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Thursday, 10/13/2011, 05:20 am

King Mo Has Rampage On His Radar, Wants To Fight

“This fool Rampage calls me out, and then people get mad when I respond? He’s a b—h in my eyes, because he didn’t respond. Maybe he’ll respond later, but the word is he wants to fight Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. That’s whatever. But he called me out, so I’m going to respond. When’s the last time you heard me mention Rampage’s name before he mentioned mine? I don’t care about him. He wasn’t even on my radar. But now, he wants to say something about me, he’s on my radar now. We’re going to bang eventually. Who knows? We’ll see. My contract is up in February. … I’d like to fight, but I have no idea.”

Strikeforce light-heavyweight fighter, King Mo, talks to about his desires to fight Rampage Jackson.

We have documented the “BEEF” between these two for some time now and at this point it almost seems like “Mo” is beating a dead horse.

Maybe when his contract is up next year the UFC will pick him up, or maybe they won’t. Either way, to speculate on a matchup at this time or to even ask for it seems like a blatant cry for attention.


18 Responses to “King Mo Has Rampage On His Radar, Wants To Fight”

  1. Jmad says:

    Dude is trying way too hard. Rampage would smash him.

  2. Jon Fitch says:

    “We’re going to bang eventually.”

  3. Xaninho says:

    Rampage will make him eat that stupid tiara he’s wearing..

  4. Nick says:

    I’m pretty sure Queen Mo called him out first. I might be wrong. But he just wants attention.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      It all started I think when they were heading to a signing or something and they were in the same car together…they got into a pretty heated argument in the car…ever since they’ve wanted a piece of each other…Rampage would smash him.

  5. Rusk says:

    Hey it works for chael why not mo

  6. Ninjaman says:

    Sonnen has backed up every word he has said and he is the only one to do so in the UFC. I have a non-sexual crush on him!

  7. T.DADDY says:

    Rampage wud smash u… if u dont gas out

    junkie takes it up the azz

  8. VanDamme says:

    I hope this fight happens and Rampage KO’s this fool into unemployment.

    p.s. How quickly people forget that Chael WAS ON STEROIDS when he tapped out to Silva.

  9. VanDamme says:

    P.s. What do you think would have happened to Chael if he had come into that fight with a bruised rib and Anderson was on steroids?!?!? Something for you Chael nut-huggers to think about.

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