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Wednesday, 04/25/2012, 04:36 pm

King Mo – "I think I can beat Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

King Mo was recently on TapOut Radio to share his thoughts on the Jones/Evans fight: “Jones used his reach good. Jones did his thing, keeping it at bay. Rashad fought a good 1st, 2nd and the first part of the 3rd round when he came moving forward. He was just getting outworked and out pointed. It’s not like Jon went out there and brutalized him and raped him. Everybody’s trying to make it seem like that. Jones went out there and got the victory. Jones fought smart and outworked him. It wasn’t like he was throwing sonic booms and hittin’ him with E. Honda punches. He was just out there being Jon Jones and outpointing him.”

King Mo was asked if Jon Jones defeats his next scheduled opponent Dan Henderson, who else would he select to Fight Jon and beat him at light heavyweight.

“Shit, me. I think I can beat him… I’d like to see Rashad get back in there with him with a few adjustments.”

He thought that Mir facing Do Santos is a “good kung-fu story line.” His reason being that “Frank Mir defeated his mentor twice. It’s time for Dos Santos to get the big payback.”


43 Responses to “King Mo – "I think I can beat Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Kermit Da Dogg says:

    Sure… Everyone who says that usually loses to Jon Bones Jones!!

  2. James says:

    Someone wants to get some of that UFC money

  3. Pijan says:

    He raises a good point, though highly doubtful Mo could top Bones. Rashad I think, had he played a different game, could have taken that home. Too late for that now though, I see Bones walking through Hendo but I still don’t think he’s unbeatable.

    • Reality says:

      Anyone can be beat..However, Mo is NOT the guy. As a fighter of course you have to say you can beat everybody. However, the reality is that Bones would beat Mo worse than he beat Rashad. I like the guy but he’s in over his head at the moment. Maybe one day he may be ready for a guy like Jones but not today.

  4. T.DADDY says:

    this guy is a joke

  5. Donnybrook says:

    He speaks nonsense but I like his take on the JDS vs Mir fight… very Kung-fu’ish.

  6. nickthedick says:

    mo is a clown
    get off the juice fool
    i don’t like jones, but he couldn’t beat him with a bat
    mo isn’t in the ufc and hasn’t dealt with anyone in the top 10

  7. show says:

    So do I, but from my couch drinking a beer.

  8. Fedor says:

    Mo referenced street fighter, the video game.

  9. ... says:

    Mo has the best wrestling in th LHW division by far.. and he could give Jones some series problems….if you dont think so you dont know MMA very well….. but Jones is way more marketable than Mo so the UFC will make it really hard for him to even get to that point….. they already have by cutting him from Strikeforce

    • Sir Charles says:

      LOL at Mo giving Jones problems. Go look at what Jones has done with other high level wrestlers in the octagon. Mo has horrible stand up to boot.

      • ... says:

        What high level wrestlers are you referring to? lol

        • Sir Charles says:

          Do you not follow MMA outside of BJ Penn? Jones tossed Bader and Hamill around like they were children. I can’t think of any high level wrestler that Mo has beaten in an MMA fight.

        • ... says:

          Bader and Hamill aren’t high level wrestlers in MMA or even straight wrestling….. They have no where near the credentials of Mo

        • ... says:

          Hamill couldnt even take Rampage down lol and Ramage slammed Bader…

        • Nuitari X says:

          Wow, I usually don’t troll like this, but the guy below me is a total idiot. Just sayin…..

        • Nuitari X says:

          I mean above me…..

        • Pressao says:

          FYI Sir Charles

          International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles
          2007 Hargobind International Tournament Senior Freestyle Gold Medalist
          2007 Alexander Medved International Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist
          2007 Pan American Championships Senior Freestyle Gold Medalist
          2007 World Cup Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist
          2007 Takhti Cup Senior Freestyle Gold Medalist
          2006 Golden Grand Prix Senior Freestyle Bronze Medalist
          2006 Uzbekistan Independence Cup Golden Grand Prix Senior Freestyle Gold Medalist
          2006 Yasar Dogu International Senior Freestyle Gold Medalist
          2006 Dave Schultz Memorial International Open Senior Freestyle Gold Medalist
          2005 Dave Schultz Memorial International Open Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist
          2004 Clan International Championships Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist
          2004 Dave Schultz Memorial International Open Senior Freestyle Bronze Medalist
          2004 FILA Manitoba Open Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist
          2003 Sunkist Kids International Open Senior Freestyle Bronze Medalist
          USA Wrestling
          USA Olympic Team Trials Senior Freestyle Runner-up (2008)
          FILA World Team Trials Senior Freestyle Winner (2005)
          FILA World Team Trials Senior Freestyle Runner-up (2007)
          USA Senior Freestyle National Championship (2005, 2006, 2008)
          USA Senior Freestyle National Championship Runner-up (2007)
          USA University Freestyle National Championship (2003)
          2006 NYAC Christmas Championships Senior Freestyle Gold Medalist
          2004 NYAC Christmas Championships Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist
          National Collegiate Athletic Association
          NCAA Division I Collegiate National Championship 3rd Place (2003)
          NCAA Division I All-American (2003)
          Big 12 Conference Championship (2003)
          NCAA Division II Collegiate National Championship (2002)
          NCAA Division II Collegiate National Championship Runner-up (2001)
          NCAA Division II All-American (2001, 2002)
          University Interscholastic League
          UIL High School Texas State Championship (1999)
          UIL High School Texas State Championship Runner-up (1997, 1998)

          Please do not mention Bader Hamill or Quinton Jackson in the same breath as Muhammad Lawal when talking wrestling!please!

        • Reality says:

          Pure wrestling and MMA wrestling are two different things. Just because Mo has great wrestling credentials does not mean he will put Jones on his back or keep him there. Phil Davis is a highly decorated wrestler and look what Rashad did to him. That is just an example. Mo, at the moment, can’t beat Jon Jones. There’s no telling how he evolves but as of right now I don’t see it. Another example is when Feijo fought a guy named Yoel Romero. Yoel is an Olympic medalist in wrestling (who King Mo spoke very highly of) and couldn’t even take Feijo down then got knocked out. All those wrestling credentials are cool, but it doesn’t automatically mean you’re about to do the same in MMA.

    • Pressao says:

      I agree Mo is the best wrestler in the LHW division and his analysis Of the the fight is right! Jones (to his credit) dominates his fights following injuring the opponent! Machida(cut) Rampage (cut) and Rashad (heamatoma) people fight different when cut! He didn’t blow away Rashad it was a bad tactic by Rashad to let jones occupy the centre of the octagon and stand at the end of his range his caused Rashad to get the Heamatoma which made his approach in rounds 3 4 5 worst than 1&2! You can hear Tyrone Sponge telling him not to link hands! Hendo doesn’t cut easy and ALWAYS stands a chance of winning cause of the H-Bomb, for the record I think he has such awful cardio if he last till round 4 he will probably get smashed but he still stands a chance! Mo could beat Jones due to his Chain wrestling as opposed to those who know how to do a really cool double leg and that’s it!Jones is not invincible!

      • StraightAhead says:

        The UFC will not allow Mo back in because he speaks his mind too often. I suspect if Mo wants back in bad enough he will tone it down and string together a few wins and get back in it. If he does that then he can definitely take J. Jones down but i am not sure what he would do with him after that. J. Jones is a more complete MMA fighter than King Mo and I cant see Mo going for armbars and triangles on anyone. Whereas with J. Jones i can def see him pulling subs AND out striking you. All in all i think it would be a competitive fight worth the money but Dana doesnt like Mo at the moment so its a non-starter. Plus Mo shot himself in the foot with his steriod issues.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Steroid issues??? what about Sonnen? Dana loves him and everyon eknows he JUICED to the hilt. Yeah but what Sonnen does in Dana’s mind doesn’t matter. whats ok for some is not ok for others. Sonnen will always be known as a cheat thats all that matters to REAL MMA fans

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      ^another conspiracy theorist…^

  10. Jujitsu Player says:

    Bore off…..Jones would destroy you.

  11. T.Daddy says:

    He tossed rashad around… And rashad has the most takedowns in ufc LHW history…

  12. XMAN says:

    Rashad said he knew he could beat jones. Mo says he thinks he can. Maybe in a steroid contest but really, he is over himself. Jones will destroy him.

  13. WarProdigy says:

    I’m not a Bones Jones fan…but he would absolutely WRECK Mo. They shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence…

  14. jdog says:

    I promise I know how to beat him. It is sooooooo simple. First you have to get a contract to fight him, then……. you hit him hard enough to knock him out. Bang!!! Sooooooooooo SOOOOOOOOOOO simple… Give me a F@cking break, everyone knows how to beat him, it is just they cannot execute their plan. It only takes one punch to end a fight, that is how you beat ANYONE!

  15. Xaninho says:

    I thought he wanted to earn a new contract with Zuffa? He’s making rape jokes…

    Anyway, throw that sissy humper in there with Jones, first time I’d root for Jones, cause I dislike queeny Mo more than Jones.

  16. Ryan Bader,Rampage,Shogun,and Rashad thought they could beat Jones aswell look how that turned out.

  17. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… Sure, buddy. Everybody has the perfect plan to beat Jones, but for some darn reason, nobody, including the 4 former UFC champions that he has defeated consecutively, has been able to execute that perfect plan. Mo, just come out and say it; you wanna sacrifice a loss for some of that UFC money, because you, and everybody else, knows that you’d get beat down just like all the rest have. For real

  18. maurice says:

    aside from the first round rashad did get raped. he was outstruck and rocked every round after the 1st. rashad chin impressed me in this fight, cant believe i just said that about the stanky leg expert.

  19. jbeamazing says:

    mo your a bum

  20. Lol says:

    Once mo sees jones reach he pisses in his pants.

  21. Mo is trippin’…end of story.

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