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Thursday, 10/06/2011, 12:34 pm

King Mo Has Harsh Words For Rampage Jackson

“Rampage can talk all that noise, but I’m gonna take his spot. I’m gonna put his bitch ass on the B-Team! His punk ass wants to say I won’t stand up and box him. I will box him with the little gloves on. I’ll box him. The thing is, I can take him down. He can’t stop my takedowns, you know what I’m saying? Trust me. But I can make it interesting and embarrass him at his own game and stand with him.”

Training at the American Kickboxing Academy must not only give you great sparring and coaching but an added boost in the trash talking department as well.

As he tells it to, King Mo really wants to take it the former UFC light-heavyweight champion.

A few years ago, the two were on a way to a Cage Fighter signing in Las Vegas and a video released of the event showed the two engage in a war of words that was both insulting and harsh and one might even say, a little bit ghetto.

Apparently, Mo has not forgotten the altercation and still holds a notable grudge. The problem with his call outs is that he still fights for another organization and while Rampage is lobbying for a Shogun fight in Japan, Mo is still on the very thin Strikeforce roster.


32 Responses to “King Mo Has Harsh Words For Rampage Jackson”

  1. bjnutthuger says:

    king mo beats rampage…… like for sure

  2. James says:

    nope. i’ll bet my my car on it.

  3. DFL says:

    Rampage wins this by first round KO. Hope it happens in Japan.

  4. HMC says:

    Rampage all day.

  5. steve says:

    “ill put him on the b team” coming from the benchwarmer on the b team. mo is a clown thinking rampage wont knock him out

  6. Joe says:


  7. chon209 says:

    mo needs to worry about getting on the ufc roster first and prove his worthy with the guys at the bottom because talk is cheap and he is doing a lot of talking, so he needs to stop using rampage to make a name for himself and just fight his way to the ufc without rampage…. really does any true mma fan want to see this this fight besides you mo fans

  8. sb350 says:

    There is a reason why Rampaged fights in UFC and Mo fights in Strikeforce, so far.

  9. Roscoe10 says:

    King mos lil cheating headbutts wont work on Page like they did on gracie the first real competition MO ever had he got smashed in the form of feijao!! and Rampage can stuff his take downs but can he handle pages hooks and straights?? Not likely But typical of Queen Ho to talk shit right after he lost to Jones, Ho didnt say anything when rampage beat machida or hamill.

  10. ryu says:

    at this stage in his career, i dont see rampage winning against king mo. his fatal weakness is his unwillingness to evolve. sure he might pick up a trick here and there, but thats not enough in todays mma game. King mo is younger stronger and apart of the sports evolution. plus, if king mo was loosing the stand up game, and its true it only takes one shot from rampage to go to sleep, hed probably outgrind him with grappling.
    but then again who knows, all we can do is speculate. after all, with those tiny gloves, anything can happen….

    • chon209 says:

      that is true when he fights an elite fighter like jones but your talking about mo and the only thing correct you said about mo is he is younger

    • Creature says:

      Rampage may not be evolving much anymore, but he doesnt really need to.. Hes still a top 5 LHW easy.. His boxing and power are still top notch and he still beats people with it, and his wrestling “especially TD defense” is very good. King Mo is pretty much a less skilled version of Rampage, He only really has boxing and wrestling, neither of which are as good as Rampages.

  11. El Charlie says:

    Whoa … really poor choice of words on “King” Mo’s part. I’m positive Hamil’s twice the wrestler Mo is and Rampage stuffed those takedowns with ease. Not to mention he stuffed more of Bones’ takedowns than anybody ever has. Feijao whooped his ass and he’s not on the level of Rampage, maybe a notch under. I’d love to see it happen just so Rampage can hook that jaw and lock into place so he doesn’t speak such foolish, foolish words. He’s sounds more delusional than willing.

  12. Mike says:

    Yeah, the whole I ‘could’ outbox him, but I have wrestling argument 😀 King Mo has decent stand up and good wrestling. Honestly, any chance of me being a fan of his got shot down in the Mousasi fight. You shouldn’t be getting you ass kicked when you’re on top.

  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This is a funny statement from Mo. Rampage may not have gotten to brawl it out with Jones like he had wanted but he sure as hell looked better than every other fighter who has faced Jones. I agree Rampage needs to let go and get a win any way he can because no intelligent fighter wants to stand and bang with him. If Mo thinks he can handle the best athletically speaking Rampage that ever was, then I say let it happen. He needs some more wins on his record before he gets bored and finally hangs up the gloves. Please Dana give him Mo, then Forest, then Shogun so Rampage can retire with no regrets.

  14. Fortyb4five says:

    hah Rampage would ko within a round.

  15. Creature says:

    Well its obvious that Mo is delusional. Rampage stuffed jones TD attempts, Hammils TD attempts, and out wrestled Hendo who has Olympic caliber wrestling. No way Mo takes him down, and as for out boxing him.. Good luck with that, you will need quite a bit to pull that off

  16. ol raz says:

    It looks like King Mo is taking a page out of Sonnens book and just putting on a loud obnoxious WWE tirade to get attention and media, just to LOSE to Rampage who will head hunt and succeed with this young buck. It’s very sad that attention hungry jersey shore style people doing loud charicatures of themself JUST to get famous are now starting to come out of something that requires talent, heart and brains like martial arts….sigh, one day sarcasm will become old news and sincerity will make a comeback….on second thought. the idea of King MO and Rampage “YO MAMA’ing” each other until fight night….could be fun to watch like drunk Snooki hitting a cop car….I know I’ll be paying for that PPV

  17. bjnutthugger says:

    you guys are just underestimating mo, he has better wrestling than hamil and will smash rampage.

    • El Charlie says:

      I don’t take anything away from mo but no way his wrestling is better than hamil’s or jones’. Apparently you know very little about mma if you think Mo poses some kinda threat to Rampage. Sure anything can happen but there’s a wide margin between delusion and reality. He wouldn’t box with Rampage that’s why he said I can take him down in his damn pathetic statement that he believes is a threat in his mind, what a fool. Maybe u shld stick to nut hugginh bj. Apparently ur heads way too far up his balls to watch other fighters.

  18. Jmad says:

    Mo def dsnt deserve a chance at Rampage, but I say let em fight, let Rampage cut this kid down to reality.

  19. Shawn says:

    Hmmmm…possible move over for King Mo as well? More and more, it looks like Strikeforce is starting to a liquidation sale before they close…their doors are closed on them. I’d be interested to see that fight though.

  20. rpain21 says:

    Mo needs to stfu stay in strickforce were all the wanna bsz fight rAmpage will beat ur ass fuck your girl cum in her mouth ur a bitch mo u cant make it in the ufc ur trying to get into the ufc by calling out rampage pretty soon ur ass will be collecting foodstamps when strickforce goes under and believe me it will

  21. 2 REAL says:

    Anyone who thinks Jose Aldo is not a beast clearly hasn’t seen all this mans fights. He dominates his opponents. Yeah he got a little gassed in the Hominick fight, but if I can recall, the man just came back from a back injury. I train in Muay Thai and Aldo’s technique on his kicks are flawless, his stand up is world class bro. His record clearly speaks for itself.

  22. Jason N says:

    I would prefer Bisping V Sonnan again. I think Bisping won.

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