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Thursday, 02/06/2014, 09:34 am

José Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis Will Be At Lightweight – Dana White Says ‘No’ To Catch Weight

Although the potential match-up between current UFC champions José Aldo (145) and Anthony Pettis (155) might still happen, it won’t be happening at a catch weight.
After some deliberations between the two parties involved (and UFC President Dana White), White put the issue to bed on Wednesday night, via Fox Sports Live.
There’s no disagreement over the weight. They’re going to fight at 155 pounds,” White said. “What would happen is Aldo would have to give up his title, vacate the 145-pound title, and move up to 155.”
A Brazilian news report was then brought up to White, in which Aldo’s manager and coach André Pederneiras said a catch weight bout would be “interesting”, due to the fighters being able to keep their respective belts. White had not read the report, but confirmed that any issues or problems relating to the fight had been ironed out. This apparently includes Aldo’s recent concerns about his compensation at lightweight, and it being comparable to his featherweight paydays.
I think what Aldo was worried about is that if Aldo moves up to 155 and vacates the title, he wants to be treated like a champion in this fight, which he would be,” White said. “He would be paid like a champion would be paid going into a fight. All the things he gets at 145 pounds as a champion, he would receive. I think that was part of the issue and that was all worked out today.”
Pettis is going to be out of action until somewhere near the summer months of this year, so this fight is still a good bit away from actually happening. But it looks like – eventually – we will see these two dynamic fighters inside the Octagon.
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  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    This is great…Aldo has done all he can do at 45…finally stepping up to 55 that he should have done a year ago. It now opens up 45 for others and is what that division has needed. If Aldo can beat Pettis, then good for him to see of he can clear out 55 too. Let’s just hope Pettis beats him up though. Aldo has become conservative and boring like GSP did.

  2. T.Daddy says:

    I can’t wait for Aldo to wreck this clown

  3. Hali says:

    Pettis will win

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