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Monday, 09/05/2011, 05:15 pm

Josh Koscheck Accepts Short Notice Fight Against Matt Hughes

“Oh ya 19 days then or something like that!!!! Either way it looks like I am in to fight matt Hugh if he takes it????”

Josh Koscheck has posted via his Twitter that he’s accepted the fight against Matt Hughes at UFC 135 in place of Diego Sanchez, after Sanchez was forced to pull out with a broken hand.  If Hughes agrees, this fight could be a long time in the making, as Koscheck has been asking for the former welterweight champion for many years.

Josh Koscheck was last seen at UFC 124 where he lost a unanimous decision to reigning UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre.  The fight was a heavily promoted title fight. as both were coming off coaching stints on season 12 of TUF.  However, Koscheck has remained sidelined since that fight after suffering a broken orbital bone that required surgery.  If Koscheck does step in for Sanchez (pending Hughes agreeing to the fight), it will be his first fight in about ten months.  Stay tuned to as we’ll have more on this story as it develops.

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0 Responses to “Josh Koscheck Accepts Short Notice Fight Against Matt Hughes”

  1. mmaislandjunkie says:

    would rather watch diego v kos. good luck matt kos is a more difficult opponent imo.

  2. Q says:

    YES! hughes will get KTFO

  3. Enzo says:

    I thought Koscheck was going up to 185?

  4. cheap says:

    hughes is a legend, but he’s been dodging kos and fitch for a while now. time to man up or retire.

  5. steve says:

    i hope matt fucks kos up

  6. Lex w says:

    This should b very interesting

  7. Justa Thought says:

    Not your average wrestler turned mixed martial artist. Koss comes to fight. Hope the Matt Hughes that fought Almeida shows up.

  8. curthis says:

    Way I see it, Kos is a much better match up…Diego too inconsistant. Plus, Kos has somethin to prove after the handy ass-whoopin he took courtesy of GSP. Hughes definitely gonna have his work cut out for him.

  9. rich says:

    i hoping matt beats bitch ass kos, josh kos is a ass and i hope the legend puts it on the boy!!

  10. Tom Ryan says:

    If you’re reading this Matt Hughes, remember these words:
    Diego, Kos, the Mof*cking Easter bunny, I.DO.NOT.CARE!!!

    Put the Maloika on him!!!! DO what the current “champ” could not/cannot do.
    Finish him!!! Give him an old school Matt Hughes 101 Ass beating!!!!

    Show Kos what it means to fight a Two-time UFC Champion with nine Title victories!!!!

  11. T.DADDY says:

    WAR HUGHES!!!!


  12. Digs says:

    pulling for hughes in this one

  13. dontbescaredhomie says:

    Kos is a harder fight than deigo poor hughes looks like he is going too have too hang em up after this.

  14. rondo says:

    Lay a beating on this mofo Matt,your wrestling is def better bro……..use it…and prove it. I hope Beej taught you a lesson on stand up…………’s not your bag baby…..hahaha. Anyhow best of luck,coulda been worse,could have fought DIEGO.

  15. Hughes is going to get ktfo.I love Matt Hughes but he has had his time and needs to hang it up.This is a bad match-up for Hughes.He’s to slow to deal with Krotcheck.

  16. Alex says:

    Stop calling hughes washed up. He lost twice to gsp, and lost to bj penn and thiago alves. All of them top competition. well thiago may not be top competition but shit happens and thiago was on a role when he fought hughes.
    And I really dont think Hughes has been dodging anyone. to say that is so disrespectful to a fighter and especially a fighter like matt hughes and I dont think he deserves some internet douchebag telling hughes he is a pussy when “internet douchebag” has absolutely no clue!

    Go Hughes!!!

  17. Destruction says:

    i hate kos, don’t really like hughes either. hope hughes wins thou, kos doesn’t need anything to boost his ego. matt should retire after however hopefully on a winning note.

  18. Cruzito says:

    Matt avoided the AKA guys because other than Swick & Kos’s big right, they don’t usually make for exciting fights. Once the fight hits the ground in something other than a Swick-otine, it’s usually a gnp clinic that lasts all round long. Kos is a better wrestler, so he’ll no doubt take Matt down and try to grind out a decision unless he sees an opening at the beginning of the next round to swing that crazy right of his. Hopefully working with BJ improved Matt’s movement, angles, and scrambling

  19. thuan says:

    how do we know that Kos was even offered the fight? he basically went on twitter and said he would take it…and if hughes doesnt accept then he’s ducking him? so lets say Condit gets hurt and some lower tier WW goes on twitter and calls out BJ, and BJ declines, does that make him a puss? i want to hear from the UFC and not one of the fighters who’s been clamoring for the fight for years…

  20. bjnutthuger says:

    i thought kos was going to 185, but lets see kos is a aite opponent for matt hughes and i hope he has learned some stuff from bj penn

  21. Logan says:

    All of you people saying Hughes should retire, I ask you this…why?!?!?! Hughes is only 37, Couture fougt until he was 48. And dealing with the fight, Hughes easily takes the win. Kos’s stand up isn’t that good, he can really only hit hard. Hughes’ stand up is better, and Hughes is by far the superior wrestler. All Hughes need to do is avoid the power punches of Kos and he’ll be fine. Kos is 17-5, Hughes is 45-8…Huges has three more losses, but 28 more wins. He had his one loss to BJ and now you all think he washed up, you clearly don’t understand fighting at all.

  22. Alex says:

    Kos has better wrestling credentials. Actually think he has never lost a wrestling match. But credentials isnt everything and kos been so focused on his standup that I dont think he is as good as he once were as a wrestler. But lets see I am syked for this fight and cant wait if it happens. Almost more syked for this matchup because I really cant stand kos and the thought og hughes maybe beating him is so sweet!

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