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King Mo: Jon Jones Isn't Great Until He Beats Me | MMA NEWs

“King Mo” Lawal has been in the news a lot lately. His recent signing with Bellator and his dual signing with the TNA Wrestling company made head waves a few weeks ago. The dual signing came to a shock to most because it is rare for a fighter to compete in both, entertainment wrestling and MMA at the same time.

Although Lawal is signed with Bellator, he has always had his sites set on one individual, Jon Jones.

Speaking with FIGHTHUBTV recently, Lawal was proposed a question on how he would fare against the UFC light-heavyweight champ Jones.

“I’ve been saying [that I’m the one to beat Jon Jones] for myself. I’ve been hearing it from the fans,” said Lawal. “The thing is, I feel like I can beat anybody. Anybody in MMA I feel like I can beat ’em. And it’s not just Jones, it’s anybody.”

Lawal has been no stranger to the spotlight and with his recent outburst he is bound to stir up some controversy.

“He gets the credit he deserves. I wouldn’t say he’s the greatest ever just yet, because, you know, it’s hard to label someone great,” he said. “Ali was great because Ali was at a high level for years. Mayweather is great because he’s been at a high level for years. … But Jon Jones is a great fighter and he could potentially end up being one of the greatest ever. To me it doesn’t matter, I feel like no one’s great until they beat me.”

Who knows, maybe someday we will get to see them square up and fight. One can only hope.


54 Responses to “King Mo: Jon Jones Isn't Great Until He Beats Me | MMA NEWs”

  1. James Dubya (@DJ_Nameless) says:

    Rashad Evans would knock Moe out of his shoes and he thinks he could stand with Bones Jones?.. Go back to smokin ya pot and takin ya roids stooge.. and stay away from the UFC unless you want to get owned and exposed

  2. jones says:

    so i guess that top 20 fighter fajei who ko king mo is a great

    • Dave says:

      if king mo got clean i would like to see him fight forest. i think forest would spank him. i think forest is a wasted talent. if he beat forest tito, rashad, shogun or machida would shut him up

  3. Zul says:

    it doesnt matter what he said anyway. He is no longer in strikeforce or in the ufc. Ped user

  4. MMA fella says:

    ko ko mo

  5. Bjj BB says:

    Buwaaaaaaahahaha!! This guy is killing me!! Stfu queen ho!! I never knew you were a stand up comedian..lmmfao!!

  6. Terrence says:

    Whats he supposed to say? He is a competitor and he thinks he can beat him! I can’t fault him for showing the confidence in his own ability.

    • Canilive says:

      Hes not on the best fighting org anymore so until he fights his way back, then fights shogun, rashad, and/or lyoto he does not deserve to even think of fighting jones

  7. zg420 says:

    King Mo will never be in the UFC…. Keep talking and taking roids and see how close you get to being on jon jones level. such an ingorant statement from a fading and pathetic fighter!

  8. The outlaw says:

    What a fuking moron..

  9. Nick says:

    Way too confident to be thinking that. Win your next few fights, then you can start talking like that.

  10. Bjj BB says:

    Buwaaaaaahahaha!! This guy kills me!! STFU Queen Ho!! Never knew this guy was a fucking comedian and i bet he can count the amount of fans he has on one hand, i bet its only his best friends too!! Lmmfao!! Cant believe he is still running his mouth after he did nothing great or good for this sport!!

  11. Leo From New Jersey says:

    Hmmm He’s not working for Zuffa anymore so im sorry Mo Your a good fighter but you can’t comment

  12. andy says:

    King Mo! That’s a funny guy ya!!!

    I wouldn’t even give Mo a chance against any 5-10 ranked guy much less Jones. Jones is an assbag but man would I love to watch him throw him the beating.

  13. Fedor says:

    More trash talking to get noticed. I think we can all agree King Mo is not even in the top 15 of MMA LHW’s.

  14. Sheyne says:

    His style is the style u want to beat jones that being said I dont think that would come close to happening. I like hendo’s chances but bones may not lose until he goes to HW and which time dos santos stuffs his takedowns takes his best strikes and knocks him into genuine humility

  15. milos says:

    ok people we are forgeting that he was one of the top guys just a year ago…its easy to be a fan with a fucking chicken like memory,but mo is respected for his wrestling which is superior to jones and his standup had improved by leaps and bounds,jon jones is NOT unbeatable and sooner or later someone will get his number,especially if he goes to hw…

  16. Mmafan says:

    What a fuckin chump all he does it talk shit. First rampage know jones. Couldnt even keep,the belt in,people a favor and shut the fuck up

  17. MMACRAVER says:

    He is just trying to get our attention… Ignore it…

  18. fox says:

    Look we all know he isn’t in strikeforce or ufc but everyone needs to get used to kinda thing after it worked for rhonda we are going to see a lot of fighters try to talk and self promote their way to a title shot

  19. Michael hamlin says:

    He sucks go to tna with the fake studf

  20. Bjj BB says:

    @Milos were talking Queen Ho not any HW fighter, and yes any fighter is beatable but untill then all you have is a bicker coming out your mouth, Fuck any1 that did nothing for this sport but got the nerv to say a great fighter gotta beat him to become great, thats bullshit!! And if you disagree then you your just as fucked up as queen ho!!

  21. Brend0magic says:

    King Mo would get destroyed, with the quickness.

  22. A.James says:

    If Mo was that good he wouldn’t have been canned.

  23. Bjj BB says:

    @ Brend @ A james. +100!!

  24. Luke says:

    Question 1: Who the hell is King Mo?

    Question 2: Who the hell is King Mo?

    Question 3: He just signed with “Bellator” and he thinks he’s better than Bones? Who the hell is King Mo?

  25. Bjj BB says:

    I know of queen ho, yea who is king mo? Lmmfao!!

  26. King Mo says:

    I want, I want, I need ATTENTION !!!! Please look at me! Please! If you don’t see me over here, I will say more stupid shit to I get the attention I deserve! Look at me, dammit!

  27. Dave says:

    jones will kick ur ass even when ur on drugs u pussy sell out

  28. Derik Rodriguez says:

    Who is this guy??????

  29. Jake says:

    UFC needs to give jones a real challenge. Is jones that good or are his oppenants washed up. Since becoming champion jones hasn’t really ever been challenged.

  30. Mike cannon jr says:

    Is that his under wear showing?… Wtf.. His pic looks kinda.. I hope he’s tryin to impress the ladies with that one.. Cuz from here it looks like he’s posing for a ladies magazine… Hope that’s not meant for us dudes…. It looks gay…. Ahaahahahahaa… Queen Mo

  31. Dick Diaz says:

    … ok, king mo…

  32. the original steve says:

    kind mo is the difference between cocky and confident. the difference is stupidity

  33. DAMN! says:

    Couldnt even beat up Mousasi decisively, Let alone JBJ. Keep shootin that shit Mo.

  34. jbeamazing says:

    he laid and prayed on a weak Mousasi lol this queen mo roid ranger (not trt user) needs to go home he is not good and would go 3 and out in the ufc

  35. Chuck says:

    King Mo, Chandler Harnish called and asking you not to try and claim the title of Mr. Irrelevant that he earned from the NFL Draft this yr.

  36. monkey juice says:

    Mayhem miller could beat mo. Enough said.

  37. saiasaka says:

    King Mo is a joke… he wasn’t the best at all in strikeforce and now he’s talking shit like that…
    his tittle in strikeforce after the fight with mousasi was very controversial; in term of real damages caused he lose; he was fucked up at the end of the fight and Mousasi was just normal and there are other fighter like Kyle or Feijao better than him

    • Xaninho says:

      Mousasi was robbed. He was on his back, but causing more damage than Queen Mo on top. Judges in MMA need to learn that being on top doesn’t necessarily mean you’re winning the fight.

      Submission attempts from the bottom are ignored by the judges for some reason. They rather give the edge to pitter patter lay n pray instead of rewarding the fighter active from his back.

  38. CoCiO says:

    never seen the dude fight but from his previous antics in the MMA news, I’ll just say I’m pretty sure Jones would piss on him..:/

  39. Chris says:

    if king mo was that good to fight someone the likes of Jones then dana white or the high ups in UFC would sign him but let him go and end his career like all the old wwe and wcw washouts did in our child days buy going to TNA

  40. Franswa says:

    Would love to see Mo and Rampage finally duke it out. They have been talkin shit to each other for a few years.

  41. Jason says:

    Is this guy for fucking real?!this fuckin chump can’t tear thru the scabs in strikeforce,but can take JJ.Mo get in yo mammas purse,and take 20 bucks out,then go by some more of dat shit your smokin.”he aint great til he beats me” fuckin classic.

  42. #1 Haole says:

    Jones would kill him even if he’s still roided up. That’s why he’s in bellator. Lax oversight

  43. CombatRusse says:

    Mo isn’t in the sport since that long! (only 3 years I think)
    He is not as physically gifted as Bones Jones
    But He is a relevant fighter in the LHV division
    He has good boxing with one punch KO power and good wrestling.
    He belongs in the UFC where he has so many good fights in perspective (Little Nog would be amazing)
    But against John Jones, no not right now. Actually no one can, may be Junior Dos Santos if he wants to make the cut and enter history lol

  44. Lol says:

    This dry hump faggot wouldnt last with the top 10 guys of the ufc light heavyweights.

  45. Michael hamlin says:

    Go Play with Brock with the fake fighting !!!

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