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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 04:27 pm

Just Scrap Radio | Renato Laranja Talks BJ Penn (Video)

The BJPENN.COM Just Scrap Radio Show debuts on April 17 at 1:00PM ET.

First guest on the show will be BJ Penn himself! Don’t miss it.


26 Responses to “Just Scrap Radio | Renato Laranja Talks BJ Penn (Video)”

  1. Mike Diaz says:

    That’s right, most of what I understood anyway! BJ is the champion, always will have the biggest heart, always will have the people behind him, and anyone who steps in the octagon with him is bound for a beat down! TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  2. MircFSC says:

    Hahahahh “His hair may have retired a long time ago…” nice! Yes BJ come back strong!

  3. meow says:

    This guy is just out of control LOL

  4. James says:

    Just scrap hadio

  5. koolG says:

    this guy is great!

  6. Ryan kelly says:

    I would love to c the come back no one can fuck with him when he is on his training game every guy he goes with always looks more bus up than him go bj !!!!

  7. jc says:

    is this the same guy who tried to put in on rousey?

  8. Brend0magic says:

    Fruits and vegetables, team penn!

  9. Munks says:

    Reneto is tthe funniest guy in MMA …..let the mutha effin saga continue lol war PENN

  10. pitride9 says:

    yeeah man…this guy is classic!

  11. TranceAngel says:

    This s*** is f’n hilarious. Love his accent. This guy is just too funny.

  12. danda says:

    so is bj coming back?

  13. Dick Diaz says:

    this guy is weird as all hell.

  14. Lolz says:

    Lmao obviously u guys know a different bj Penn. Biggest heart? He quit against gsp and basically quit against fitch. Can’t be taken down? Must have missed the frankie Edgar fights. Title? Of being lazy and a huge waste of talent? Lol that’s the only title he has. I seem to remember him playing xbox when training for gsp! Lol. Dana white said it best. Bj has more natural ability than almost anyone but doesn’t take training seriously. His cardio almost seems to always be behind. This is why I will never be a fan

    • Derik says:

      And your on this website why? Haha your right he’s a bit lazy but did more than most who devote their lives to the sport. Oh and in that GSP fight, GSP was greasing so yea.

    • Whoa says:

      Okay, you’re a dumbass for a number of reasons here. I’ll just go over a few:

      1.) He didn’t quit against GSP. His corner threw in the towel. He had suffered a mild concussion during the fight and was fighting off of pure heart. He tired out against a much bigger opponent (Fitch), but still managed to take him down at his own game (wrestling) and, IMO, win the fight.

      2.) In the Frankie Edgar fights, he was only taken down a number of times and wasn’t held down on any attempt for more than 30 seconds or deal any amount of damage which renders those takedowns useless. Study some of BJ’s film before you go about insulting his strongest aspect in takedown defense.

      3.) He held a title in two different weight classes (lightweight and welterweight). He took the belt from Matt Hughes when he was the reigning pound-for-pound best champion and defended his lightweight title successfully in numerous occasions. Again, study some film.

      And finally, You’re the last person anybody would want as a fan. Your obvious lack of MMA history is insulting if you’re going to be speaking such nonsense so go hug on Chael Sonnen’s nuts or any one of those other idiotic WWE-type characters who don’t deserve to be called FIGHTERS.

    • jonesy says:

      and that is why i am such a true fan…cuz bj is a true fighter…he has natural fighting ability,,,he trains so little and he was the champ…other people train for years and will nwever be where he is,,,had bj kept training seriously like he did with marv bros he would have beat edger again in the rematch….and then all this shit would not have happen….but what started it was him being robbed for the belt with that bullshit decision

    • wut says:

      Is that why your on BJPENN.COM? Tell you what dipshit take your LOLZ gamer lingo and go jerk off to japanese anime or something kid.Your probably the only one who after all the training and preperation that remembers some damn Xbox somewhere in there.Go pick a fight on some game and stfu please.Sheeze effin 15 years olds are running unchecked in these parts

  15. Jay says:

    Renato Laranja is awesome! LOL @ hetire and hetard. Looking forward to this radio show.

  16. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha he’s funny!

  17. Skipper says:

    If you think BJ Penn is hitchiker then you are hitcharded? lol! I like this guy.

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