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Monday, 10/21/2013, 10:58 am

Junior Dos Santos Thought 5th Round TKO Loss Came in Round 2

Junior Dos Santos (pictured) suffered a second TKO loss to UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez this past weekend at UFC 166.  According to his corner, following the referee stoppage in the fifth round, Dos Santos believed he had been stopped in the second round.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

 This past Saturday night at UFC 166, Cain Velasquez successfully defended his UFC heavyweight championship against Junior Dos Santos in the two fighters’ third fight against one another.  Velasquez controlled the fight through the first four rounds, and he secured the TKO shortly after three minutes into the final round.

But if you ask Junior Dos Santos, he believed he had been finished in the second round.  According to the Brazilian media outlet Combate, Dos Santos’ corner reported that the challenger was unaware of much of the night’s bout.

“Junior Dos Santos does not remember most of the UFC 166 fight with Cain Velasquez,” Fighters Only reported the story from Combate.  “Afterwards he was under the impression he had been knocked out in the second round.  His corner believe[s] he fought from round two onwards ‘on autopilot.’”

Later, at the hospital, Dos Santos reportedly said that he did not remember doing a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.  Despite these somewhat terrifying revelations, Dos Santos reported that he was feeling better.

I’m feeling good,” JDS said in a message relayed via Combate.  I came to the hospital to have some stitches in the cut I had.  The pain is only in the hear, because I didn’t manage to give a good performance in the Octagon… Now it’s time to go back to the gym and train, dedicate myself to come back stronger than ever and, who knows, some day dispute the championship again and be able to honor the support from everybody who believed in me.”

Dos Santos’ face was battered after the bout, and it was reported that he received stitches over his right eye and left ear.


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  1. squid says:

    i hope JDS gets the title back in their next fight so there can be a 5th one

  2. mean170 says:

    Should have been stopped in the 3rd by the ref, or his corner should have stopped it in between the 3rd and 4th. You think someone in JDS corner would look out for him.

  3. Hendoo says:

    I believe this was exactly like the last fight, he just blanked out mid fight because he was concussioned.. all this big talk but the bottom line is you got belted jds,just like the second fight you were clearly out of your depth. Learn to control the clinch and you might have a chance at beating cain.

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