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Friday, 09/28/2012, 12:27 pm

Keith Kizer Says Nick Diaz Lied About Marijuana Use And Displayed Irregular Post Fight Cleansing Practices | UFC NEWS

“It was here, twice for the same drug, marijuana. But Nick did some things that came out in the hearing. Before the hearing, he came out and said ‘yeah, well I smoked seven days before.’ Wait a minute, are you saying that you lied on our pre-fight questionnaire? We asked him if he took anything in the last fifteen days. He basically admitted that he did, so we added basically the equivalent of perjury and that was part of the findings against him. So it wasn’t only for testing positive for the marijuana, it was also for lying about it on the form.

The second thing with Nick is that after the fight he drank like two dozen bottles of water, which we later found out from both from his expert, as well as our own, the effect of that could very well have been the intent to lower the level of marijuana in his system to try to get it below the cutoff. It didn’t quite work. He was still above the cutoff but the level wasn’t very high.”

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director, Keith Kizer, took to Boxing website,, to talk about the latest in the world of Nick Diaz.

Yesterday we reported that Nick Diaz will be challenging his suspension with Nevada courts and try to book a fight before the year is up, and it would now appear that Kizer is already stringing together his commissions defense of their original decision to suspend Diaz.



44 Responses to “Keith Kizer Says Nick Diaz Lied About Marijuana Use And Displayed Irregular Post Fight Cleansing Practices | UFC NEWS”

  1. dan says:

    Just let the man smoke a blunt…

  2. learntoread says:

    A guy drank lots of water before he had to go in and do a methodical Pee Test? Who’d a thunk !!! Seriously, Kizer, STFU.

    And during the hearing, you clowns didn’t even know what a “metabolite” even was, or even bother to do the proper research. It was a witch hunt, nothing more. A purpose to collect a big payday for yourself and the NSAC.

  3. Zack says:

    Keith needs punched in the face

  4. Shadleigh says:

    If fighters wanna smoke marijuana who the fukk cares. As long as its not PED’s it shouldn’t matter!

    • hautss says:

      it makes you feel less pain… and in a sport where pain could be the deciding factor in a loss or a win, its a huge thing… honestly NO DRUGS in sports… it doesnt matter if it makes you slow and stupid… its a clean sport for a reason… so 2 people can go into a ring and have A FAIR FIGHT…

      • Bjj Player says:

        Unlike the gomi fight, Nick was not tested positive for being high during the fight and the article clearly states he stopped smoking 7 days out, so your theory about him feeling less pain is irrelevant. Kieth just wants a bigger pay day. If Nick wants to smoke, let him do his thing, either way he puts on great fights.

        • What? says:

          Doesn’t matter because he still lied. I don’t care if anybody smokes but honestly this is a professional sport with rules applied to everybody and if you can’t follow those rules then don’t be in the sport. His suspension is justified

        • Nick says:

          MMA isnt a sport. You fight on the streets and you can get arrested. Your not going to get arrested playing a game of soccer or football. Fighters arent perfect. Let the guy go, plus he lost the fight anyways. Thats punishment enough. All the fights that his done not on marijuana are still some of the best fights ever. 2 wrongs dont make a right anyways. Where do you think there getting these fighters nowadays. Princeton? Come dude its getting a little outragious with all of these guidelines with fighting, when its not legal to do on the streets.

      • Son of Site says:

        Are you retarded? Weed doesn’t make you feel less pain, if anything, it elevates your state of consciousness. If a black belt punches you I. The face when you’re high, believe me, your face will hurt like a mofo.

        • MMFT says:

          Word up.
          Pretty sure I get high as fuck and spar all the time and there’s no difference. I typically don’t even feel high after warm ups. I’m positive being high isn’t going to make you brain more resistant to knock out shots.
          Who cares if you want to go home and have a beer or go home and smoke a bowl. I hate that people think they can tell people what to do with their lives and their bodies. Fuck off and mind your business.

      • B-rad says:

        your dumb, a punch to the face feels the same if your stoned or not.

      • Nate says:

        Ok, it lowers your pain tolerance? That point is garbage, your body will still sustain the damage from all the physical trauma that a fight brings, so feeling less of it as you say isn’t really doing you any favors.

      • diazbroallday says:

        seriously this is dumbest shiit i’ve ever heard, its okay wit ur opinion, but if u think it feels less pain when u get punch or kick in the face, u should try n get beat up when ur high, because ure a iron man lmao

      • duncan says:

        he didnt smoke right before the fight. and if you do drink too much water it messes up the test and they make you re-take the piss test at a job so im sure its no different for the ufc. its some political bullshit where they dont want a fighter like nick diaz being a standout in their company. why else would this be a huge ordeal for not even having a banned substance in his system. they kept trying to trick him into admitting shit the first time so they could punish him cause they knew you cant punish someone for a banned substance when metabolites aren’t even banned. now they just dont want to look stupid so they’re still gonna screw him over so nobody has to admit they made a mistake

  5. matt j says:

    ok then….let diaz fight outta the country! ufc stay out of vegas…i

  6. burnintrees420 says:

    Kiser a fckn bitch. Handing out lighter sentences for PED’s than pot. How does that work out????

    • David says:

      The reason why Nick got a heavier sentence than Overeem, is because not only is Nick a repeat offender, but he lied about it. If Nick gets popped again, he could be suspended indefinitely because it would be the 3rd time he would be caught.

  7. alfie says:

    “smoking weed doesn’t get in the way of my martial arts. my martial arts gets in the way of smoking weed”. best quote ever from diaz

  8. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    First, based on these comments, I think it’s a matter of semantics. Did the questionnaire ask, “Have you TAKEN anything in the last 15 days?” If so, Diaz really did not perjure himself. A person does not technically “take” marijuana like a pill; rather, he or she “smokes” it. Unless they prefaced the question with NSAC’s adopted meaning of “take” to include smoking, Diaz’s actions don’t quite fit an act of perjury.

    Second, exactly how long after the fight was the drug screen? Many people follow the old adage, “Drink eight eight-ounces glasses of water per day.” But according to other sources, there are many different factors to take into account. It has been suggested that an “adequate” amount for an adult male is 3 liters, which eclipses the 1.9 liters that the “8 of 8” formula provides. Seeing as how Diaz trains for MMA and triathlons, his intake would probably be more. So, in essence, two dozen bottles of water very well may have been in accord with his daily routine. Again, that may depend when the test was administered in relation to the fight.

  9. David says:

    You people don’t seem to get it. If your job says “Hey, in order to work for us, xyz substances are banned”, and you do those substances, it’s well within your job’s rights to fire you for disobeying their policy. I take it most of you don’t have careers[not jobs], or live in the real world.

    The NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL has a banned substance list over 10 pages long. Among those substances that are banned, are legal substances that you can get at a GNC, or even a Walmart. But they have a right to say that they do not want people who play in their leagues to use that substance. Anyone who cannot abide by those rules, can simply choose NOT to play in the league.

    Just like the Athletic Commissions have a right to say which substances are banned and not allowed. Hell, Nick Diaz and Carlos Gracie could have applied for a medical exemption for weed since he has a legit medical reason for smoking it. All they had to do was meet with the commission, present his card, and doctor’s note saying “Nick Diaz has xyz condition and I have prescribed him medical weed in order to deal with it.” and he would have been granted the exception. But Nick Diaz decided to circumvent the commission because he fancies himself as “rebelling against the system”. And Carlos Gracie is a HORRIBLE manager for not only NOT getting the exemption, but for allowing his fighter to smoke and jeopardize his standing with the commission.

    Nobody is forcing Nick Diaz to fight in the United States. If he wants to smoke and be high as a kite before a fight, tell him to go fight in Japan where they don’t have athletic commissions and testing is at the sole discretion of the promotion. Nick needs to grow up and take responsibility for his condition, and for his actions instead of blaming other people.

    • learntoread says:

      First of all David, it’s Cesar Gracie who is Nick’s manager, not “Carlos”.

      Secondly, I find it interesting that you sit here and defend Kizer & the complete circus that is the NSAC, especially when taking into account the utter ridiculousness / joke which the Diaz hearing was turned into. The Commission did not even know what a “metabolite” was, (you know the substance of their entire case against Diaz), it took the expert witness Diaz’s camp hired to explained it to them. They even had the gull to state that Marijuana was a PED, which it’s not, it’s filed under “Drug of Abuse” in WADA.

      Furthermore, you make it sound like the practices and Rules & Regulations put forth by the NSAC during the “fight week” tests are all completely clear and explained fully to the fighters and their managers, when that is FAR from the truth. Numerous fighters have expressed their displeasure and confusion in terms of how the NSAC performs the tests and the vagueness of their paperwork. It’s not all black and white like you attempt to put off. There are A LOT of grey area and lack of sound communication and clear explanation on behalf of the commission, has been for years now.

      Lastly, Diaz doesn’t smoke weed illegally and never smoked weed while in the State of Nevada (outside of California). He also never smokes near or during fight week. Who’s to say how long a metabolite stays in the human system, it is COMPLETELY vague. Also, the form which you say Nick “lied” on asked if he had been taking any sort of “prescription drugs”, medical marijuana is NOT a prescription drug.

    • duncan says:

      dont you pay attention. metabolites are not banned so they can’t charge him with testing positive for any banned substances, the whole thing is stupid and should be void. now its just some pride issue for the commission where they dont want to look bad.just stupid

  10. KIdnhoody says:

    Ok Nevada stat athletic comission… just admit that you were wrong and this is very petty. You know not one of you fools could smoke herb and compete at that level so why is it even on the banned substances list? Fix that shit before you sound even more stupid.

  11. Brett says:

    Fuck you Keith Kizer!! I know Nick was morw than likely hot for pot, but once again FUCK YOU KEITH KIZER!!!

  12. stupid like it helped him at all get over it its weed

  13. stephen riddle says:

    Where u at kizer! I aint no bitch!

  14. “It makes you feel less pain” the retard said. Marijuana may make you feel less pain, but it also reduces your instinctual reflexes which is a major part of MMA. Not only that, but you also get tired and feel lazier while your high so who the fuck cares of the dude wants to smoke a blunt for real. Less pain, slower reflexes, just plain ol slower and for a striker like Diaz speed is pretty important. So it evens out. Less pain, more shots taken and slower/less punches thrown.

  15. Sasquatch says:

    Keith needs to burn a big fatty and chill the f*ck out.

  16. Nate says:

    It’s only marijuana for crying out loud. Alistair Overeem and Chael Sonnen have been caught boosting their testosterone levels, which gives them an unfair advantage in the cage, with less punishment.

  17. Its not these guys fault that don’t understand marijuana,if they were to watch Joe Rogans Marijuana videos on YouTube they might see more clearly.These people are brain washed by a currupt system.Its prohibition at its finest.People are fed all this crap about it being a drug there whole lives and theres no going back its like a little kid whos parents are racist they just repeat what they hear.Marijuana takes no pain away during a fight it could make your reaction time slower if you smoked enough but other than munchies and feeling relaxed this PLANT will do nothing to enhance your fighting ability.Its just greedy rich people using there laws to take money from working men.Truth hurts mainstream media brainwashes america everyday and this is no different.I don’t smoke but I know that as long as they can make more profit keeping it illegal then they could if they just sold it like alcohol or cigeretts this won’t change…Let the hardcore smokers have licences so we can keep our tab on them..its just how our government works.Now if he had a narcotic instead of an herb in his system it might get real-Diaz Fined for armbaring and ripping GSP’s arm off while on PCP..

  18. Ramiro says:

    He broke the rules does no one get that? Nick Diaz is suck a joke and gives such a bad name to the sport he also brings in the dumbest fans. He is indeed the UFC biggest waist of time and money. You people look up to him like he is iconic but he’s just a joke. He has good skill but he lets stupidity get in the way he is wasting his talent he should just go back to strikeforce better yet he can just fight on the streets where he belongs

  19. stevo the great says:


  20. paul says:

    Those piece of shit from the athletic commission are all about money. And im sure they work with the UFC when it comes to judges decision.. Somehow the decisions always go in favor of the UFC …

  21. Jujitsu says:

    Its illegal to smoke weed in the hours before during or after a fight (during?) but nick had no active thc in his system cos he stopped smoking it 7 days before. Let him fight for gods sake.

  22. Oscar says:

    I honestly don’t like Nick Diaz but this here is some bull shit….they need to let him go in there and fight already. Besides…it’s just WEED. It’s not like he’s taking other shit. These people are cunts.

  23. Irie nation says:

    Man fuck kizer and the nsac….I’m bout to smoke a blunt! Who got enz?? Modesto 209 representin! Stay chiefed!! Diaz lets burn one!!!

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