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Friday, 04/13/2012, 09:21 am

Kampmann Dreaming Of UFC In Denmark

By Jamie McAllister:
UFC on FUEL TV 2 is nearly upon us and will be the first show held in Sweden and at the current rate MMA is spreading an growing across the globe Dane Martin Kampmann a native of Aarhus, Denmark living and training in Las Vegas would love to have the UFC in his home country.

“I’d love to fight in Denmark eventually,”

“UFC is not that big in Denmark, but there’s still a hardcore group of fans. When I started training MMA when I was back in Denmark, I used to go to Sweden a lot. I don’t like to say it because Denmark and Sweden are kind of competitors, but they were a little bit ahead of us.”

Kampmann already has his next bout in front of him after an incredible comeback victory against Thiago Alves and now is set to face the impressive Jake Ellenberger on the finale of The Ultimate Fighter Live which is expected to be a title eliminator and five round fight.

“I don’t worry about that,”

“I just go in there and fight. That’s my job. Of course I’d love to fight for a title shot. But that’s not up to me. I focus on going in there and performing, kicking people’s [expletives], and the rest is up to the UFC.”

Kampmann is currently on a two fight win streak beating Rick Story & Thiago Alves but could have arguably been on a four fight win streak after he dropped a split decision to Jake Shields as well as losing a controversial unanimous decision to Diego Sanchez after rearranging his face.

“I think I beat (Sanchez) up more than Ellenberger did if you look at his face,” Kampmann said. “I think I gave him stitches for the rest of the year.”

Making reference to his next opponent Kampmann has respect for the power of Jake Ellenberger but is by no means worried by it and sees some holes in his game he could take advantage of and also makes reference to his own development as a fighter over the past year.

“He might not be super slick,” he said. “But he’s got really heavy hands and knockout power . That’s definitely his best asset, and that’s what I got to watch out for.”

“When you swing crazy like that, you leave a lot of holes too,” he said. “That’s holes for me to pick on and punch him. I don’t know if he’s going to try to take me down. I feel like I can stuff his takedowns. Maybe I’ll take him down. We’ll see. I feel confident in striking with him or on the ground.”

“I’m a better fighter now,” he said. “I could whip my (butt) if I fought myself a year ago. I’m getting better all the time. My main focus is putting it all together in the octagon and fighting up to my full potential.”


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  1. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Should happen IMO, It’s fair. we’ve had it in loads of places and we need to get it to others as well so the world can feel the intensity that I felt at UFC 120 and 138 hehe .[-

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