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Tuesday, 05/29/2012, 05:54 pm

Just Scrap Radio Episode 7 Archive | Jeffrey Eanhardt, Jacob Volkmann & Jens Pulver

On the latest episode of BJPENN.COM’S “Just Scrap Radio” show We had Jeff Earnhardt, Jacob Volkmann and a special in-depth interview with our very own host, Jens Pulver!

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“Just Scrap Radio” Episode 1: BJ Penn
“Just Scrap Radio” Episode 2: Marloes Coenen, Yves Edwards
“Just Scrap Radio” Episode 3: Ernie Reyes Jr, Joe Schilling, Joey Beltran & Corissa Furr
“Just Scrap Radio” Episode 4: Joey “Karate” Diaz, Eddie Bravo & Devon Sawa
“Just Scrap Radio” Episode 5: Joe Lauzon, King Mo, Phil Baroni & Justin Buchholz
Just Scrap Radio Episode 6: Thomson, Gracie & Belcher


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One Comment to Just Scrap Radio Episode 7 Archive | Jeffrey Eanhardt, Jacob Volkmann & Jens Pulver

  1. Mitchell Cavin says:

    Ok i have been away from TV’s and computers for about 6 months and just found out about this “JUST SCRAP” i was hoping there was still sign ups, from what Iv seen the sign ups are over. i wish to sign up for it, i know i have what it takes to become the best in the world. i have no training I’m a off the couch fighter. i know that i can become the best bantamweight or flyweight UFC fighter in the world. i know you don’t know me or owe me a thing BJ Penn, i don’t fight for money or fame. i just want to show the world the best of me. if there are any opening in the roster i wish to sign up. i will be checking every day for a reply’s. I thank you BJ Penn, for reading this and taking the time to reply.

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