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Wednesday, 11/14/2012, 10:19 am

Kampann Doesn’t Think GSP vs. Silva Is The Fight To Make | UFC NEWS

“I think [St-Pierre] is going to get knocked out. That’s my honest answer. Everything aside, I’d much rather see Anderson Silva fight Jon Jones. [Silva] is calling out the smaller guy. I’d like to see him fight Jon Jones. I think that’s a much more interesting fight, and that’s not just from my personal perspective. It’s also from a fan’s perspective.”

(via ESPN)


13 Responses to “Kampann Doesn’t Think GSP vs. Silva Is The Fight To Make | UFC NEWS”

  1. Steven Hartley says:

    I agree with Kampmann, I’ve brought up the exact same points before…

  2. Clay says:

    Kampman is one of my fav fighters. His oppinion is pretty accurate, but I believe it’s becUse GSP has been out for so long. Also I believe the fight with condit will go the distance. It will be a technical point battle.

  3. Bjj BB says:

    so let me get this str8? GSP is smaller then silva? lmmfao!! GSP comes into his so called 170 pound fights at preety much 190 pounds, GSP is always the better,bigger,stronger wrestler at 170 and thats how he wins so why not move up to fight silva? Any great fighter would love to fight the best and challenge them selves even if they lose cause they know in losing there is a lesson to be learned and they can grow from that lesson. Now i understand why ppl want to see silva and JBJ but the truth is silva vs gsp was being talked about b4 JBJ was what he is now, so thats why this fight needs to happen now, cause at that time it was bj penn (king of the light weights) gsp (king of welter weight) and silva (king of middle weight) bj penn moved up to fight gsp again but lost, now its time for gsp and silva to see who is the best of that era, JBJ is the new era and would make more sense if JBJ fought JDS cause as of right now in this era there the best and there only getting started!

    • keyboardkungfu says:

      Actually, yes, GSP is much smaller then Silva… GSP walks around at about 195lbs, and Silva walks around at around 225 (that’s a 30lbs difference). I’ve met both guys and Silva is significantly bigger.

      • Brad says:

        Wrong… Silva in between fights when he’s out of shape is 220 tops he’s said it himself. Secondly he’s a fat 220 nowhere near as lean of a fight as GSP is at 194 pounds which is his wlak around weight. Have you ever seen Silva between fights? He has quite the gut so all this “silva is so much bigger than GSP” shit needs to stop cause none of you are looking at the bigger picture

  4. Piccolo says:

    No GSP will not get knocked out, geez fighters are the worst at predicting fights for real.

    Just because all of you forgot about how good GSP really is doesnt make him bad. Condit wont knock out GSP, no way, ill stop writing here if he does for real! Condit will lose, just remember that on sunday morning.

    And all of you saying that GSP is smaller, so fckin what?? Anderson is smaller than jones, and jones is smaller than JDS. Let AS get GSP ( like planned for many years now, remember?! ) , and let Jones get JDS, same size difference as with GSP and AS. Problem solved plus those fights are seat fillers anywhere u go.

  5. SuckerPunch says:

    I think this guy wants GSP out of the picture so that he can get a title shot against Condit, or Condor as GSP calls him. Since GSP would only need one knee to beat this guy, he would be irrelevant if Condor loses, the last time that happend was to .. hmmm .. this guy? Oh, there’s also the that Hendricks guy, who could easily knock out this guy, Paul Daley, come on. Selfish funny looking haircut dude will be the one who gets knocked out, just like he did against the sucker puch specialist Daley. Big ass ref couldn’t hold Daley back after he sucker punched Dana buddy Koscheck.

  6. Todd says:

    I totally agree! I used to really want to see Silva Vs GSP and I’m a big GSP fan. But being the naturally smaller guy, I suspect he’ll lose. I still want to see it, but if I had a choice I would MUCH rather see Silva Vs. Jones. Hopefully that will be next.

  7. Johnathan Vien says:

    So what if GSP is smaller. all he has to do is get into Silva’s personal space and its all over. Silva is too much of a cautioner than anything else. Silva might have a big reach advantage but i have seen smaller fighters take out way bigger opponents just by getting up close and personal. My vote is on GSP.

  8. Alberto says:

    I think GSP can win, shit Sonnan took him down at will shit GSP could do the same thing and his ground and pound is way better than Sonnan’s so I beileve he could beat him on the ground all day.

  9. Shawn says:

    I totally agree with Kampman. I’m a GSP fan, and I say he’d get his ass handed to him. Silva would be to big and too fast for GSP. That would go for any welterweight wanting to move up and fight Silva as well. However, the older Silva gets, the better chance others will have. Albeit, only a slight chance better.

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