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Monday, 01/13/2014, 06:13 am

Jose Aldo Wants to Start Fighting at 155

Jose Aldo is accustomed to being questioned about moving up to 155, and while he will next be taking on Ricardo Lamas at UFC 169 in Newark, New Jersey, he feels that another successful title defense there could bring him closer to a match-up with the lightweight king, Anthony Pettis.

“I was pissed with that in the past, and then I fought Edgar and proved that I could do good fights [at 155]. We’ll see what happens. I still have many goals to accomplish. One day I’ll fight at 155.”

Aldo believes that it would be a smooth transition for him because of his established training routine.

“We always train with heavier sparring partners to make it harder, so the fight will be easier. It would be normal for me [to fight at 155]. We create difficulties in training so we never think it’s easy.”



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  1. Ian Price says:

    I can’t see him beating Pettis at 45 or 55. I don’t think he can stand with Pettis, who’s on a “whole ‘nother level”.

    • Ronnie Rotten says:

      you sir are quite the moron. do you even watch MMA? or just play the video game? that fight would be insane. and aldo would get the edge…no questions about it

      • Ian Price says:

        I don’t understand “mma”. What the heck is that? You mean ultimate fighting? Yeah the video game is great, Pettis wins every time! I also have mental problems, sorry. Seriously, I like Aldo, but he could not stop Frankie and barely beat him 48-47. I was there and thought there was a good chance Frankie would take it before buffer read the judges decision. Aldo is awesome, but Pettis is truly fearless and won’t get taken down…. It will be a standup slug fest, and I guess we’ll just have to see if you’re right or I am. That’s what I love about the UFC!

        • Ronnie Rotten says:

          Did you not see the clay guida Pettis fight? He was on his back for 15 mins…and Aldo out struck Edgar…who just happens to be one of the toughest guys around.

        • cryomanc3r says:

          Pettis didn’t fight Edgar.

        • Ronnie Rotten says:

          Corrected my mistake before you even replied homie…

        • evilgoonies says:

          Ronnie has no idea what hes talking about. Go look at fight metric, the last three rounds edgar out struck aldo. Pettis is bigger than aldo and more well rounded. Did you see the henderson fight? He didn’t get taken down. Pettis has improved. Go look at when aldo fought hominick, he got taken down and landed big shots. Go play ufc on the ps3 please and stop acting like you know fighting.

        • Ronnie Rotten says:

          Actually…The hominck fight he dominated for 4 rounds and gassed because he was sick during his weight cut and had to do it in an unhealthy way. My point was the original poster acted like aldo barely beat a subpar striker and that’s not what happened. Judges based that decision on damage and Frankies face was fucked up…and Pettis lit up Bend before he could take him down…those leg kicks alone were enough to have him where he wanted…it would be a great fight but yall should stop nut huggin pettis. He’s never going to defend his belt like the greats because he can’t stay healthy anyway…

        • Ian Price says:

          He had more power shots than Edgar, but I don’t remember thinking “man Frankie just got out struck!” Also, you didn’t apologize for your ass comments above……

    • Xaninho says:

      Aldo and Pettis both are on a “whole ‘nother level”. You’re acting like Aldo is some chump who hasn’t dominated the 145 division for years in a row. Pettis is awesome and so is Aldo.

    • chris hale says:

      As far as technical striking skills and power, Jose Aldo has the clear advantage in my opinion, Pettis wouldn’t be able to run through him like Donald Cerrone or Ben Henderson

  2. Ian Price says:

    All you guys who are saying Aldo would win: I’m not saying you’re all wrong. I don’t why I’m riding Pettis’s nuts. I just have a feeling he’d beat Aldo. In thought Frankie edged out a split decision, but he lost 3 rounds to 2. Regardless, the fight intrigues me greatly! I’m sure you all would watch it too. I see a confidence in Pettis that I haven’t seen before in a long time.

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