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Monday, 11/05/2012, 07:37 am

Keith Kizer Discusses Nick Diaz And His Failed Attempt To Cover Up Marijuana Use | UFC NEWS

“(That story) came from (Nick Diaz) drinking a lot of water afterwards,” said Kizer.

“Those water bottles were 8-ounce bottles, so 24 bottles is about a gallon-and-a-half if my math is right. I saw what he drank. And we know why. And you can play games about it if you want, but we know why.”

Kizer also said he was open to communication with Diaz and his camp, and was waiting for a phone call.

“(Cesar Gracie) called me during the case and said, ‘Look, I want to sit with you. Nick and I want to sit down with you.’ I said, ‘Look, Cesar, you gotta call Ross Goodman. He’s the attorney. You gotta go through him.’ We’re happy to do that, we’ve offered it several times to Ross. (Cesar) said ‘I will call Ross right away.’

“We never heard back from him after that. I don’t know what the conversation was between him and Ross, but we’ve always a good relationship. I expect to have a good one with Cesar in the future.


24 Responses to “Keith Kizer Discusses Nick Diaz And His Failed Attempt To Cover Up Marijuana Use | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    Maybe he drank all that water cuz after the weigh ins his body was dehydrated and a gallon of water isnt that much when ur dehydrated so Keizer seems to be puttin too much on the “drinking too much water” angle.

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      I don’t see anyone referring it to the weigh-ins. I thought he was talking about drinking the water after the fight. There’s no reason to drink that much after the fight.

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Kizer is a crook IMO. I still can’t believe Kizer hired Sonnen as a consultant to help them police TRT. I mean how they could even consider collaberating with the biggest TRT (ROID) cheat in UFC history is beyond my comprehension. Thats no different than Feds asking Sammy “the Bull” Gravano to help them rewrite the RICO laws

    • Know your shit. says:

      Hahah sonnen the biggest trt user? You sir, are a morone. Have you not seen overeem! And sonnen has to uses trt or he would be fucked health wise, not to be bigger then everyone he uses it for earth reasons, that’s why the if allows everyone on the payroll to use trt, just a certain amount!

  3. learntoread says:

    The NSAC are a bunch of smug clowns.

  4. Thom says:

    Keith kizer is a douchebag

  5. get rid of kizer says:

    So, by Kizer’s logic, ALL of the fighters that drink all of those fluids after weigh-ins is trying to hide something? Now I understand why so many camps have a problem with NSAC. Even DW has talked bad about Kizer(although he does that about everyone it seems). Kizer does seem like a bit of a dick. And about them hiring Sonnen to “co-write” the rules on TRT use and abuse; isn’t Chael a felon after that real estate fraud case? You think having a medical DOCTOR would be a better idea?? Geez

  6. MooreUSMC says:

    Sonnen wasn’t hired to help police TRT, nor is Keizer being a dick bout the water thing. Anyone who smokes pot (me included) knows large quantities of water will prevent a positive test. It’s pretty obvious what Daiz was trying to do. With that being said, pot should never be tested for in athletics. It’s an overreach of the war on drugs. No one in their right mind would EVER say no way I’m fighting him he is a pot head. If you guys want to be pissed about something go after the testing processes that are slack on PEDs, and hard on herb.

    • Me says:

      The diets and routines fighters have to cut weight also helps the urine sample to test clean. Noone can say he wouldnt drink that amount of water to just rehydrate himself or something similar. Using that as a factor for his decision making opens up the the door for him claiming all that triathlon and running also is because e wants to test clean. Now suddenly everything can be questioned. Its not right when they dont reason the same with other PEDs or drugs, its not right that he should be put under a microscope when other fighters still have their habits unquestioned.

    • 2lowtoe says:

      so is this the guy!!! ..the guy!!! that found the eletolite that made it were we cant c daiz fight i say someone give him thee stockton bitch slap

    • Yup says:

      Nailed it. Well said. Iffy to say if he’s drinking to mask pot or hydrate after making weight, but either way it’s ridiculous to even suggest it’s any kind of performance enhancer. Like, ridiculous.

  7. Xaninho says:

    It’s obvious this is personal. NSAC is coming down hard on a guy who smokes weed and kisses the asses of roiders.

    • BenWatching says:

      This dude is a douchebag. Who cares? Really. I dont care if weed is illegal…It shouldn’t be. Just ridiculous…how could weed give him an unfair advantage? Wealthy pricks always wanting to limit our freedoms.

  8. Dana is Greedy says:

    Really sad when this guy is more focused on being right then using common sense Pot is not performance enhancing..Thats it why be a d”k about it NSAC hates being contested..They expect all the athletes to just bow down and not say shit except Im sorry.A bunch of BS…

  9. Timcook84 says:

    I agree with thx not being a performance enhancer and I dont think he should have been suspended for a year over a little smoke. Some ppl could say weed makes you more relaxed and able to indoor more pain there for enhancing your ability to take more punishment but the side effects of weed are slower reaction time, slower reflexes and tiredness. So if someone is using while in the ring then they need an extra bonus when they win for giving a handicap to the opponent.

  10. 2lowtoe says:

    u can play games…….people like this r the real killers of the sport something aint right about this guy someone paying him off 2 b dirty

  11. joe rockerfella says:

    Diaz camp disclosed the useage. N provided his medical card. What they tested wasa metabolite that shows he is a user. They did not use the standard piss test which shows thc in his system as current usage. Diaz stopped 2weeks out coupled with his training would jave him pass any emplyment test. Douce kiezer chose a test which would show if its been in your system up to a year. They even refuse to hear from diaz medical docs who wanted to show the difference in the testing. Remember this is the same guy who tried to cover up a fighter who was caught cheating in a fight with Vaseline and did not disclose it to his opponit during the fight like they should have.

  12. theTruth says:

    I think his statements wrap up what kind of mind we are working with here. How dumb can you be to throw out shit like that and be respected by anyone with half a clue?

  13. Laughable says:

    Break the rules and the NSAC will pay extra attention to your fluid overload. Whether or not fighting a pothead is a big deal ( It’s not ) the rules are the rules. Nick is a fighter, he should just stop smoking weed or do something where you don’t get drug tested. Plain and simple.

    • MooreUSMC says:

      The rules are wrong. A drug that provides no advantage to the fighter shouldnt be tested for its simple overreach. And I hate Diaz. I want to see Diaz get beat, not fucked.

  14. Kizer sucks. That is all.

  15. jay says:

    its just happy hes on camera

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