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Monday, 09/10/2012, 11:01 am

Kampmann Lobbies For Title Shot: GSP Should Thank Me For Taking Out The Top Guys | UFC NEWS

“I’m doing GSP a favor because I’m beating all the tough guys in the division. He should be sending me thank-you letters… For sure I believe a win over Hendricks gets me the title shot. I feel I should have been given the shot a long time ago. I have fought some of the best welterweights in the world and every single fight I get is against one of the top contenders. GSP is coming back and is going to fight Condit in November. They are going to connect the two belts but obviously GSP has the real belt. He has the one that counts. Obviously I want to fight for the belt, but I’d rather fight for the real one. That is the one I want… I don’t know why GSP is so anxious to get knocked out by Anderson Silva. If he wants to get knocked out, he can just take a fight with me.”

While talking to The Bleacher Report, top UFC welterweight, Martin Kampmann stated his case for a shot at the UFC’s welterweight title.

Is he on the money with his proclamations?


22 Responses to “Kampmann Lobbies For Title Shot: GSP Should Thank Me For Taking Out The Top Guys | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Outlaw says:

    Kampman has a weak ass chin. The fuck is he talking about??

  2. Devon says:

    I like this side of the Hitman. With this kind of confidence i like his chances against both Hendricks and GSP! If i have learnt anything at all its that you can never count Martin out because he will come back to finish!

  3. drew says:


    • pimp stronghand says:

      Takin bombs from Ellenberger? The fuck are you on? He took ONE bomb from Jake and flopped to the canvas like a damn marionette. Kampmann lucked out against Ellenberger, that shit could have been stopped as a KO.

      • Unanimous221 says:

        U dont understand do you? he has a good chin coz he can take a big shot but still conscious. He doesn’t sleep like you would do.

        • pimp stronghand says:

          An internet tough guy lol. My favorite kind of dumbass!

        • MMFT says:

          To be fair, ellenburger probably would knock you out. He’s just being realistic, not an internet tough Guy

        • pimp stronghand says:

          I fail to see your point.

          I was making a case for two things: 1) Kampmann’s chin isn’t all the impressive. He recovers incredibly well but, the durability isn’t necessarily there as he gets dropped fairly often and 2) It was more of a praise to Ellenberger’s power than a knock so your comment is irrelevant.

          I also never claimed to be a pro fighter or some kind of “badass” but it annoys me people feel like they need to come on here to defend these guys. You wanna be a pro fighter and get a little spot light? Then be prepared to be critiqued. Even if it’s by people who aren’t your peers. So I’m sorry if I offended Mr.Kampmann and he needed you to come on here and tell me off lol.

          One more thing: to be fair as well, Jake would probably knock you out as well. As he would a good majority of human beings on the planet.

  4. Danny says:

    Kampmann is amazing and gotten some bad decisions… the only reason why he’s gotten knocked out a few times is because he ACTUALLY FIGHTS unlike 90% of the UFC fighters today who just either run away or play it safe !!!

  5. HITMAN says:

    Kampmann is the MANN!!!

    He is speaking the TRUTH!

    He has taken out Thiago who KO’D Josh Kos, Ellenberger who KO’d Shields n others and Put the PitBull down as well

    WTF DANA, if he BEATS HENDRICKS he DESERVES a SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. slacker says:

    Well, if he beats Hendricks, then I will agree somewhat with these comments by him. Basically, assuming GSP beats Condit, which is far from guaranteed, he’s just campaigning for his title shot. But as long as GSP has the guts and there is nothing else in the way, it’s looking like this super fight will happen.

  7. 223 says:

    Totally agree with Kampmann!!!

  8. Technical_KO? says:

    So getting a TKO win over one guy in the UFC suddenly makes him Mike Tyson? Or could he be talking about his only other TKO, win, in the UFC over some unknown and forgotten dude. Hmmm, it sounds like he should stop his bitching and try to get his first true KO in the UFC, which is unlikely anytime soon. Hendricks will mistaken him for a spicy fish sandwich, take him down, and knock him out cold on the ground with king kong punches.

  9. Bjj BB says:

    This foo got lucky and is talking like he went in there and beat the shit out of the top guys, i like this guy but he needs to be quicker with his defence and head movements and be a lil more aggressive when punching and kicking, the bad spots he was in, gsp, nick diaz, carlos, bj penn, and pizza back from tri star would of finnished him, lets be honest, you got lucky!

  10. Shadleigh says:

    Kampmann does have a good chin. To be able to come back and KO Ellenburger is saying something. It says he can take a punch for all u dumbasses! Like to see any of u take a shot from Ellenburger like Kampmann did. So STFU!!!!

  11. CMUSMC says:

    Kampmann is great but he has lost his mind with his GSP comments. The shields loss was far from robbery and GSP would dominate him on the ground. GSP is the greatest fighter technically speaking in the entire world. He has lost less rounds than any other dominant champ if you don’t include fighting with 1 eye against shields.

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