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Saturday, 07/28/2012, 07:20 am

Kickboxing Beat: Badr Hari Charged With Attempted Manslaughter



Badr Hari is facing a possible attempted manslaughter charge following an appearance in front of an Amsterdam magistrate today.

He is alleged to have taken part in an assault on a reveller at a rave in Amsterdam Arena earlier this month, before going on holiday with his girlfriend Estelle Gullit, estranged wife of the Dutch footballing icon Ruud Gullit.

Having returned from holiday this week Hari handed himself in to police Wednesday night and was arrested on doing so. He has been detained in custody since then and today his remand was extended by the magistrates, who gave police permission to hold him for two weeks.



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35 Responses to “Kickboxing Beat: Badr Hari Charged With Attempted Manslaughter”

  1. Xaninho says:

    He beat up a millionaire businessman, Koen Everink in one of the skyboxes at a dance event called Sensation. This is not the only investigation against him. Jeroen van den Berg, owner of nightclub Air in Amsterdam came forward and told the police that Badr Hari has assaulted him in his own club.

    There’s a rumor going around that a few known top criminals have put a price on Badr Hari’s head because van den Berg is their friend.

    • Matt says:

      Thats wild, do you think the charges will stick against him? Id imagine there had to be alot of witnesses

      • Xaninho says:

        There are a lot of witnesses, but most are scared of Badr Hari and his entourage. He’s been terrorizing the nightlife scene for a while now. His younger brother has been a real pain in the ass and picking fights according to some people..

        There also is a bouncer he alledgedly beat up so bad he ended up in hospital for months, but the guy refuses to press charges. So either he got paid or he got threatened to shut up.

      • the Natural says:

        Finally going to get this scum bag he belongs in jail one less low life in the streets

    • sando says:

      damn, if the rumor is true he’s fucked. russian mob runs deep in AMS

    • Thom says:

      Looks like you´ve read that article in paper, good job mr insider lol.

    • Andrew Bertram says:

      so what you’re saying, is badr hari is a champion kickboxer by day, and a crime fighter by night? come on, everyone knows that night club owners and gazillionaire business men are fuckin douchebags anyways lol. maybe they shouldnt mouth off and act like theyre big shots to someone who can quite effortlessly kill them lol. just sayin’

  2. drew says:

    just another tool who gets beer muscles when he drinks and is a trained fighter. I hope someone does collect on that bounty because people like are just cancerous

  3. truth hurts says:

    He is a scrub. He’ll get murdered my other scrubs. As long as they just keep killing each other thats the best we can hope for.

  4. Bd says:

    I see a bunch of these fuckers everywhere … They’re loud in groups and act like uncivilized , privileged garbage !!

  5. B-rad says:

    Damn man, this sucks… Badr is a fucking terror in the ring, and it looks like he is outside too which is bullshit.. I remember when he got DQ’d for stompin a dude in the face after he dropped him? The man has a chemical inbalance in his brain, hes not right

  6. The mantis says:

    Badr hari is the man

    • Me says:

      Common man Attempted manslaughter does not make you the man. Kids lie you shouldn’t be looking up to guys like Badr Hari.

      • The mantis says:

        I ben huge fan of his a long time i mean he the man at kick boxing and it was probably just assault

        • Xaninho says:

          That dude got beat up really bad. His foot was hanging by a thread and his face was unrecognizable. He was more dead than alive…

  7. Balls McGee says:

    Bloodstain lane is prob having a shit fit

  8. Drew says:

    Besides a mug shot best bet this will be the last picture TaKen of this guy. Russian mob has their sights on him… And the Russian mob will end him… Awkward seeing a soon to be dead man on app

  9. jay dee says:

    Good fighter but sucks big hairy balls as a human……….big…..hairy……..ballz [oo]

  10. DMAC says:

    Russian mob won’t do shit to Hari, he’s been doing shit like this since like 2000. The dude is pure loco and I’m sure a connected mobster himself so charges will be dropped and he’ll be back at it in due time. Sucks because K1 is making a come back I was hoping he would possibly be apart of that…

  11. Dick Diaz says:

    lol this is the perfect picture of him to put to this article.

  12. and what... says:

    yh an so they should be scared

  13. scouser says:

    bada hari is a dead man after this. he does have a contract on his head what a fool.

  14. Rah says:

    Lee Murrary 2.0

  15. tunisairforce says:

    Im not a fan of this guy anymore. He’s giving such a bad image to the young generation … Become rich and famous to end up like that that’s a shame….

  16. lalallalalalalagirl says:

    Wow… thats just…

  17. MMMM says:

    And Nick Diaz thinks hes a gangster

  18. Mike says:

    What’s new? Badr Hari has never been able to keep it in the ring.

  19. G Bud says:

    If he gets off, I hope to god he bumps into the Reem on one of his nights out……

  20. ernesto hoost says:

    he is a punk he needs an ass whooping!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. zekaker says:

    Criminals belong to the streets, and fighters belong to a ring! Make a difference…

  22. cosmoKassman says:

    Daniel ghita will beat some sense into this fool

  23. khalil says:

    bullshit i know the man the truth is that koen whatever is a racist asshole he deservded the beating he got so f..k him along every body who talks shit about badr!

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