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Wednesday, 03/21/2012, 08:13 am

Justin Bieber's MMA Inspired Shoot Was Caught On Tape And Here Is The Video

Yesterday we broke news about Justin Bieber’s MMA inpsired photo shoot and today we have the video.

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22 Responses to “Justin Bieber's MMA Inspired Shoot Was Caught On Tape And Here Is The Video”

  1. wtf? says:

    who gives a rats ass about this clown

  2. dynomania says:

    not me. Get this stuff off the board and put in the weekly article of random MMA stuff.

  3. LCM says:

    No one cares about this shit Pedro

  4. Ollie says:

    WHAT THE FUCK……. MY EYES!! ;_;

  5. david says:

    LOL the part at the end with him punching the camera is weaksauce ahahaha

  6. Vatos locos says:

    Justins a pinche puto I would cut u up essaory u pinche myette tres.putos

  7. Gomi says:

    Slow news day?

  8. trev says:

    That was the gayest thing I have ever watched (no offense to any homos out there, ur way kooler than this clown lol)

  9. Michael says:

    will someone please take this fag out! maybe if the ufc signs him up in a fight with rampage then maybe he will stop crying about getting shitty fights. or maybe they will both break down in the octagon hold each other and start crying.

  10. reggie ramey says:

    id love to see him really punched in the face

  11. jon anti-christ jones says:

    Man this guy is legit. Why so many haters? Bieber is MMA. MMA is Bieber
    All you armchair MMA guys have no idea how dangerous Biebers ground game and striking is. JDS would totally get knocked out

  12. bobby says:

    i dont get why you people hate him so much. Hes a nice kid doing his thing… which is more then most of you will ever do with your life

  13. selena gomez says:

    Where the fuck was the 2nd rock knockout!?? all i saw was a armbar… were done..

  14. dub says:

    Why is their an article about Justin Bieber on this website?

  15. Dan says:

    Who gives a rats ass if this guy is a douche or not? He is an mma fan. Plenty of meathead douches are fans of mma. At least he doesn’t have the meathead part. I mean, I’m willing to bet the photographer had more control over the shoot and set than he did. I hate bieber fever just as much as the next typical, straight male, but he does bring exposure to mma when he goes to ufc events and talks about it with media. Imagine if the UFC could snag the 14 year old little tween girls demographic on top of males 18-34 demographic just because maybe they planned a 5 min interview with Bieber and Rogan or some UFC champ… like Anderson? You’re talking freaking Twilight world premiere/World Series level publicity and attention for that UFC.

  16. dub says:

    Well you know what I always say, tuff actin tinactin

  17. Ruben says:

    Hey pedro or whoever is doing these articles, stop with the “so and so happened, AND HERE IS THE VIDEO!” that shits lame. But not as lame as this beieber crap, knock it off already, first you leech onto the ronda rousey shit for a month straight now you move on to this little queer?

    • K2 says:

      But Rousey is an actual Mixed Martial Artist. And in promoting a fight, or MMA, or trying to build a sport like WMMA then you do need a good bit of publicity. But you are right about the queer little Bieber part. If I put on pads and kick someone in the nuts it shouldn’t get posted on (unless it’s Bieber I’m kicking) just cause, “oh looks! Pads and kicking.” We’re not 13yr old little girls. Well, some of you are.

      And Pedro, are you gonna post pix of Bieber getting Donkey Punched?

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