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Tuesday, 09/13/2011, 06:46 pm

Junior Dos Santos Bringing His "A" Game For Cain Velasquez

“Cain is a tremendous athlete, and a great fighter. I doubt he’s been twiddling his thumbs the whole past year. He strikes me as a guy who probably made his way back to training as soon as he was cleared, and there is no question he will be as ready as me on November 12. He’s a professional fighter with a huge opportunity in front of him, just like me. I have no doubt he will be giving his best, as I will be giving my best.

“I will be fighting the #1 UFC heavyweight title-holder; I assume he will be bringing his A game, and I will be there with my A game to get my belt.”

Junior Dos Santos tells that he expects UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velazquez to be at his best when the two meet this November for the UFC’s debut on Fox. With Velasquez coming off shoulder surgery and a long layoff, it will be interesting to see if the champion will have any cage rust when he defends his title this fall, although Dos Santos doesn’t seem to be banking on that being the case.


18 Responses to “Junior Dos Santos Bringing His "A" Game For Cain Velasquez”

  1. e says:

    guaranz JDS bringing it on fight night. cain goin work um!


  2. Steven says:

    Dos Santos is droppin him

  3. get real says:

    People are going to go nuts when they see this on fox.

  4. Great fight and on FOX.. hell yeah! Closely matched but Cain edges out w his superior wrestling. Cain wins by GnP.

  5. pancho villa says:

    Cain velasquez will dominate any where, standing, wrestling, grappling! CAIN IS THE MAN!!! Viva velasquez!

  6. Johnny says:

    Mexican vs Brazilian , any country that speaks something similar to Spanish dominates fighting.

  7. effyocouch says:

    Huge fan of both, but I’m pullin for cigano on this one.

  8. Creature says:

    Even though hes coming off a layoff and surgery, Cain has more tools and is more well rounded and has freakish cardio, and i think thats going to be the deciding factor. Cain by tko in the 4th

  9. bizzle says:

    Cheee.. Knock out that Latina JDS!!

  10. Xaninho says:

    No doubt Velazquez has superior wrestling,but JDS has excellent take-down defense. So if he can stay off his back for a while he can surely knock Cain out. Cain’s stand-up isn’t nearly as good as JDS’s, some of the fans think Cain can outstrike JDS, but no way in hell that will happen..

    • MolotovPlanCocktail says:

      ya Dos Santos can box, but id think id rather take a punch from him then Cain, Dos Santos = box, Cain = destroy

    • MZ says:

      Woah Pal, hold your horses there. People don’t give him enough credit. U obviously have not seen Cain fight. Do u understand how well he mixes up his punches and kicks. Not to mention that 1 shot K.O power. Just cause we don’t see it as often as JDS doesn’t mean he’s the lesser striker. Cain’s boxing is just as crisp and his kickboxing’s even better. I’m not saying his standup’s that much better but it’s definitely a notch up due to his combinations. Junior’s a head hunting boxer, Cain’ll break you down in all aspects of the game. Have fun raping my post. Go watch some fights before you even lay a finger on that keyboard.

  11. Breezy says:

    To say cains hands are nowhere near dos santos’ is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong dos Santos is the more technical striker, but Cain’s movement and angles are nothing to overlook. But also JDS does have good jiu jitsu, we just never see it cuz he’s always striking! Should be a great fight! WWAR CAIN!!

  12. Beau says:

    JDS will take the belt from cain, then Ubereem will take it from him after he destroys brock!

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