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Friday, 06/01/2012, 07:09 am

Just Scrap Radio June 12th Preview: No Touch KO Master George Dillman

George Dillman is a lot of things. Respected black belt, instructor, and trainer to name a few. Dillman has instructed students ranging from Bruce Lee to Muhammad Ali. He has appeared on NBC, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Real People, and at least 30 other television shows throughout his life. He is a martial arts celebrity and according to Official Karate Magazine (Nov. 1982) “one of the winningest competitors karate has ever known.” Dillman was inducted into the Berks County Sports Hall of Fame. He was the first martial artist to be included. In 2003 he was inducted into the Schuylkill County Sports Hall of Fame. Dillman began serious martial arts training in 1961 with Harry G. Smith. He went on to study with Daniel K. Pai, Robert Trias and Seiyu Oyata. Dillman has always considered himself a student, never a master of the martial arts. To this end he and his students have traveled throughout the United States to meet and train with various martial arts experts.

George Dillman appearing on NBC’s The Sports Machine:

Dillman was first exposed to Ryūkyū Kempo during a demonstration Oyata held in Kansas City in 1983, where Oyata introduced his art to the mainstream martial arts community. An article was written for Official Karate magazine that featured Dillman and Oyata on the front cover.

“Perhaps the best known of the seminar participants was Mr George Dillman, 7th dan, Okinawan style, of ryūkyū kempo. Mr Dillman had been told by Mr Oyata when he called, that if he (Mr Dillman) came to the seminar he should be prepared to endure pain.” […] Mr Dillman states “It’s totally fantastic! I’ve been involved in Okinawan karate for over 25 years and I’ve never experienced anything like it. It gives me the answers to a lot of my katas-for a long time I didn’t know the question! I still don’t have all the answers, but at least I am getting it. Now I can see the hidden moves behind kata practice that have been secret for years: they are totally unreal!”

Dillman’s training after this point has been contested by those around Oyata, and there has never been any form of endorsement by Oyata or his organization of Dillman’s teachings, while Dillman maintains that his training with Oyata was substantial and opened new paths to discovery. He also maintains that his practices of tuite-jitsu and kyusho-jitsu are based on an education he received from Oyata.

George Dillman is the author of many books with Chris Thomas including Kyusho-Jitsu:

The Dillman Method of Pressure Point Fighting; Advanced Pressure Point fighting of Ryukyu Kempo; Advanced Pressure Point Grappling: Tuite; Pressure Point Karate Made Easy. He has also produced a DVD instructional series on pressure point technique.

Tuite: Advanced Pressure Point Grappling, by George A. Dillman with Chris Thomas (Copyright 1995 George Dillman Karate International)
Pressure Point Karate Made Easy, by George A. Dillman with Chris Thomas (Copyright 1999 Dillman Karate International, Publishers)

Kyusho-Jitsu: The Dillman Method of Pressure Point Fighting, by George A. Dillman with Chris Thomas (Copyright 1992 George Dillman Karate International)
Humane Pressure Point Self Defense, by George A. Dillman with Chris Thomas (Copyright 2002 Dillman Karate International, Publishers)

Death Touch: The Science Behind the Legend of Dim-Mak, by Michael Kelly, D.O. (Copyright 2001 Michael Kelly, Published by Paladin Press)

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0 Responses to “Just Scrap Radio June 12th Preview: No Touch KO Master George Dillman”

  1. David says:

    Are you serious. OMG this is going to be EPIC

  2. James says:

    Dillman is teh d3adly.

  3. evolvedb4u says:

    I trained at his Chicago location, didn’t believe in hocus pocus, then changed schools. Dillman started his black belt factory formula and pushed it off and offered it to schools to become affiliates…which mine followed suit so I went another path.
    Some pressure points and tuite moves worked, but the straight Kempo techniques always had a better success rate than a 9 move sequence just to avoid a punch. The no hit KO is dumb. The concept would render the military complex worthless if this claim was true.
    His one touch ko stuff worked on all the believers but anyone who barely doubted was “blocking his chi by curling the right toe”.
    He never trained with Ali, he bought a gym from him. Ali’s daughter backed that up as well as the paper work.
    Check out the YouTube video where Stephan Bonnar almost (and supposedly after the cameras were off) beat his ass.
    His instruction is on par to “break the wrist and walk away” from Napoleon Dynamite but with cool pants.

    • Allen Dillman says:

      As George Dillmans youngest son ,i was held by Bruce Lee as a baby ,and watch Ali train at his camp ,watch movies at his camp ,while growing up .O by the way there s pics of that too .Don t know who the uneducated person who wrote that is ,BUT your welcome to come see the camp anytime ,i will give you a personal tour .And by the way it sounds you know nothing about true Martial Arts so you keep learning to block . What we do is Real Martial Arts ,Our organization is getting bigger every yr ,because we can answer the questions that your instructors cant ,and just tell you its tradition .Iv been doing martial arts since around the age 3 and probably forgot more then you and some instructors know .O and have a nice day ,because i was also raised with good manners

  4. I trained with Muhammad Ali for 3 1/2 years, have hundreds of photos to prove it. Yes, hundreds. Go to and look at photos of Ali and Me, out in the woods. Do you think we went camping. His children were babies, I have pictures with them in little diapers. Check out any one of my 7 published books, I put many photos of Ali and myself, doing many things. I was at his house in Cherry Hill, NJ. When his German Shepard dog drowned in his pool and he cried like a baby. Come visit the former training camp–and you will see, all over the walls, ali, Dillman working out. In a top boxing magazine, he gave
    Me credit for teaching him an overhand right that would snap–and it closed Floyd Pattersons eye to stop the fight. Which I and Danny Pai were his body guards. Someone needs to research, before they open their mouth. George A. Dillman, Dillman Karate International.

  5. Andy Mason says:

    I Spent over 20 years in Shotokan before meeting Paul Bowman 9th Dan, And in just one lesson it changed the way I trained, Mr Dillman has also made such an impact in the Uk as around the world with his training method. I for one will promote every which way I can to get positive message across that pressure points are the future, There are a lot of pretenders out there on pressure points, But the fact remains Mr George a Dillman is the ultimate in pressure points. Without Mr Dillman we would still be blocking!! Andy mason 7th dan DKI and Zendoryu Uk!

  6. Andy Mason says:

    Just one more thing, Blocking was the old way, Pressure Points is the future!!! Thank god for Mr Dillman!!

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