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Thursday, 01/31/2013, 02:13 pm

Just Scrap Returns To Maui March 15, Tickets Now On Sale | MMA NEWS

Next month the “Just Scrap” fight promotion is making its highly anticipated return to the War Memorial Center with “Just Scrap Maui IV” on March 15th.

The promotion last touched down in Maui with “Just Scrap Maui III” which featured a main event between local fan favorite, Kendall Grove and Chris Cisneros on November 9.

In the bout, Grove was able to secure a second round TKO victory over Cisneros to earn a much-needed win in front of his hometown crowd.

“It’s time we returned to Maui”, said Just Scrap President JD Penn. “We plan on continuing to bring high level MMA action to the fans and the fights we have in the works for this card will deliver again.”

Tickets are on pre-sale now and range from $25.00 for general admission to $35.00 for cageside. Seating is on a first come first serve basis and can be picked up HERE at BJPENN.COM/TICKETS for an additional $1.00 convenience fee. Tickets at the gate will be an additional $10.00.

While still in the works the developing “Just Scrap Maui IV” card looks as follows.

Rumored fighters:
Adam Akau vs TBA
Jordan Kekino vs Paul Norman
Title Fight
Riquo Abadilla vs Gerald Castaneto
Kala Koa vs Kimo Luis
Sean Rush vs TBA
Rambo vs TBA


0 Responses to “Just Scrap Returns To Maui March 15, Tickets Now On Sale | MMA NEWS”

  1. vikingmma says:

    Maui fighters dominate the islands…. grove and akau got wins over Big island & much much more! LoL Big Island has no talent anymore since bj, everyone on this card is rebounding from losses, shitty card

  2. daspyder says:

    Sean rush sux, norman sux, japanese rambo sux= corner mamo st. 1$ kind

  3. keala says:

    Promoters all over hawaii are in it for the money, Unorthodox is fire! LoL daspyder my a#@

  4. tyronethegrown says:

    Just scrap needs better officating and judges…. embarrasing to the islands!

  5. David T says:

    Brad tavares b%#%, next champ! MAUI aint shitt

  6. benny says:

    HIGHLY ANTICIPATED DECLINE of JUST SCRAPS more like it! Dirty like bj’s declining hair-line

  7. ben santiago says:

    JUST SCRAP needs to be real…. strait up, Favoritism in dat gym!

  8. doc says:

    These events are garbage. Half ass fighters that get beat down anywhere else but in Hawaii, where they can fight other losers. This whole state is hurting for talent. Thank god we have Max Holloway to go out there and do it right. We got lazy beach bum fighters who train 3 days a week then act like cage fighters. Some of these guys have some real talent, but zero initiative. At least the production is still somewhat alive, hopefully at least a few guys who really want to be more than sandy drunks can go for their dream instead of laying stagnant in this toilet of a fight scene.

    • jason Temana says:

      Bj sucks and beat bums in his prime, max is the real deal….. just scrap needs better matchups and the judges are their boys making the juiced decisions, nobody respect this site look who owns it…! YOUR THE SANDY DRUNK, you warrior webber! Bj penn lost all the respect from Hawaiians, claiming everything for himself…… im one pure breed hawaiian & still wont see a change!

      • doc says:

        Penn beat the best in his prime, moron. From that first sentence you have shown how dumb you are. No shit Holloway is doing well, that is what I said.

        And boohoo, everytime somebody gets offended they start calling people warrior webbers or keyboard warriors. Get over it, you are a pure breed loser and will die a loser who has accomplished NOTHING.

        • jason Temana says:

          The prodigy in his prime did beat sherk, stevenson, florian, & sanchez but look at their careers, werent even champs! Oh yea he beat hughes whos like a liddell getting kod every other weekend! Penn likes getting beat up by the best in welter wt, cant even compete ay lightweight- too lazy & slow period! I accomplished shutting you down so yeah your right im a LOSER!

        • Maui mma says:

          DOC got owned…..hahaaa!

        • doc says:

          All you bottom feeders sticking together! Isn’t that sweet? None of you have any facts straight. It is amazing how people like you can scoot along in life without falling off a cliff and killing yourselves: and you still are worthless. Unless you part your bodies out for science. Then you can get a few hundred thousand dollars for them. Consider it…

          Remember, I am better than all of you! Have fun failing at life :)

      • doc says:

        First you say that Penn beat bums in his prime. Then you change your tune when I school you. Then you make another completely retarded comment saying that he beat Matt Hughes but Hughes was like Liddell… Yeah Penn beat Hughes when Hughes was considered the most unstoppable 170 fighter. Penn went up from lw and made it look easy.

        Listen, kid. The only person you are shutting down is yourself. Because everything you say is ignorant, and not only that. But when confronted with argument you fold. You give in like the weak tin can that you are. You cannot even stand by your convictions. Weak. And you cannot back up your arguments with any sense. Stupid.

        I don’t even hire chumps like you to clean my floors or take the trash out. You are a pathetic person.

        I own you. I am BETTER than you. And nothing you can say or do will change that.

        Call me a keyboard warrior or something. That will show me! Or just don’t go around talking shit to people when you don’t like something they say, or when you cannot handle the truth.

        When you go to bed at night just remember that you will forever be, WORTHLESS.

  9. kevin says:

    Just scrap sux….. that is it!

  10. penn mma says:

    Ufc gym in honolulu is the best, come train & not do the same! Just scrap wont get you anywhere, card is rigged!

  11. ikaika deponte says:

    Just scrapps….. we all know how da penns are chill out everyone! Kotc, destiny, unorthodox, triple threat, X1 best in HI!

  12. burk lee says:

    I can beat bj in a rematch now days, set em up!

  13. john noheau says:

    Maui loves mma, been living here for 23 years & just scrap is no good to our community! Im not paying 20 plus for an event that has its own just scrap judges! The penns dont have the real mana!

  14. jericho silva says:

    Retire the just scrap like bj! No more favortism! Our community wont tolerate being in the penns monopoly!

  15. hilovikingbanga says:

    Paul norman needs drug rehab before stepping into a fight, i know irie kalima very well & she knows best!

  16. FBI says:


  17. Slim Charles says:

    I’m not from Hawaii but it seems like a lot of Hawaiians aren’t as proud or accepting of BJ Penn as I’d think you guys would be. Anyway from the islands care to elaborate on this whole island politics thing between the people and Penn? Pretty interesting sociological stuff happening here…

    • doc says:

      People are mad at Penn for being successful and not giving all his money away to the broke losers who don’t want to do ANYTHING for themselves. Those are the majority of people who hate him that are from Hawaii.

      The rest of them hate the garbage promotion that is “Just Scrap”. Unfair judging is what it is mainly. Cherry picking match-ups and such in favor of team Penn and Penn’s associates.

      I cannot blame them for that. But to be mad at a man who puts his own life on the line, gets beat up, and still gives back to his community which he loves because he is successful is pathetic.

      A lot of people in Hawaii feel like everything is owed to them. And that carries over into every aspect of life, relationship and everyday living. It is pathetic.

      Hawaiians who are hard workers and ones who do end up being successful in life (to their own standards and not the worlds standards) are hated on by their own kind.

      That is where the majority of the hate comes from, and it does not help that Just Scrap is a bullshit event. They need better venues for these fighters. How many more Max Holloways can we find through proper events? There could be more decent fighters to get to the big show and succeed. Let these men have a chance to do well; if they so choose do go after it.

      • Slim Charles says:

        damn… hawaiian culture and society seems very interesting…

        • doc says:

          It comes down to the fact that Hawaii was “stolen” from Hawaiians. Kids are grown up being told that the white man or any other haole owes them something.

          But most of these Hawaiians are too simple minded to look at the bigger picture. No use in arguing or explaining to them.

          It is not unique to Hawaii though, it is really any smaller race or tribe or group of people that has been taken over by the bigger cultures.

          Black people, Hispanic, Hawaiian, Native American. You get the picture.

          Penn is not 100% Hawaiian and therefore; he owes everybody else who is Hawaiian his wealth.
          Even though they did nothing to earn it.

  18. chantheman says:

    Doc- you are not the prodigy, it seems you know quite alot & frankly are just another yes men! Bj has more exscuses than society combined! hall of famer that could not go out a winner- just like the rest except anderson!

  19. *joseph pavao* says:

    Please retire yourself and the just scraps…….. no body would even notice and you could cry all day everyday to your pleasure! Cry baby jay has a bigger ego than his brain! your way of fighting is WORTHLESS, kamehameha always knew how to kill and fight the best= he was ACTUALLY A HAWAIIAN not a lil MONK!

  20. Benji is dead says:

    BJ Penn knows exactly who this is and when he catches you in Honolulu he’s going to smash you (:

  21. Ainokea says:

    This saddens me to hear all da local people talkin like this. Sure, Just Scrap sucks, but take it out on BJ. He does so much for Hawaii, and when people call him no a real Hawaiian, it just makes my stomach churn. If you were born here, raised here, or have Hawaiian descent in you, you are Hawaiian. *joseph pavao*, Kamehameha united da islands, so we can be what… United. Taking jabs at fellow Hawaiians isn’t helping our culture in any way.

    • doc says:

      I agree. Crapping all over the Aloha Spirit. Penn puts his own money and more importantly his time into developing ways for youth to have outlets. Just Scrap is a garbage event, but which one of these clowns on here are doing ANYTHING other than yapping and complaining?

      It has nothing to do with his fighting record, or anything else. But these People are very dense. It amazes me how they can manage to get through the day.

  22. Ainokea says:

    Don’t Take it out on BJ. Sorry Brah

  23. t vannatta says:

    add van oscar penovoroff to the card….semi main and youll have a quality fight

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