorant as the rest of your comments. You should seriously Shut the fu@k up, sit back and keep your dumb comments to yourself.

  4. Reality says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on behind the scenes but this cutting thing seems to be getting out of hand. There are several fighters who got convicted for PEDs and never got cut inclusive of one who said something about a member(or members) of the commission. I’m wondering if there is a double standard here. They shouldn’t cut him just like that. It’s not like he’s not marketable or on a losing streak. It’s starting to sound like a corporate monopoly.

    • BiggoTrav says:

      I think you may have hit the nail on the head with the “corporate monopoly” part. Dana has said that Zuffa plans to keep Strikeforce running through 2012, never said a word about what’s gonna happen after that. They are moving to merge promotions just as they did with WEC. In order to do that, there are going to have to be some cuts made. Zuffa is going to trim Strikeforce until merging looks from the outside like it’s the only option. I love watching UFC, but the are going to kill their own sport.

    • dante040 says:

      The man called the commissioner of the Nevada state athletic commission a racist bitch. Case closed

  5. BiggoTrav says:

    Actually, this retort is about the most articulate and respectful I have ever heard Mo be! I never thought I’d say this, but I actually kinda feel for the guy!

  6. Gomay says:

    damn she totally cut him off mid sentence she does sound like a bitch ..not sure about a racist but he got the bitch part down

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    What the hell? I didn’t know the athletic commission was so sensitive. I suggest to all UFC/Strikeforce fighters to delete their twitters ASAP. He shouldn’t have been cut, suspended yes but cut no.

  8. ry tay says:

    she’s a bitch

  9. UFC VIDEOS says:

    i’d probably be insulted by that question also

  10. DMAC says:

    Wow, we got a guy talking about knocking a women’s teeth down her throat and gets a fight booked but you got someone calling a women a bitch and gets cut! Fucking Dana. Mo can’t catch a break this year, he will do well with Bellator but man IMO he belongs in UFC at minimum strikeforce.

  11. lex walker says:

    thats was messed up to cut him over that

  12. :-) says:

    this is a hearing and they ask obvious questions so her asking if he reads / writes english was just to make things clear so he cant say i didnt know or didnt understand so all it is was he was mad becuase the woman did sound like a snoby bitch but you cant put pple on blast like that publicly

  13. jonesy says:

    goood..this cocky spook got cut…now him and rampage can fight in belator or some japan shit….

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