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Monday, 02/06/2012, 10:52 am

Josh Koscheck Leaves AKA | Says Goodbye To Teammates, Blames Javier Mendez

“There was a lot of poison going on around there and I’m really disappointed because we had a good thing going. It was a good thing and I think people’s egos got in the way. Well, not people just Javier, his ego got in the way, and too many cameras in the gym and him trying to build himself up and his brand — his AKA brand, which is fine. I understand that, but it should never take precedence over training guys. As a head coach of a gym and he says he’s the man, he’s the boss over there, he should have the responsibility to make the fighters as best as we possibly could be, but he never did that. It’s because DeWayne Zinkin and Bob Cook recruited us to go there. That’s the only reason that everybody’s there, it’s not because of Javier Mendez, it’s not because of the gym AKA; it’s because of DeWayne Zinkin and Bob Cook. They built this thing. They brought the best guys in the world together. Bob Cook and Dave Camarillo they’re always responsible and they take their share of wins and losses and that’s what you’ve got to love about those guys. Bob Cook and Dave Camarillo, they’re loyal. You lose, guess what, it was all of our faults. They take the brunt of that. Javier is more concerned about the camp and looking good and who’s going to be the next guy to bring him money. I just can’t be around that anymore.”

“Those guys are my brothers. They’ll be in my wedding. I know Fitch is going to have a baby soon, I’m going to go up there the day he has his baby. That’s my family. That’s my adopted family. We’ve bled together for eight years; that ain’t changing. I’m still going to train with them, but I will never step foot in AKA in San Jose again. I’m not really concerned about trying to create a camp; it’s going to happen. I get paid pretty well so I’ll pay guys to come in and train with me for a few weeks. If any fighters want to come train, my doors are open. I’ll give them a free place to live, and a great training atmosphere. I basically trained myself the whole last training camp. Actually more than that, it’s been the last three or four training camps, I trained myself. So it’s like, why be away from Fresno where I have two gyms I built, I have an amazing house, I have amazing family here and friends, and people that support me here. I can’t do that.”

Josh Koscheck announced during Saturday’s UFC 143 post-fight press conference that he is leaving his team and training home of AKA. The news caught many by surprise as the gym has hosted some of the best Mixed Martial Arts talent for the past several years.

In this interview Koscheck took to to explain the reasoning behind the split and even places the blame on AKA founder, Javier Mendez.

As soon as the news broke Dana White hinted that he would now try to book the long awaited fight between Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch. The two welterweights have always trained on the same team and therefore have always dodged the UFC’s proposals to fight one another.

Koscheck killed White’s hopes and says he will not ever fight his friend Jon Fitch regardless of their split as teammates.

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12 Responses to “Josh Koscheck Leaves AKA | Says Goodbye To Teammates, Blames Javier Mendez”

  1. Mr.Rusk says:

    Got a feeling kos isn’t the only one that’s going to leave

    • Coffee409 says:

      I have a friend who trains at AKA… Not a fighter, just a guy who takes BJJ lesson with AKA and he has been saying for a while that things were getting ugly/falling apart at AKA. That sucks, because the gym is about 45 min from my house and I liked representing the home town boys…. But when it’s over; it’s over. Hope all the fighters the best.

  2. Tikler says:

    I’m not a kos fan but good for him and best of luck.

    Hey BJ you need to talk to your technical crew and have them upgrade your server it obviously can’t handle all of the traffic. It takes forever to load the web page not only every time I click on a Facebook link but when I go straight to the URL from my browser.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I wonder if Cain and Cung Le will be leaving next.

  4. Trevor says:

    Kos does have a point. If you look at when Cain lost to JDS, Javier Mendez kept blaming Cain for not listening and stuff. Saying how he told him, and Cain wouldn’t listen. Instead of just saying, we messed up, and we’ll be ready next time.

  5. Bas Rutten Wants Money! Money! Money! says:

    No wonder he said “It is team me”, “Nobody’s gonna be there to catch me when I fall”. Saying those words means that you have a problem with your camp. Anyways, Pierce beat you Kos!!

  6. Javier Mendez seems like a greedy ass to have as a coach, But i would Still rather have him any day as a coach then ceasar Gracie. At least Javier says they didn’t follow the game plan. But ceasar says those guys came in with a different game plan then they said they would. That’s not fair you can’t do that in mma you have to fight the way you fought before or that’s cheating…what a idiot

  7. We believe Kos now? says:

    All Koscheck has ever shown is to be greedy and big mouthed. His jits coach leaves to open his own gyms and Kos gets angry? Boo Hoo Big Boy…It’s called business. Now you blame your bad performance on the one guy not in your corner? That makes perfect sense…

    Now run back to Fresno and try to sell KosMMA or whatever you plan on calling it. You have not done anything to prove that you are a great man here, just an average mixed martial artist. You should have used your bad ass Jits Game, LOL

  8. Ainokea says:

    Did you guys see koscheck looking at the timer the whole fight? Good For AKA. They don’t need Josh Clock-Check.

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