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Friday, 11/08/2013, 07:14 am


Kennedy Tore Quad While Saving Elderly Woman’s Life One Week Before Fight

“I tore my quad coming into this camp. The very last week of fight camp, just a stupid thing happened. A lady walked over the track and it was either run over a 65 year-old lady – probably kill her – or try to decelerate in about two meters. I chose to decelerate and just fell to the ground, grabbing my leg screaming not great words.”

“If they had to roll me into the cage to fight Natal, I would’ve fought him. In the cage, once they hoisted me up and lifted me into the cage, Natal would’ve had to shoot me and bludgeon me to death until I quit.

“I’m too dumb to care.”

UFC Fight Night 31: Fight For The Troops 3′ main event winner, Tim Kennedy revealed to the media following his Wednesday night victory that he went in with a torn quadricep.

The injury did not stop his first round one-punch KO victory over Rafael Natal.

Warrior spirit? Umm…. yea!


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