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Saturday, 06/16/2012, 03:45 am

Kampmann Ready For Condit If GSP Unhealthy | UFC NEWS

By Jamie McAllister
Martin Kampmann in an interview with MMAweekly Radio.

Kampmann recently defeated Jake Ellenberger finishing him in the second round in an action packed fight. Following the win Kampmann was slated to receive a title shot against Interim Champion Carlos Condit. However now it seems Kampmann will be facing Johny Hendricks in a bout to determine who will get the chance to fight for the Welterweight title.

After a busy start to the year facing Thiago Alves in March & Ellenberger in June Kampmann comments on taking some time off and healing up.

“I’m looking forward just to taking some time off and come home and see the family, and heal up. Then when I come back, I’ll be 100-percent and back in hard training mode,”

Kampmann defeated Condit in April of 2009 via split decision, recently Condit has been vocal about a rematch if St Pierre has not returned by November.

“Sounds great to me, I’m down, I want to fight Carlos. I want to get that title,”

“Carlos, he wants that rematch; he’s told me so himself. Of course now that he’s got the belt, I’d be more than happy to give it to him. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to step in.”

However it seems like St Pierre will now make his return by November and the unification bout with Condit will go ahead.

“I can’t do much besides waiting and heal up,” said Kampmann. “If it’s a title fight, I’ll take that on any day. I can’t do much, I can’t change stuff how everything’s going to go in the UFC. The UFC makes all the decisions in the end.”


12 Responses to “Kampmann Ready For Condit If GSP Unhealthy | UFC NEWS”

  1. John M says:

    Fucking WAR Kampmann!

  2. Irie nation says:

    Condit is ready to run again…heard he’s been training marathons

  3. B-rad says:

    theres no running from kampmann. Hes more technical and a more dangerous striker. i honestly dont think condit wants to rematch him, because he KNOWS hes not the true #1 contender and wants his chance to have GSP wipe the floor with him

    • Kraig says:

      True, false, and true. Kampmann won’t be able to get GSP to the ground and GSP will force a standing affair, which like always will end in a unanimous decision… Hendricks could KO him, but chances aren’t likely. I don’t care much for GSP he’s a boring fighter to watch imo, but he is talented. I also agree with B-Rad in Condit not being the true #1 contender. One talent I really like since he’s entered the UFC is Erick Silva. I think he has tremendous potential, and I’m surprised he isn’t even ranked in the top 10 welterweights? I know he hasn’t been matched against a real formidable opponent, but judging by his 3 preformances in the UFC I think he’d be able to handle someone in the top 5-10 range. His loss by DQ was not legitimate either, as Joe Rogan pointed out for us. If anything it should have been ruled as a no-contest rather than a loss… Sounding like his next match will be against Diego Sanchez. Keep an eye on this guy.

  4. Nick says:

    I don’t think anyone of these guys can beat GSP to be 100% honest.

  5. WrestlingRules says:

    Simple…Kampmann keeps fight on feet mostly, he beats GSP easily, If GSP keeps fight on the ground most;y, GSP wins easily…Simple

  6. stephen riddle says:

    I wish diaz didnt hit those trees cause he would be wearing that ww interim strap!%!!

  7. chris says:

    Unfortunately Condit will fake an injury or something so he doesn’t have to fight anybody but GSP. I would love to see St.Pierre lose but it ain’t happening right now. Imo Diaz and Ellenberger possibly in a few fights have the best chance.

  8. Weird1 says:

    If gsp aint ready id set up hendricks vs condit

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