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King Mo: Pro Wrestling Training Is Three Times Harder Than MMA | MMA NEWS

“I had to change shirts. I didn’t know what to expect. The people didn’t know who I was. They respect me because I respect the sport. The fans could have booed me or not cheer for me. I was happy that I got some kind of pop. I was cool with the reaction. I would have been in trouble if I got no reaction. That was my main concern.”

“The wrestlers were cool. They respect me because I respect wrestling. I know a lot of old school wrestlers, their moves, etc. I was a huge wrestling fan growing up and now I’m stepping into their world and training to do it.”

“I thought it was going to be hard, but this (pro wrestling training) is harder than I expected. I’m going to tell you this. Pro wrestling training is three times harder than MMA. It’s harder because of the psychology, the positioning, the bumps, hitting the ropes and cutting promos.

“That s— is hard. People don’t understand this s—. People think wrestling is all fake. If you think it is fake, come try it out and you will see how real it really is.”

“MMA fans never grew up fighting. They just put on their Affliction or Tapout shirts and say, ‘Hey I’m a fighter or hey I’m going to a fight.’

“To me, its a joke. It is a certain demographic that’s involved and I’m not with that.”

Former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion and current Bellator fighter, King Mo, recently made his TNA pro-wrestling debut on Spike TV.

The first fighter to cross the bridge into pro-wrestling full time, Mo believes his wrestling routine is just as real but much harder than MMA.



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  1. whatever says:

    I’m happy another goof less in the world of MMA. Go hump some buffed up guys.

  2. Moshizle says:

    If he believes training for a fake wrestling match is harder then a real fight…he didn’t train hard enough.

  3. Josiah says:

    if you got a problem about us putting on our Affliction or Tapout shirts while watching MMA then eat sh*t! what do you want us to do? its not like we have to be a fighter to become a fan of it. i hate pro-wrestling and i don’t care how hard you train for it co’z your show s*cks!

    • B-rad says:

      Its cool to be a fan, but if your a fat turd walking around wearing tapout and shit then your a poser, i know a TON of people like this.. Go to any high school, thats all you see!

      • Josiah says:

        bro, im not fat but theres nothing wrong about it. i know some people who are fat and loves MMA, it brings joy to them just wearing this stuff because obviously they can’t express their love for the sport thru their physique..

      • Jasplanet says:

        Yeah then what about the obese assholes thats wearing ANY kind of sport related items. With ur logic u have to be a fighter of some sort to be allowed to watch mma, in that case ur also boicotting UFC cuz they’re mainstream as hell now. In other words no people from the US is allowed to support a sport by buying jerseys or tshirts or whatever cuz facts state the majority of us people is fat a hell. Therefore americans arent allowed to support any physical sport. Go shoot urself

      • Mike b says:

        Come on now bro…..I’ve trained with some heavy guys before.its cool if guys don’t train and represent the sport.nothing wrong with that at needs all the support it can get.whether u guys train,fight or not,keep representing fellas fat or skinny.when i was in high school 10 years ago I would probably crack jokes about to but as u get older it’s just so irrelevant.

      • proletariatof1 says:

        So all the fat half-naked painted-up wildly intoxicated fans we see during football games are just a bunch of posers too, right? Only 6’4″ 250lbs guys with 4.5s 40s can wear NFL fan jerseys? I can see you really put some thought into your comment, and I appreciate the insight!

        See, in my opinion, guys that come up with awesome comment handles like B-rad, use the highly technical term “fat turd”, are the real posers.

        Peace and B-rad everyone because the use of 80’s exclamatory terms is garlic to poser vampires!

        • Biden says:

          This guy must tell every person he sees with a baseball cap on that they are a poser? Right B-Rad? Is that what you do?

    • Dick Diaz says:

      lmao no one should ever buy King Mo’s walkout shirts…

    • BJJWhiz says:

      yes if one thing is harder than the other it’s because of the way you train.

  4. Stars says:

    I guarantee he’s just saying that to promote TNA.

  5. DMAC says:

    Get that money Mo! Congrats on all the new success.

  6. thats gay says:

    not fake my ass, they change the camera every time someone gets striked lol

  7. B-rad says:

    Him saying that its 3x harder than MMA is trash.. Shit is faker than a set of plastic boobies. It was cool up until the end of middle school, then it instantly became terrible.

  8. stephen riddle says:

    F$ck u king mo, how can one of those dudes keep a straight face as they follow their scripts, and do their same old sh*t over and over again, i dont wear tapout or affliction shirts, im just a big fan of mma, something that king mo isnt very good at being that he couldnt hold on to the strikeforce lhw title! Go read your lines mo!

  9. The Truth says:

    Allow me to interpret Mr. Lawal’s statements. – “I need the money.”

  10. 123 says:

    why disrespect fans wearing MMA shirts, they will wear whatever they want going to an MMA event or not, dont understand it.. all fans wear shirts supporting the sport they love.

  11. Sasquatch says:

    HAHA… wow, what a sell out.

  12. Ryan Prieur says:

    I wear tap out, extrem coutour, and my silver star Anderson silva shirt to support the sport that I love MMA. That doesn’t mean I think I’m some tough guy, or that I walk around looking for fights. I also wear shirts of my fav bands ect. If you don’t like that, blow me! One shirt you will never see me wear is a King Mo shirt!

  13. stephen riddle says:

    I think its almost a challenge to someone else when u wear a fighting shirt, like oh this guy is a fighter lets see what he got, dont be mad if u get beatdown wearing a “fighting shirt” if youre not a fighter, i wont wear one because i dont want to catch a blind side punch to the dome. And im not calling out anyone on this site but i have seen a lot of d-bags wearing fight shirts!

  14. Balls says:

    WTF? Mo isn’t the first to cross over? What about Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn. Only washed up, end of their career fighters flip to Pro Wrasslin. Say what you want about Brock, but at least he went the right direction

    • KingRon84 says:

      Actually Brock left because he was sick of being on the road 250 days a year.

      So Brock gave up the mental difficulties of being away from family for 8 months out of the year to deal with the physical demands.

      MMA training may be more difficult during the 3 months out of the year one actually trains it hardcore but the mental demands of wrestling are probably far greater.

      It is to each their own. Would you rather train hard and push yourself to the limit 3 months in a row or be away from your family for 8 months out of the year?

    • KingRon84 says:

      Also actually Ken Shamrock was in his prime when he left the UFC for wrestling.

      figure that one out eh.

  15. Xaninho says:

    What a bunch of crap! It’s fake…I’m not saying it doesn’t require a certain amount of athleticism, but it’s fake and it’s certainly not as hard as having a real fight with a guy trying to knock you out for real.

    And about the t-shirts, he shouldn’t wear one too since he’s just a fake wrestler.

    • KingRon84 says:

      It is physically harder doing MMA but the instance you have to think about is Would I rather train for 3 months hard and get into a real fight for 15,000.

      Or would I rather train lightly, make 100,000 a year but be away from my family for 8 months out of the year.

      The wrestling obviously is fake but one couldn’t under estimate mentally how it affects guys to be away from their families for such extended lengths of time.

      I would rather train hard for 3 months and risk getting knocked out than spend only 4 to 5 months a year with my kids but thats me.

  16. KingRon84 says:

    It takes alot more balls to fight in MMA than wrestling because it is real and the dangers are evident but injuries in both sports are pretty real too.

    Given its infancy still I would like to see where MMA fighters are in their mid to late 40s in regards to being hooked on pain killers like wrestlers.

  17. Think about it says:

    In the long run pro wrestling is much much harder on ur body than mma. How cud it not be? Ur being slammed around 4 days a week for years. Instead of getting into a real fight 3 times a year. King mo is clearly an idiot but he makes a gud point. Id rather train solid for 3 months and have a fight than be dropped on my head back and knees 250 days a year. Its fake blah blah blah im sure it still hurts. I train mma and its hard no doubt but i wudnt swap it for what those fake guys go thru

  18. True_Fan says:

    I can’t be a fan of anyone who talks so much trash about fans. You know all those guys who buy MMA shit and wear MMA shit? Yeah, those guys pay your sponsors, and without them you would make a lot less money.

    The guys who don’t buy MMA shit? They don’t pay your bills, KING MO. FANS FUCKING PAY ALL YOUR BILLS. ALL OF THEM. STOP BEING A FUCKING PRIMA DONNA DOUCHE.

  19. DMAC says:

    I laugh at the idiot fans who never trained for a fight a day in their life yet can sit up here and say Mo’s full of shit. You’re the exact fools he’s talking about! Have you trained for pro wrestling, doubt it! Have you trained for fights, of course not. So what the shits fake it’s not a surprise you’re saying nothing new but just because its fake doesn’t mean the prep for it is easier then MMA. This dude is making a shit load of money doing what he loves and it’s sad folks can’t appreciate it. MMA isn’t getting any bigger due to these hater ass fans, all they wanna do is hate instead of support a fighter trying to pave new lanes to make money.

    • Xaninho says:

      Pro-wrestling is folklore. It has nothing to do with fighting. It’s all rehearsed play. There is a certain amount of athleticism needed to do pro-wrestling, but it’s still FAKE.

      You can assume all critics don’t fight nor train themselves. The thing is you’re assuming wrong because the ones saying he’s full of shit actually KNOW what t hey’re talking about.

      Unlike pro-wrestling fans like you who are holding up signs with the name of their favorite fake wrestler just like the screaming teengirls at a Justin Bieber concert.

  20. Ryan Prieur says:

    Riddle, I’ve never been cold cocked for wear an MMA shirt, its actually started convos with random “true” MMA fans. I’ve had more issues wearing t- shirts supporting heavy metal growing up then MMA. There are some douche bags that throw on a tap out shirt, puff their chest out and look for fights, then there’s guys like me who actually follow the sport religously and wear the gear to help support. Don’t be afraid to represent something you like man, haters are gunna hate not matter what, but don’t live in fear bro.

  21. synthfiend says:

    There’s more that goes into wrestling than just the moves. In MMA there’s no pacing to follow. If you knock or submit your guy in 10 seconds then you did awesome but you may have to make your wrestling match last 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour, whatever. In MMA all you have to worry about is yourself. If you break an opponents bone then you did awesome in wrestling you have to protect your opponent and he has to protect you so no one gets legit injured and everyone can keep making money. There’s just more that goes into making a great pro wrestling match than making a great MMA fight.

  22. Slim Charles says:

    i will have to agree with him though that pro wrestling as an activity and training is very strenuous. there is no doubt about that.

  23. Dana is Greedy says:

    This guy is a idiot..Him saying guys shouldn’t wear fight gear if they aren’t fighters is like telling a fan don’t wear a baseball jersey if you can’t throw 90mph fastball..Without fans any sport ain’t shit in case you don’t remember 15 years ago no one wore Tapout gear and we didn’t have ppv…FYI most fake wrestlers make their money on how many t-shirts they sell..I guess he’s mad at MMA fans for not giving a crap if he fights again or not…

  24. Immortal_1 says:

    King Mo is probably making a lot more money as a pro wrestler, that’s something a lot of people aren’t considering. Brock Lesner to, making more now than with the UFC.

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