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Sunday, 02/24/2013, 01:06 pm

Jose Aldo refusing to fight Pettis, Dana White has harsh words for the Featherweight Champion

After last night’s historic UFC 157 the UFC President Dana White revealed that the word from Jose Aldo’s camp is that he is refusing to fight Anthony Pettis.

“Jose Aldo came out and said there’s no way in hell I’m fighting Pettis. He’s absolutely refusing to fight Pettis; he doesn’t think he deserves the shot.”

“André Pederneiras (Aldo’s coach) was in England and sat down with me and Lorenzo (Fertitto) and said we don’t think he deserves it,” White said. “Well, he might be the number one guy at 155 (pounds), but how does that make him the number one (at 145 pounds)?”

Dana White said “Are you out of your (expletive) mind? Are you serious? Did you seriously just ask me that question? It’s like if Aldo wanted to move up to 155, are we going to say he’s not the number one contender? What are you talking about?”

It’s kind of confusing and I would like to hear what Aldo has to say himself, because no one’s been able to defeat the UFC Featherweight champion since 2005. I just don’t see him being afraid to fight anyone, even Pettis. Pettis has been destroying his opponents, and even holds a win over the now UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson.

Dana White sounded dead set on the fight happening, and even had some definitive words for Aldo.

“I wouldn’t want to fight Pettis either,” White continued. “He’s absolutely refusing to fight Pettis. The fight is on. He’s going to fight Pettis or he’s not going to like how this turns out.”


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  1. chicken shit says:

    The guy is a fucking chicken shit.. Frankie Edgar was no 1 contender for light weight and lost his last two fights you had no problem with him fighting aldo… Buuut noo someone coming off of wins and a challenge.. He don’t deserve it.. Piss off you chicken shit your boy aldo is gonna lose deal with it.

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      Well Frankie was a former champ, and those losses were title fights. Also Edgar is a small lightweight who has more business fighting at 145lbs. So Pettis =/= Edgar. And even still he probably wasn’t happy about having to immediately fight Edgar. He’d probably rather fight someone who’s actually 145.

      Still, he’s the champ and the champ has to sack up and fight anyone, especially one deserving of a (155lbs) title-shot as Pettis.

      • Shaun says:

        And Aldo is a natural 145er? He has openly admitted he struggles to cut weight and will eventually have to move up because his body won’t be able to cope much longer.

  2. chris says:

    Ok im glad dana is growing balls and making one of the champs fight the person in there class that they are refusing to fight now he just needs to make bones and the spider do the same tell them to man the fuck up

  3. Gerardo Batista says:

    jon jones and know Jose Aldo ,not good for UFC And MMA .

    • David says:

      The difference between Jon Jones and Jose Aldo, is that they are lining up this fight for Jose well in advance. This isn’t some “last min replacement”, to which he doesn’t have to agree to. Jon Jones had the right to refuse to fight a replacement, for the title on less than 10 days notice. Jose Aldo doesn’t have the right to pick and choose, so who is and isn’t worthy of a title shot, and ultimately refuse to fight someone before a contract has even been signed. It just shows that Jose and his management are much more worried about Pettis than they were Frankie Edgar.

      • BringFitchBack says:

        I see your point you are trying to make, but I completely disagree with you. Jones should have taken the fight with Sonnen. You forget, Sonnen only had 10 days too!! These fighters are not independent contractors, they are employees of the UFC. I would have liked to see Dane fire Jones and make him come back to get the title for refusing to fight anybody at any time assuming they are healthy.

        • Flint says:

          That isn’t true, Sonnen was helping Henderson in Henderson’s camp before he was injured. SO Sonnen was essential training to fight Jones also. It wasn;t just 10 days notice really for Sonnen also.

        • BringFitchBack says:

          Flint – Jones trains everyday when he is not on vacation at Jackson’s and Winklejohns. So that doesn’t hold water. In this case, Jones was more ready because he was on a full training camp for Hendo for Christ’s Sake! If anybody should have been worried, it should have been Sonnen!! Don’t you see that?

        • Bluesdealer says:

          Sorry, but that statement is completely false. Fighters are, by definition, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. A promoter can’t force them to fight anyone. I would like to see Dana “fire” Jon Jones.

          First, he would simply remove all legitimacy from the UFC title, a legitimacy that would follow Jones into whatever promotion he chose.
          Second, he would get sued for an early release before Jones’ contract expired.

          Every fight is a negotiation.

  4. Sasquatch says:

    SCARED!!!… Why the hell did he fight Frankie then, he was coming off two losses.. Pettis is more deserving then him!

    • T.DADDY says:

      he fought Frankie cuz he deserved it.. he was a former LW champ… Pettis beat Cowboy and now he can call out champions?? thats BS… Pettis dont deserve shit..
      he’s tryin to talk his way into a title shot… he knows Benson will beat Melendez and he dont wanna fight Benson again so he wants to move down… scared?? and if they fight Aldo will walk through him like he does everybody else

      • Sasquatch says:

        I guess I have to point out the obvious for you my tard friend… Pettit is ALSO a former LW Champ (WEC) and guess who he beat to become Champ.. BENSON so there’s no f***in way he’s scared of him. Fact is anyone who doesn’t think Pettis deserves this is scared themselves because deep down they know what the outcome will be.

  5. delfierro says:

    Everyone that is still bitching for a superfight in any division can go suck one. There is plenty of talent and up coming fighters that can give the champs in any division a fight…all of u begging for a super fight are the true cancer to the sport and once u see it happen then nothing else will satisfy u and then all u will have is your stupid game console to dream with…fucking parasites !

  6. paul stelfox says:

    Can’t wait to see these 2 hotties get it on. Good on Dana for making it happen

  7. Sean says:

    Okay, I want this fight to happen but how is it proven that Pettis is the #1 contender at 145 and how is it proven that Aldo would be #1 if he moved up to 155?

  8. BringFitchBack says:

    Hey fellas don’t be fooled by all this shit. Aldo is managed by the same fools that manage Silva and this is their way of getting a bigger PPV cut and to build this fight. IN NO WAY is Aldo afraid of Pettis. This is just the donkey and pony show both the fighters and the UFC put on to build a buzz for the fight. All the players are cued in on making controversy and negotiating bigger PPV revenue. Don’t be fooled Fellas!! They want this fight to be the BIGGEST featherweight fight of all time!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      that’s a good point @BFB…I think you may be right there.

    • Clay says:

      One of the more intelligent comments on the entire site sir, I applaud you for not being a dumbass (like everyone else who leaves a page long comment that’s complete garbage). But theoretically, if this wasn’t just a marketing strategy, I feel like Aldo has earned enough respect to choose his opponents. They don’t force any other champions to consistently fight opponents outside of their weight class. And if they do they get to pick easy fights (chael sonnen, silva vs bonner and Forrest, etc) I agree that it will be a great fight, but Aldo is the only fighter who has to keep facing the toughest fighters even if that means they aren’t in his weight class. I wish the UFC would stay consistent and have some structure in what ever they do. Not just pick on certain fighters. Dana would never say he would force silva and jones to fight, so he should treat everyone equally.

      • BringFitchBack says:

        Yah but you need to step back a bit and think about the featherweights and the division. Since they brought in the baby divisions into the UFC, featherweight has been arguably the weakest of all with the exception of Aldo who really should be at 55. It’s not unusual to see many of the low ranked 55ers going to 45 and try to win there. So this is what Pettis is doing, he thinks he can pick Aldo apart and become champ at 45. Being a top contender at 55 seems legit to me because the UFC needs tough competition for Aldo at 45. The only other tough fight for Aldo at 45 is Barao, but they won’t fight each other.
        The issues with Siva at 85 is a bit different. Anderson has always gone to 05 to test his abilities with less quality fighters. He has never really risked it by fighting top 5ers. His belt was never on the line. I can guarantee you that if Machida wanted to go to 85 and fight Silva, Dana would MAKE Silva take it. I personally feel that Silva has cleared out 85 long ago and he should have gone to 05 but he doesn’t think he can beat many of the top 5 at 205, especially Jones.

  9. toto says:

    like dana said, if jose aldo would change weight classes, UR TELLIN ME HE WOULDNT ME TOP CONTENDER ? nahh same thing for pettis changing weight class, hes still the top 1 contender , in my opinion , i think pettis was just to good looking in his last fight and aldo wants to win a couple months of extra training for this, thats all

  10. toto says:

    and jose aldo last performance was super average, hes not in a position of refusing any fights

  11. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Pettis doesn’t deserve the title shot though…

    Pettis wants to fight the smaller guy for a divisional title in a division he’s never competed in…

    How does he deserve the title shot? He doesn’t, and I’m glad Aldo is sticking to his guns here; it isn’t about being afraid, it’s about keeping the integrity of the title in check.

    Dana is ruining the entire idea of earning your title shots by throwing them around…

    Nick Diaz (While I can understand this fight doesn’t deserve a title shot), Chael Sonnen (blatantly doesn’t deserve it), Weidman (only getting title shot because no one’s left), that new challenger for the 125lb title…

    These guys haven’t truly earned their title shots, and you can chalk Pettis onto that list, he does not deserve to fight Aldo at all, he has no business at 145lbs, he’s the true coward here wanting to have a blatant size advantage!

    Don’t tell me the Benderson fight would be boring, the first one created the kick heard round the world, so don’t tell me he’s doing it for an exciting fight, he wants a fight where he can be the bigger guy, he wants to be the bully.

    • Sasquatch says:

      Size advantage?!… everyone know Aldo cuts the most weight out of all the 145ers.. he’s a natural 155 so who’s the bully. Pettis might be a couple of inches taller then Aldo but I bet Aldo will still have to cut more then Pettis come fight time. Pettis had an easy cut his last fight with Cerrone (2 minutes in the hot tub), he also said he would have dropped sooner if his training partner Eric Koch wasn’t in title contention, he didn’t want cross paths with him.

  12. Dan Jenkins says:

    So now Jose Aldo is scared and a coward he’s only beaten everyone Dana and joe silva has put in front of him but us fans know everything about mma and the fighters right. He’ll fight and beat Pettis even tho Pettis earned his #1 contender in lightweight what’s with people jumping classes and getting a title shot. Edgar DIDN’T earn his shot at Aldo any more than sonnen earned his and Pettis IS running from Henderson cos he won’t win this time and he knows it. To the people saying its his job this n that yeah it’s his job but when an employer asks me to do something outside my job description and I don’t get paid extra I TELL them where to go. For arguments sake say Aldo did leave ufc it would be more ufc loss than Aldos cos they could no longer claim to have the best and Aldo could still command a high payday. Like all business ufc is starting to look at its employees as statistics and not people forgetting that its the PEOPLE that make your company what it is. Look at what’s goin on with couture he only did what the ufc would have done had it suited them but randys the big bad wolf and ufc is innocent! **** off with your double standards, I used to like dw but look between the lines and you can see the type of person he is, a control freak to say the least mma is becoming more corrupt than boxing by the week

  13. 757 says:

    Yes he is. At least FE fought all top contenders. At lightweight everyone was bigger. At featherweight Aldo was bigger. At least he had the nuts to fight. Aldo is pussin up. If he doesn’t want to fight get him out of there and bring someone else…..fuck him he is a great fighter but if he doesn’t want to fight then move on. I agree with DW on this one. My boy FE never turned anything down. People busted on him becase he keeps getting rematches but the fact is just like DW said he never turned anything down so they took care of him. Fuck those guys who don’t want to fight.

  14. Dan Jenkins says:

    I jumped the gun that wasn’t real thought out on the job description thing. 757 your boy is a ****en charity case relying on old uncle Dana to set him up with big fights and paydays. Lets get it straight the best people he’s fought is a past his prime BJ Penn and miller and Maynard which honestly Edgar lost the first two fights with Maynard you wanna talk about robberies involving Edgar how bout nearly getting buried in the first surviving the next two and still drawing. So other than Maynard miller and penn who’s he beaten that’s relevant and by the way Aldo won that fight with Edgar. I like Edgar he’s a little gamer but he is a pitter patter point fighter

    • 757 says:

      Wow you are stupid. You have to be the blindest, no knowledge, goofy mother fucker ever. You kicked BJ ass x 2. I like BJ but let’s get that straight. He knocked Maynard the fuck out let’s get that straight. He fought Ben who is a huge lightweight and won at least one of those. He fought Aldo straight up for five rounds…lets get that straight. Former champ, ballsiest fighter in MMA right now and you call him a charity case?? what a fucked clown you are. Please don’t write anymore you fucking dildo.

  15. Zack says:

    Pettis keeps getting screwed out of his shot at 155. There’s noone left at 145 so why not? This is gunna be a tough fight for Aldo and he knows it.

  16. punkbz916 says:

    the only reason he beat mendes is cause he gets trained on hold the fence technique something like karate kid

  17. 123 says:

    go on dana white you legend

  18. dogfart says:

    to be honest with you, all these superfights are stifling the growth of fighters within each division.
    people who are inline should be the next to fight.
    its common knowledge that people are getting fed up of line jumpers and big mouths. it can be somewhat demoralizing for a fighter to keep getting knocked a step back to make room for someone who doesnt really belong there.
    what happened to pettis taking on henderson as the rubber match from WEC?
    I think that would be a better fight personally.

    I agree with Aldo

  19. Sasquatch says:

    As an MMA fan I really don’t understand all the opposition here for this fight. Who wouldn’t want to see two of the most exciting fighters in the UFC go at it! Aldo nuthuggers that’s who… you’re all just as scared as Aldo is!

    • Zack says:

      I’ve been a huge fan of aldo since wec. But even I can see this is bogus. All this is, is an excuse to try to get out a tough fight. Maybe he is hoping he can hold it off until benson beats Gilbert so Pettis will fight Ben.

    • Zack says:

      They might as well take away everyone’s belt since everyone thinks they shouldn’t have to fight whoever the ufc puts in front of them. If he doesn’t deserve the shot then go out there and prove why he didn’t deserve the shot. Dana needs to put his foot down. Everyone seems to think they are Anderson silva these days.

  20. Ronda Shite says:

    You guys are being overrated the womens fight are better then guys, by the way why don’t fight guys instead? No? Then you are the chicken guys.

  21. Nick says:

    Maybe he just wants to fight a deserving 145 I stead of someone just moved down to 145 by the buss because he doesn’t want to listen to him cry about Melendez

  22. BX81 says:

    I don’t get how fighting you’re way to be a number one contender in a weight class makes you an automatic number one contender in the weight class above or below your current one. What are all the fighters fighting for? Sure you’re the number one contender unless someone from another weight class wants to fight the champion. So if the MW champion gets injured, the WW champion can automatically move up to be the interm. champ? This doesn’t make sense to me. If I was Aldo I would tell Dana to fuck him self.

    • korean jesus says:

      It doesn’t make sense to you because your logic does not make any sense what so ever. The other fighters are fighting to PROVE themselves that they BELONG at the top of the division. Pettis and Edgar have ALREADY proven themselves to be amongst the top of their division. I think it’s safe to say that both Pettis and Edgar, for example, deserves to be matched up with the champion, because they were once champions themselves, and have proven their worthiness by the quality of fights and what they have done in their respected weight class. In DW’s perspective it’s all about generating buzz and making those numbers. Ultimately, he want’s to give the FANS what they want to see.. Even if DW’s perspective doesn’t make sense, just sit back and enjoy the upcoming fights soon to come. Just take it for what it is…

  23. Dee says:

    I like the way everyone is jumping to conclusion without hearing the other side of the story. I take everything that Dana says with a grain of salt.

    I personally think it’s jacked up that guys like Florian, Edgar and Pettis are able to jump in front of everybody at 145. Look I don’t care who Aldo fights, BUT ONE thing I have learned is that you do not question a warriors heart. Aldo has fought Faber, Brown, Florian, Edgar, and not Pettis. That’s not a scary man to me.

  24. Silverado says:

    GSP’s picking Diaz to fight is not the same as Aldo not wanting to face Pettis.
    It WOULD be the same if once GSP beats diaz, he refuses adamantly to fight hendricks.
    There comes a point, where there is a clear cut guy you’ve got to fight, that one test and this is it for Aldo. GSP has been faithful so many years and hasn’t asked for anything so for him to ask for Diaz is totally different.

  25. seminalcacti says:

    Make Aldo fight Pettis and if he refuses send him off to Bellator.

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