Josh Koscheck | F— you, I’m a fighter. There's No Etiquette in MMA |UFC News

August 9, 2012 5:43 pm 19 Comments

UFC Welterweight Josh Koscheck bluntly says during the promo video for the new cable tv reality show Fight Factory

“F— you, I’m a fighter.

When I’m in the ring it’s business.  It’s my livelihood on the line. I’m going to be a dick. I’m going to be pissed.”

“I don’t like anybody I’m gonna fight.  Don’t respect them. Don’t care about them.  Don’t want anything to do with them.”

“I don’t feel there’s an etiquette (in MMA). I wouldn’t follow it if there was an etiquette in this sport.”

It’s no secret Koscheck’s split with AKA has been less than amicable

“I left AKA in San Jose for one reason and one reason only –  Javier Mendez.

He only cares about certain people in the gym.

After you lose, he’ll throw your name under the bus, like, ‘Hey he didn’t listen to the game plan.’

Realistically, Javier never gave me a game plan in my entire life.”

“Once somebody crosses me, they’re done,” he said. “They’re dead to me.”

Another promo that circulated last week Koscheck was filmed stating

“I hope AKA burns to the ground.”

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