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Friday, 01/10/2014, 09:11 am

Ken Shamrock Picks Up Bodyguard Duty For Rapper 50 Cent

Apparently MMA legend Ken Shamrock is now working as security detail for a man who probably needs a bodyguard more than most; Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Check it out.

So Shamrock was spotted doing security detail for Jackson at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

More information came out later.

When Ariel Helwani caught wind of this, he was on the case.

To which Shamrock replied

Shamrock then confirmed it was a security detail job for high class clients when he tweeted:

But honestly, as these twitter fans tweeted, who wouldn’t want Shamrock as a bodyguard?!

Let’s just hope Shamrock isn’t featured on Jackson’s next song.


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  1. David Pearce says:

    No shame in working for a living! Good for Ken, and 50. Smart hire as far as I can tell. Who wouldn’t want the Worlds Most Dangerous Man protecting them?

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