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Friday, 05/11/2012, 07:23 am

Josh Thomson Suffers Knee Injury | Fight With Gilbert Melendez in Jeopardy

By Evan Stoumbelis
According to reports former Strikeforce Lightweight champion Josh Thomson has suffered a torn PCL, (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) which is one of 4 major ligaments in the knee. With the recent news of his injury, his upcoming title fight with Gilbert Melendez is now in question.

Below are tweets posted by Guerilla journalist Front Row Brian, courtesy of

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
—Breaking— Josh Thomson has suffered a knee injury and his fight with Gilbert Melendez on 5/19 is in jeopardy @Strikeforce

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
BREAKING •••Update••• Josh Thomson has suffered a Torn PCL.

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
I don’t think Pat Healy would agree to a 5 round title fight on 5.19. More likely in Portland July 14.

Brian ‏ @FrontRowBrian
@therealpunk, the warrior he is, still wants to fight Gil. Highly unlikely with a Torn PCL

As much as I would love to see Melendez vs Thomson, the chances of this bout happening are slim to none. Given that the full recovery time from a PCL tear (after surgical treatment) is 6-12 months and the bout is scheduled for May 19th, regarless of how bad Thomson wants to fight, I can’t see it happening. One solid leg kick and Thomson would crumple to the mat, and nobody wants to see that happen.


24 Responses to “Josh Thomson Suffers Knee Injury | Fight With Gilbert Melendez in Jeopardy”

  1. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    for fuck sake JT. your legs are week as piss

    people need to tell these fighters to do more work on their hamstrings to help support their knees better.

  2. turkeyneck is an idiot says:

    Stupid comment turkeyneck.You are a fag and now you may be able to marry your partner with the president’s approval. What a loser!

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      how is it a stupid comment?

      if you know anything about complex muscle systems and the way they work you will know that majority of ligament and knee damage is caused by improper support from other muscles and ligaments when the area gets put understrain.

      go and study it.

      its called strength and conditioning. you need proper strength and conditioning to overt injury when exerting pressure
      body builders know to do RDL’s to strengthen hamstrings to help protect the knee when doing power lifting and squats.

      its nearly all the small legged people that suffer knee injuries during training

      You are correct about one thing, I am an idiot but in this case im not wrong
      go and do some research and come back to me

  3. Tsimanga says:

    Josh is such a China Doll….. if I was a promotion I’d seriously have to consider if he’s even worth having on the roster as, although he’s a talent, he’s just too unreliable.

  4. Gould says:

    Whose gonna replace him…. Clay Guida should go over and fight him since Gilbert took the belt from Clay

  5. Popp24 says:

    I never root for injury but I didn’t care about this fight anyway. Get Gilbert a real opponent from the UFC. Hey back in the day UFC fighters would go to Pride and fight and still be part of the UFC as well. I know Strikeforce isn’t the same as Pride but when you are fighting a top 5 LW like Gilbert a win against him is big and would help you in the UFC LW rankings.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      If an opponent from the UFC beats Melendez then what? Does he have to stay in Strikeforce to defend the belt? Seems like a lose, lose going anywhere near Strikeforce.

  6. EBM FTW says:

    Atleast he has “good excuse” for losing the fight…

  7. DMAC says:

    Damn JT stay injured. He’s a entertaining fighter i was hoping to see him do some things this year.

  8. Joshjayallday says:

    Pettis is gonna have to wait for Edgar to challenge for the belt AND Diaz to challenge for the belt. Idk how realistic the chances of that happening is or how wise of a career choice that would be but one thing is for sure.. It would def make for a great fight for fans to see

  9. Balls McGee says:

    Dude josh said he isnt hurt and is fighting report is wrong how doesn’t a major mma sight know that ? Everyone talkin shit about him and he’s fine

  10. Dan ganir says:

    Ohhhhh no another crappy strikeforce card! Spare me!!!!

  11. fourtetshou says:

    Give him Pettis

  12. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    OFF TOPIC: Did you guys here Nick Diaz no showed that BJJ superfight tonight with Estimo or whatever his name is

    • James says:

      What a fucker.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Yeah, I think @original steve, broke the news on another page lol.

      Damn wtf Nick! He’s pulling a Musashi @james.

      • James says:

        lol that’s a good one. Kinda doubt it though.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I read that Estima… I think that’s how you spell his name is very pissed. But, I read Diaz might have skipped because Estima originally missed weight. Estima wants to fight him in an MMA fight now. I’m excited to see where this burgeoning grudge match goes!

        • James says:

          Oh shit. Nick might be on to something here. I was kind of questioning his chances in a bjj match. If Estima is pissed enough to go up against Nick in mma he would most likely get owned though. Nick is either a genius or half retarded and flaky.

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