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Thursday, 08/09/2012, 05:43 pm

Josh Koscheck | F— you, I’m a fighter. There's No Etiquette in MMA |UFC News

UFC Welterweight Josh Koscheck bluntly says during the promo video for the new cable tv reality show Fight Factory

“F— you, I’m a fighter.

When I’m in the ring it’s business.  It’s my livelihood on the line. I’m going to be a dick. I’m going to be pissed.”

“I don’t like anybody I’m gonna fight.  Don’t respect them. Don’t care about them.  Don’t want anything to do with them.”

“I don’t feel there’s an etiquette (in MMA). I wouldn’t follow it if there was an etiquette in this sport.”

It’s no secret Koscheck’s split with AKA has been less than amicable

“I left AKA in San Jose for one reason and one reason only –  Javier Mendez.

He only cares about certain people in the gym.

After you lose, he’ll throw your name under the bus, like, ‘Hey he didn’t listen to the game plan.’

Realistically, Javier never gave me a game plan in my entire life.”

“Once somebody crosses me, they’re done,” he said. “They’re dead to me.”

Another promo that circulated last week Koscheck was filmed stating

“I hope AKA burns to the ground.”

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19 Responses to “Josh Koscheck | F— you, I’m a fighter. There's No Etiquette in MMA |UFC News”

  1. tim blunts says:

    it must be her time of the month

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah its a given Kos is a dick but at least he comes to fight unless his butt buddy Fitch who has stained MMA for life as being a boring ass sport. If one out of 10 fighters in UFC were half as boring Fitch UFC woul;d have failed. Sooner Fitch is run out of the sport of MMA faster fans he had run off over years will come back and enjoy REAL FIGHTING. Fitch may have only had a 38-68 record in college at Purdue wrestling but he did set an all time record for being called and penalized for stalling more than any other wrestler in NCAA history. GEE i wonder why Fitch is so good at stalling now. Fitch would have been released if he would have ever had the stones to fight in Pride. Actaully no way Pride would have ever booked him because they were about fighting and putting on exciting fights. In fact the yellow card rule was put in place to keep one-dimentional LEGHUMPERS like Fitch from stalling out and ruining the fight card

  2. Xaninho says:

    I hope somebody sets his hair on fire

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Kos is 100% telling TRUTH Javier is a “DICK” and i think you will start seeing more fighters getting the f’uck away from that prick.
      Down at gym where i train there is a young kid (brown belt bjj whiz kid submits everyone) who is from down in bay area and he trained off and on at AKA in last few years before moving up here and he said only fighter Javier even gives a rats ass about is Cain and only time he is ever around gym is when either Cain istraining for a fight or if the gym has camera’s scheduled to show up. He doesn’t train anyone anymore andonly time he acts likehe is training is he will put mits on for UFC promos. Allhis top fighters got to where they are by their own ability and training with each otehr and javier acts like he is the only reason AKA is big success it is. I have never been a Kos fan mostly because he was such a PUSSY whern he fought Paul daley and Rumble after talking a mile of shit how he was going to beat their asses at their own games. Kos TOTALLY stuck his tail between his legs and put on the most disgusting display of “FITCHING” that to this day has only been topped by JON “LAY and PRAY FITCH and clay guida in pettis fight. I don’t even care for paul daley or Rumble but both of them would have caved Koschecks brain in in a REAL FIGHT

      • McLovin says:

        rumble got destroyed in their fight. are you high

        • CombatRusse says:

          I don’t agree, I remember Koshek even faking an eye poke in order to alter the fight
          There was even a ring girl that was fired because she said the truth about that eye poke
          But there’s a justice in this world :) GSP fucked up Kosh eye, with jabs

  3. maurice says:

    say wat u want but its obvious kos is speaking the truth.

    on another note mma uncensored live is bout to come on in 5 mins on spike tv. i just saw a preview for the show and alistair was wearing a suit and looking small as a mother fucker. maybe i got a bad look at him, but he was standing next to quarry and that other guy who a normal on the show, and he looked WAY SMALLER. either way the shows starting soon so im giving everyone the heads up. EVERYBODY GET a good look at him and tell me wat u think. this is the most recent thread so just send ur post here. it comes on right after jones destroys rua in this 3rd round. lol

  4. Tossers says:

    yo for some reason this name came up in the required fields with an email address ive never seen before. I am usually BJ is king, wtf is going on

  5. ILLWILL says:

    yeah, I just like to fake getting kicked in the nuts and poke ppl in the eye. Fuck outta here.

  6. maurice says:

    nate quarry just said bj vs rory will be rescheduled for ufc on fox in decemeber!!!

  7. Trevor says:

    Kos has a point. Listen to Javier Mendez after Cain vs JDS. He completely blames him and throws him under the bus

  8. Bob'O says:

    Fitch calling BJ a coward a few days ago, BJ Penn, a coward?

    To me, represents what kind of Gym Javier is running over at AKA. BJ is on their wall with the belt! Yet not a word from Javier the true coward who claims “I love BJ”?

    Fitch is one fight away from being released by the UFC, and fighters will eventually abandon Javier’s plastic gym. He’s still got Cain, so we will see what happens there.

    I predict Mike Swick, a man with honor, will eventually hang his gloves somewhere else because that would be the best decision of his career. I bet you Javier has fucked him over the last few years. 😉

    Javier can go to hell. How dare he disrespect BJ Penn who basically built his dirt hole there in San Jose for him. Fitch must give some damn good foot rubs, or something else……..~Bob’O

  9. Drew says:

    Josh sounds like he wrote down how nick Diaz talks and just added his twist to it

  10. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    When you point one finger…four point on you. This man just sounds unhappy, angry and fighting for everything in his life. Love to hear the fire back in his heart. Hope that this is fuel and not steam. Move on Mr. Kos and don’t let this energy be wasted on feelings you have and you feel justified for having. Never look back and if you fall, may you fall face first so you get up two steps ahead. START REPRESENTING!!! One love from the city of “no” in central cali.

  11. Xaninho says:

    Xaninho in the house bitches….suck my balls wrestling fag

  12. John Joseph Smith says:

    the only etiquette in MMA is don’t fart in your oppenents face when you have in a triangle because someone else might do it to you. Or if you’re Frank Shamrock don’t lick the sweat off another mans neck thats just wrong.

    But on a different note Kos is a dick but he lets people know it, and then he is right about Javier shady bastard

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