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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 02:33 pm

“King Mo” Heads To Vegas For NSAC Hearing On March 27

There’s an old saying that reminds us, ‘out of site out of mind’, but some things don’t go away that easily.

For former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, he must now face the music from his failed drug screening for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) following his most recent professional contest.

The former champ faces a possible one-year suspension and a monetary fine for the infraction and will likely get his January 7 victory over Lorenz Larkin ruled a no-contest.

“Mo” was flagged as a violator when the NSAC discovered traces of the anabolic Drostanolone in his urine sample. Drostanolone is a banned substance in all 45-MMA sanctioning US states.

For his part Lawal maintains his innocence claiming that the substance was in an over the counter supplement and that he was unaware was pulled off the shelves. He was first prompted to take the pills due to a nagging knee injury in hopes of a speedy recovery.

The supplement to blame was “S-Mass Lean Gainer” and even though they may be able to prove the tainted supplements as the cause for “Mo’s” positive test result it is unlikely that the NSAC will sympathize.

We will update this story on the 27th when Mo faces the jury and let you guys know the final outcome of his punishment.

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