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Friday, 07/12/2013, 09:02 am

Josh Thomson Issues Warning To Pettis, Threatens Removal From Title Picture

Josh Thomson and Anthony Pettis have started to heat up their exchanges through social media. The potential lightweight matchup would solidify one of them as the true number one contender in the UFC’s lightweight division, but for whatever reason, this fight has yet to be booked.

Check out their exchange of words, including Thomsons Warning below:


7 Responses to “Josh Thomson Issues Warning To Pettis, Threatens Removal From Title Picture”

  1. Drew says:

    War Thompson !!!

  2. Bob'O says:

    Yeah he wants Pettis coming off an injury. Also to become the number 1 contender obviously, but Pettis should wait for Henderson, let the injury fully heal and fight Thomson afterwards. Don’t get sucked into his game brah. ~Bob’O

  3. JohnnyTapia says:

    I find this hilarious, do got lucky against Nate Diaz after he already illegally punched him in the back of the head. And he thinks he can beat Pettis now, Pettis will finish this “wanna be” fighter worst than he did Cerrone cause Cerrone is a top notch fighter himself and would fuck Thompson up!

    • squid says:

      lucky? thomson landed that head kick cleanly 3x during the fight. the 3rd kick got him the best. not lucky. he was trying for that the entire fight. thomson and pettis will be a good fight and a lot closer than you think

      • quazzi says:

        MIght be close but pettis still walks away with the win

      • JohnnyTapia says:

        I’ll give him credit for landing the kick sure he clipped him but what’s your excuse for when he held Diaz against te cage and hit him several times in the back of the head?? And you must be tripping if you think he has a chance of lasting through the 2nd IF he could even get lucky enough to get out the 1st round.. Sorry to tell you what’s real, that dude wouldn’t even last against Cerrone and Pettis folded him up..

  4. legend killer says:

    +1 FOR REAL!

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