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Monday, 03/19/2012, 05:32 pm

Ken Shamrock | I Saw Me Getting In The Ring And Building The UFC, Not Dana White

“I don’t like to come in and say, ‘I’ve done this and I’ve done that,’ because really, it takes a village to make something happen. It takes a lot of people to make it successful. And to hear Dana White say, ‘I did this and I did that. It was me. And he didn’t do this and didn’t do that.’ Well, how in the world did they get to where they were at if it was just Dana? Because I didn’t see him in the ring. I didn’t see Dana fighting. I didn’t see the numbers go up when they had just Tito there. I didn’t see any of that… What I saw was me getting in there, building an organization, having a feud with Tito Ortiz to help build those numbers, along with Dana White and the corporation and the company to shoot that feud. And also to have Tito there, who was a great villain — to have someone going against me. And that’s how we did those numbers. Because we all got involved and did it.”

The UFC’s biggest villain, Ken Shamrock, fires back at Dana White for all his negativity towards him on today’s The MMA Hour.


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0 Responses to “Ken Shamrock | I Saw Me Getting In The Ring And Building The UFC, Not Dana White”

  1. Darney Jefferson says:

    This dude is punch drunk. Could make a living hustlin in pool halls tho, like he did Tito in Tuf 3

  2. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    ive never liked ken, not from day one

  3. alorigjgs says:

    Don’t say anything bad about Dana White, he might diss you on his next Tirade.

    Probably call you a terrorist, no good, internet trash talking ________.

  4. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

    We’ll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park, and reminiscing. Could someone stick this injection in my ass?

  5. bryanfury85 says:

    He’s right but people tend to give owner the credit for the employees, though this situation seems very different. He and the other ufc vets very integral to success of the ufc.

  6. Bla DeBla says:

    Theres a lotta people who talk shit about Ken Shamrock within the UFC about how he does business & stuff like that .

    I know nothing about that .

    But …

    I know that Ken Shamrock was bigger than Jon Jones , Anderson Silva & GSP combined in the world of Combat sports outside of Boxing back in 93 when the UFC 1’st started .

    Shamrock had genuine WOW factor , he had an aura about him & he done the business inside the octagon in a way you thought his opponent & the referee were going to get killed if it went even 2 minutes longer .

    Psych Warfare & Shamrock had it down to a tee .

    His stable of Lions Den Fighters were the backbone of the business for years , they are the foundations the UFC is built upon .

    Forget about Ken V Tito , it was Ken V Royce Gracie that got the world interested , then Ken V Others & of course Royce’s achievements too .

    Another thing Ken done was give the sport an air of old school decency outside the octagon , it was enforcing that decency & respect for his fellow fighters that started the fued with Tito Ortiz when Ken wasnt even with the UFC any more .

    I dont kno if the man is an asshole or not but theres no doubt that there would be no UFC if it wasnt for Ken Shamrock carrying them on his shoulders back on day one .

    Maybe he isnt the only reason but he was a major ingredient & the man deserves credit , acclaim & reward for what he has done & done damn well .

    Thank You Ken Shamrock .

    • 1slowgt says:

      While I partially agree that Ken Vs Royce was amazing, it didn’t get the world interested. It earned the UFC a cult following of what is now deemed the hard core fans. If it would in fact have gotten the world interested, the UFC wouldnt have gone bankrupt during Ken’s reign, and Dana would have never needed to buy it. Back in the late 90ies when the Ken/Tito thing initially blew up, Ken flipped his an annoucer’s table and started climbing the cage flipping Tito off, forgetting he wasnt actually at a WWF event. They had to call cops. Hardly the stuff legends are made of. Perhaps his resume is legendary, but him as a person…hardly…

      As much as I dislike him sometimes, it was Dana that was smart enough to have them coach opposite each other on national TV to really sell the PPV, but by that time, with the NSAC testing and regulating, Ken was rumored to be off the juice and no longer the same animal. When things were heated back in 99ish Ken was damn near 245, 4 years later they fought at 205, but Ken wasnt the same.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Man yer looking back on this in hindsight like an accountant looking through a book .

        Shamrock was a fucking massive star in MMA , The Japanese even made a cartoon series about him & thats before the UFC ever started !

        Shamrock was the WOW factor .

        The rest of the fighters looked like either wild men , special ops soldiers or goofy Martial Artists but Shamrock looked like a PRO from day one .

        Royce Gracie also had an Aura too , mostly because of the Gracie Train that led him to the Octagon , you knew he was going to have a bitta something about him , , Royce & Ken were the whole damn show .

        5 years from now we may look back & say Lesnars run was more profitable than Coutures or that some suit signed this deal with that sponsorship company & made this amount of money but neither me you or the common fan knows or cares a damn about that shit in the here & now or back then .

        Apart from what Ken done himself his stable of fighters were the back bone of the UFC for a few years on the trot .

        And as for him smashing up a table ?

        Get real you idiot , he was hyping the fight !

        Tank Abbot was starting bar room brawls & getting arrested , Ortiz was disrespecting opponents he had beaten , Kimo’s buddy Jo Song was out rapping womin & some real dodgy characters were in the game .

        So what did Shamrock do again ya say ?

        Threw a tantrum & girlish idiots like you bought it as him about to kill someone , well done Ken , another 50,000 PPV’s sold & nothing more than a table upended & a glass of water spilled .

        Yer outa line man .

        Yer talking shit about a damn good man & you dont even have half the facts .

        Dana White is an asshole , just another cock suckin ass kissin money grabbin prick in a suit getting rich of another mans sweat blood , pain & personality .

        The UFC is a massive success story & all of them played a role but lets not talk shit about the men who gave parasites like White a back to leach onto .

        If MMA is a Religion then Ken Shamrock is a Saint & Dana White is the guy who knew the Saints , profited by organizing events so the people could come to see the Saints , nothing more .

        • repairman jack says:

          as much as you dont like dana you have to ask were would the sport be or would there be a sport (in america) without him and zuffa? most promoters are low life slimeballs all fighers know this but one thing you cant argue is the ufc under zuffa is a far better product for fighters & fans that it was under SEG

        • Bla DeBla says:

          What ?

          Are we fight fans or are we Business fans ?

          I personally quite like White from what I know of him but only like him like I like any other business man I dont have a personal grudge against but If White wants to slander Ken Shamrock & I’m being asked to choose a side I’m gonna be in Ken Shamrocks Corner when push comes to shove .

          White is a suit & nothing else , there’s many businessmen in the world & he isnt a particularly bad one & he seems to have a good rapport with his fighters but he aint no genius .

          WEG V Zuffa ?

          You may as well ask me if the 1950’s were better than the 1960’s … life is a progression & is at its best at the time its at .

          My opinion on the future of MMA is along the lines of pro boxing with at least , or at most , 2 competing World Governing Body’s with independent promoters or promotions companys bidding for rights to put on sanctioned title fights .

          Fighters Unions to protect their health & well being in case of injury & the provision of the very best medial care at events etc . Protect their right to fight where & when just like any other self employed man has the right to chose his jobs .

          It will be less a phenomenon or less like a Circus coming to Town but it will be fairer on the fighters , none of them will be prevented from fighting at the very top if they have the talent , they can fight their way to the top , not kiss ass & cozy up to the suits like White or fit a certain gender or racial profile to suit a current political climate .

          Fights may not be as spectacular because Fighters will be fighting to win with an eye on their long term health , not fighting to win by entertaining but thats how REAL fights are , not every fight is the most exciting thing you have ever seen or taken part in , they all contain some good moments tho .

          Perhaps a price per rounds won or similar pay structure would safeguard the entertainment factor with stoppage bonus’s

          It may be another 20 years before all that takes place but I believe its the way forward .

          As things stand , I think all in all the UFC has done a brilliant job so far & I love it , even though I have small complaints here n there .

          Just dont be causing any problems for me or my palls trying to throw yer weight around , & I’ll let sleeping dogs lie where I can & let you all live until you die .

    • Jim Cano says:

      well said! could not agree more.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Ken shamrock according to his brother Frank has been ROIDED out for 20 years

  7. 1slowgt says:

    I disagree, while his feud with Tito was great, and helped to make his season of TUF successful, he harmed his organization just as much as he helped with his silly stints in the WWE, tantrums after he left the UFC, and then being caught doping.

  8. Magoo says:

    Lmfao….I bet you did!

  9. Fred says:

    I disagree nick Diaz is not a bad fighter at all at all

  10. tank says:

    The UFC is the way it is now is because of guys like Randy, Matt, Ortiz, gracie, Penn, and now guys like Jones, Silva, Aldo are taking it to whole new level. Talent in the ufc is getting better and this is because of more money and time to train. Fighters now have to train in all arts of fighting.

  11. G says:

    Shamrock was finished by Ortiz three times in a row. He never lost to Ortiz once.

  12. David says:

    I agree that while Ken was a contributor to the growth of the UFC, he wasn’t a major contributor to that growth. He wasn’t a marketable fighter during the Zuffa era of the UFC. It was more Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Rich Franklin, and Anderson Silva combined with Dana White’s promotional and marketing savvy which really helped the promotion take off.

  13. sally davis says:


  14. MMACRAVER says:

    Color me stupid but… I think he makes a decent point… They did make a lot of money off his back.. how many times did Tito and shamrock fight?

    You could even say he built up Tito’s career

    and I don’t even like Ken shamrock… steroids is weak.

  15. ya herd says:

    sorry to tell u guys but 80% of the feuds ufc stars have witch each other is fake and is jus for a bigger seller on tv and tickets

  16. repairman jack says:

    he’s in the hall of fame what does he want dana to praise him in every sentence as the man who made it all possible! his feud with tito? what feud he got destroyed 3 times the fights were never even close! he was there at the beginning and helped grow the sport he deserves credit for that and he’s been credited enough for it he should stop crying about dana and the ufc

  17. GetOffSonnensNuttz says:

    Ken Shamrock sucks balls…Bla DeBla stop writing your novels tryin to convince people that shamrock was good i dont think dude ever threw a head kick and didnt land on his cockeyed ass lol <—–still laughin my ass off that u actually think this guy was good LOL!

  18. mtf says:

    Ya Herd,
    I disagree with you. I think watch WWF and shit like that.

  19. jonsey says:

    ken got the credit he deserv ..he in hall of fame…but he fukin baby..he try sue ufc that why he get no credit now,,he got greedy..look his druggy eyes

  20. ya herd says:

    mtf u blind freaky motherfucker i dont care what u think! there is to much bullshit in ufc nowdays just sign the fight and fight who realy cares about the bullshit that comes with it like the fake hyping fight shit just fucking fight shake hands and see who the better man is fucking hell i know 50% of the ufc fans nowdays are ex wwe fans but dont get into the fake hating shit its boring im a man not a boy who needs that shit realy?

  21. The natural says:

    Shamrocks right

  22. Bud Dickman says:

    I liked Ken Shamrock. He got me into mma, back when I was 10. My uncle would always record the UFC events and when he come visit give me the tapes. But his last few years in the UFC and when he left its like. “Damn”. Maybe he could of done more if he went down in weightclass. But thats a different story and with if. Ken needs to just man up realize his ship has left the harbor. You’re no longer the world’s most dangerous man, you’re the world’s most senile man. He did build the begining of the UFC but now he is only doing it harm now.

    Thats why ESPN hunted him down and used him for the story on the UFC and not paying their fighters enough.

    But on a more serious note, Why on this green earth are you going to fight James Tony, knowing you don’t have a chin anymore and this guy still has KO power in his hands. You’re going to lose, give James Toney the satisfaction saying he beat a UFC Hall of Famer. Setting back what Randy Coture did 15years

  23. noway! says:

    Ken is that u?????????????????

  24. GetOffSonnensNuttz says:

    If it wasnt for dana and the fertitta bro’s we wouldnt be on here discussing wack shamrock right now…he needs to crawl back under the rock hes been under since 2010 he aint on shit he never been on shit when he was fighting dudes didnt even take the shit serious so he needs to shut the fuck up dude sucks always did suck and always will suck

  25. Lambo says:

    Ok first things first when the Fertita’s bought the ufc they didn’t turn a profit until 2006 they carried the ufc through their bank accounts up to around 50-60 million in the hole. Now their investments are turning around for them and they are coming out on top, and DW is part of that. It’s a Business, and yes the Fighters are a very essential part of it. But without the Fertitas and DW the ufc would not be anything close to what it is today. He just seems butt hurt that his prime (if you could say he had one) was before the sport was as big as it is now.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      ….. and the dish ran away with the spoon , then the cow jumped over the moon & they all lived happily ever after …. The End .

      You didnt even listen to the interview you fucking muppet .

      Shamrock isnt asking for a damn thing .

      Listen to the interview & then ask yerself if what the UFC is saying is true , like so & so is a savior & a saint who put his wealth on the line to give you this blessed product …. then make the records of the finances public so we can trust you !

      They have filled you with more shit than a sewer & you are gobbling it up like theres no tomorrow with the shit dribbling outa the corners of yer mouth .

      Shamrock isnt asking for anything & he isnt bitter about anyone .

      He says he got the contracts he wanted & he signed the contracts , he has no problem with anyone .

      If they nearly went broke without Fertatta or White or whoever then open up the books & prove it !

      Otherwise spare me the fucking fairy tales about knights on white horses saving Damsels in distress ….

      You Faggot Yanks need to wise up & fucking quick before the money men start parading you in public either wearing dresses , iron shackles or both !

  26. Chael forced wind says:

    Sickens me to read comments from fans who clearly have only been fans since 07. Ken is a fricking legend of the sport so the people bad mouthing him for having an opinion need to go and choke on Jon jones nuts!

  27. bobaloo says:


  28. zetoe666 says:

    I second that. Ken Shamrock was the reason I watched the UFC as a kid. Otherwise I was watching Vale Tudo.

  29. Andy says:

    I think Ken may have a point here what did Dana White really do? He just promoted the fight, gave both fighters a chance to build a fan base while hosting the Ultimate fighter, and then promoted the fight against for the fans on a live tv show so Shamrock could better his performance. Shamrock on the other hand gave us almost solid round of getting his ass beat between the 2 fights with Ortiz…. He may have a point… Or the point may be that he just got out classed twice by another guy who can not compete with the new caliber of athlete that compete now in UFC

  30. nogichute says:

    ken is a legend. dana is a douche. most fighters are on juice anyway so who cares, it doesnt make u a better fighter just helps u heal. its rigerous training I fight n I juice so unlwess ne of u armchair shit talkers get in the ring or cage stfu!

    • mark l says:

      I fight and I don’t juice. Eat proper, rest, and recover allows for proper training. No need for ped’s unless you covering up for a lack of talent.

    • repairman jack says:

      try not taking juice and fight and see the difference that steroids make to a fighter they are illegal and banned substances they have no place in mma i train and i fight ive never had to take them to compete or to heal for that matter no disrespect to ken but what he’s saying is just a nice way of justifying his own use of steroids if you knowingly break the rules that makes you a cheater

  31. Chael forced wind says:

    Bobaloo sorry bro im just a fan from England. The name was just a play on words for a bit of fun. Good comment tho bro and thanks for the back up. Both ken and Frank got me hooked on UFC back in the day when it was all tournament format. Shamrocks, Royce, Severn, all helped get the UFC where it is today

  32. Gouldx87 says:

    Ken deserves his respect for what he has done in the sport i guess but the fact of the matter is he was just a name for tito to beat on by the time the UFC was in Dana Whites hands. Ken’s last few fights in the UFC were based on his name power and thats it. Tito beat him up and Rich Franklin whooped his ass, he hasnt won a fight in the UFC since kimo in 2004 and it was ultimate ultimate 96 before that so really how much credit does a named punching bag deserve?

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Thats the whole fucking point you idiot !

      He came back & the PPV sales went up by over 200% !

      Money doesnt give a fuck if Shamrock won lost or drew !

      Was Shamrock in his prime or was he making a return to the sport as a 42 year old ?

      Money doesnt give a fuck !

      Shamrock was asked to come back to the UFC , he agreed & the PPV sales increased by over 200% !!!

      What dont you under stand ?

      Oh Ok let me break it down to U.S standard for ya …

      If the UFC had 2 apples before Ken Shamrock came back , then ended up having over 6 apples after he returned !

      This sport needs a world governing body because the stupidity of the fans cant be good for society …. how the fuck is it fair you idiots have the same rights to vote as I do ?

      Nuclear War is the Answer .

      • Calabama says:

        Money sounds a lot like a honey badger

      • Gouldx87 says:

        1. Im canadian so you can take your US standard and shove it up your ass

        2. you could put Prince Charles in an MMA fight and the PPV buys would go through the roof that doesnt mean he was good for the sport lol

        3. Ken shamrock has talked shit about the UFC since they cut his ass after losing repeatedly so why should they show him respect or give him any credit ?

        Nuclear war is the answer? and you question my right to vote? you need to see a phsyciatrist

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Youre Canuckian so I question your right to breathe .

          Any Country whose Government stipulates that world wide famous Comedian Kevin “Bloody” Wilson is only allowed to perform his STAGE ACT if he doesnt use the word “Cunt” in it & if he does use the Word “Cunt” in it will be arrested & deported is not just an enemy of free speech it is an enemy of humanity .

          Its not like Wilson performs free for Children he performs only for adults who have to pay to see him at a specific location .

          The same Government who has banned Dire Straits classic worldwide 80’s hit “Money For Nothing” because it uses the word “Faggot” is not just an enemy of the people it is an outright enemy of artistic expression & is clearly trying to usher in a new intellectual , spiritual , cultural & artistic Dark Age of slavery & oppression .

          Canada is 1’st on the list of Colonys that need to be nuked , New Zealand is second for reasons I may or may not explain later as I savor the putrid stench of 35 million or so rotting worthless Canadian carcass’s

          If America believes in America then the US has to wake up & quick .

          As Canada plays “Softly Softly Catchy Monkey ” the supposed most powerful nation on earth is scratching its hole telling itself how wonderful it is !

          NUKE CANADA !!!! … is the battle cry of a free mans republic !

        • The Boss says:

          You guys are all Idiots. Seriously… You guys need to Get a life and get a girlfriend. Don;t even bother responding to this cause I probably won;t read it. I’ll be too busy living my life and enjoying my hot gf.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Yea yer a real inspiration to us all , you go girl !

  33. Patrick says:

    Oh Ken, still hungry for love and attention. Ken, you weren’t even relevant when the UFC became huge and what it is today. You have a point that it was an effort of multiple people, yes…but your delusions of self grandeur is a stinky cologne of desperation for acceptance. I just think back to when he was a coach on TUF and he showed his team videos of himself, the guys weren’t terribly interested and Ken was watching with a disgusting look of self admiration, I thought he was about to drops his pants and start jerking it to himself. Ken, you were a great fighter in your team, but Dana deserves far more credit than you, Tito, and the two of you combined.

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  37. dante080 says:

    First off, Dana says WE did thisn as in himself and the bros ferttita or however you spell orb and these old fighters are bitter, but they have to realize that this business wasn’t profitable while they were the stars. His entire feud with ortiz only worked because of TUF

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