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Friday, 04/20/2012, 11:30 am

Just Scrap Radio | BJ Penn Says MMA is Growing Leaps and Bounds

By Lynn Mitchell:
BJ Penn was the inaugural guest of Just Scrap Radio after attending UFC on Fuel 2 Gustafsson vs Silva – the 1st UFC Sweden.  The interview began with The Prodigy expressing to Pulver and the listeners  the explosive growth of MMA and the UFC.

“It was a great show – it goes to show how much the sport is growing.  It’s growing leaps and bounds.”

BJ describes a signing he did along side Tito Ortiz, Cheick Kongo and Jake Shields in a small fight shop.

“We had 500 people standing in the snow – I mean it was real snow.  It was snowing and everybody was outside.  It’s cold in Sweden and the fans are pumped everyone was pumped the show went well.”

“The Swedes were really behind their fighters – Gustafsson & everybody.  They have their little chants going and different things.  MMA is becoming very big news  – very fast.  It has definitely come along way.”

BJ clarifies to Pulver – he is not cornering anyone during his travels.  Over the last couple of years The Prodigy organically grew to be an ambassador of the sport.  He hasn’t stopped trotting the globe since his last fight.  BJ flew out to the Philippines representing the UFC, was in Sweden for UFC  on Fuel 2 during this radio interview, and is currently in Puerto Rico for the UFC 145 viewing party –  to help with the promotion of the UFC in Puerto Rico.

“[I've been] traveling around going to these new markets, tryna help them open it up and get fans and get everybody excited about the sport and I like it – I don’t mind doing it at all.  It’s fun I get to see new places.  It’s cool I get to see the new fans and get to see  how the sport is growing.”

“It’s just crazy.  It’s on another level – we know how big the sport is in the US and we know NBA, NFL and all that stuff and how big everything is in the US but the UFC is really catching on internationally.  There’s no stopping this thing it’s just gonna keep going.”

The Just Scrap Radio Show hosted by Jens Pulver


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