Friday, 01/18/2013, 09:31 am

Julie Kedzie Exclusive Interrupted by Renato Laranja!

Julie Kedzie gets interviewed by and just when the interview gets in to a rhythm Renato Laranja takes over and it gets well, interesting.


5 Responses to “Julie Kedzie Exclusive Interrupted by Renato Laranja!”

  1. r4j4_83 says:

    who the fock is this renato guy?? Forgive me but I ain’t got a clue who he is

  2. Noway! says:

    Same here! I’ve never heard of him till started posting videos with him in it. He seems like one of those guys who probably once was on his way to being well know but was never good enough and failed and is now clinging for dear life in hopes to get noticed, but are the only ones participating in helping him out with his mid life career crisis issues.

  3. bunkylomax says:

    it’s a paradoy!!!Noobs! Go to 10th and learn something

  4. The natural says:

    The guys a clown a disgrace a wannabe really he’s an actor. Not shitting u. He’s a Brwn belt at tenth planet jujitsu. But everyone at that gyms a joke. It’s a Hollywood gym were actors go to get famous and learn some bs water downed jujitsu. By a guy who one A grappling match all juiced up back in the day. I can’t stand him nor how he claims to b some wrld champion wen there’s real people out here that train our asses of for what this guy goes around claiming like a pos. really google actors from the 80s and see what comes up

    • Doug Anderson says:

      Really? Clearly your grasp of the English language is a good demonstration of your intelligence level. The guy is a parody, he’s making fun of all the MMA brotards that act like that.

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