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Thursday, 10/06/2011, 12:34 pm

King Mo Has Harsh Words For Rampage Jackson

“Rampage can talk all that noise, but I’m gonna take his spot. I’m gonna put his bitch ass on the B-Team! His punk ass wants to say I won’t stand up and box him. I will box him with the little gloves on. I’ll box him. The thing is, I can take him down. He can’t stop my takedowns, you know what I’m saying? Trust me. But I can make it interesting and embarrass him at his own game and stand with him.”

Training at the American Kickboxing Academy must not only give you great sparring and coaching but an added boost in the trash talking department as well.

As he tells it to, King Mo really wants to take it the former UFC light-heavyweight champion.

A few years ago, the two were on a way to a Cage Fighter signing in Las Vegas and a video released of the event showed the two engage in a war of words that was both insulting and harsh and one might even say, a little bit ghetto.

Apparently, Mo has not forgotten the altercation and still holds a notable grudge. The problem with his call outs is that he still fights for another organization and while Rampage is lobbying for a Shogun fight in Japan, Mo is still on the very thin Strikeforce roster.


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