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Friday, 09/07/2012, 12:20 pm

Jones To Henderson: 'You Should Shut Up And Be Grateful You Dodged A Bullet' | UFC NEWS

“I haven’t said that anywhere, but you can be the first to put that out. There’s some unfinished business, for sure. I don’t think Henderson handled the situation wisely, by making fun of me for not taking the fight (against Sonnen). Dude, you just dodged a bullet and you’re talking trash to me? You got injured and you’re going to talk trash that I didn’t fight Chael? He came out with this ad that said, ‘Buy a Hendo shirt and get a free Jon Jones shirt to dry your car off with.’ You’re making fun of me, yet you got hurt and dodged a bullet? You’re sitting at home with ice on your knee and I’m here doing pushups again because I thought my camp should have been over. I have stuff to do and you’re sitting around your home playing video games, or whatever you do during the day. You should shut up and be grateful you dodged a bullet.”

UFc light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones throws jabs at Dan Henderson, via the Toronto Sun.


122 Responses to “Jones To Henderson: 'You Should Shut Up And Be Grateful You Dodged A Bullet' | UFC NEWS”

  1. jbizzle says:

    Sounds like he wants to be at home playing video games or whatever.

  2. andy says:

    Christ Jones just doesn’t know when to shut up. He’s not doing himself any favors by continuing to run his damn mouth like this.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Yeah, screw a bullet, Jones is lucky he just dodged an H-BOMB!!!

      • Reality says:

        It’s too bad we won’t get to see that fight for awhile. I think Jones would have completely dominated and finished Hendo though. Hendo is great, but so are the other former champions Jones beat already.

        • Pancho says:

          Gotta agree with Jones here. Hendo is the one that pulled out and even though Ive always supported Hendo he woulda been demolished by Jones

        • scott says:

          What? Hendo didn’t pull out the doctors forced him out of the fight. He wanted to fight jones with a messed up knee but the said no. Fu*k Jones

        • Pancho says:

          @Scott he still woulda lost

        • You says:

          @Pancho yeah because mma is so predictable right.This guy ebat that guy who beat this guy so this guy should win……………WAKE UP styles make fights it doesnt matter who youve won or lsot to.If Hendo comes in as the beast that he isand im not even talking about the one who fought Rua.Im talking about the real in shape beast that throws fucking grenades with every punch and desont slow down.If that guy shows up hes not gonna suck up the punch like he did little Machidas right hand or Rashads small taps hes gona fucking go out

  3. ryan says:

    F@*k Jon Jones. How dare u talk like that to a man who help build the bed u sleep in, the UFC.

    • Shonan says:

      So should he just say nothing to him because of what he did for the sport? Look at what lots of people have done for the sport of MMA. Don’t act like Hendo carried the whole sport by himself and is sitting upon a throne.

  4. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Any half decent heavyweight could literally kill jon jones w his weak ankles

  5. Me says:

    Sick and tired of Jones now so let’s move on…
    In other news Weidman vs Boetsch @ UFC 155! Can’t wait for that one.

  6. T.DADDY says:

    Wow.. and the douche bag of the year goes to……. JBJ.. fukk this coward 2 times

  7. Bob'O says:

    This cat is killing himself. I guess Rashad was right. ~Bob’O

  8. Yeahrightman says:

    I am just about Jones’d out. You do not speak to hendo like that and maintain any fans. His PPV numbers are going to literally be like 50. Jackass

    • truedat says:

      Im still a fan. You know why? Cause–and I know this will probably shock you JBJ haters, being the sentimental fags that you are–but I actually like fighters who are good at fighting, regardless of what they do or say outside of the cage. Crazy, I know.

      • B-rad says:

        Yeah hes definitly got that goin for him.. Its like i always tell people i love to watch him fight, because he is unbelivably skilled, but when he starts flappin them gums i either have to turn the channel or mute that shit lol

      • Not crazy, but come on dude. Thats like saying you would were a really big fan of Saddam Hussein if he had great fighting skills. Sorry, but I cant forgive someone for being a douche bag just because you are good at knocking guys out. Call it crazy, but I hate the guy. I respect his skills, but it takes more than skills to make me a fan.

      • Mischa says:

        Hey truedat you are a fag like jbj. Go suck em! Coward and selfish like him don’t deserve to depend.

    • BiggoTrav says:

      I kinda disagree with that. I don’t think his PPV numbers are gonna drop a whole lot. If he continues to embrace the role of the heel, he might actually be more profitable. His personality has always turned off a portion of the fans, this whole fiasco may just pique more interest into the casual fans that never had an interest in him either way.

      The thing is, people pay to watch the bad guy lose just as much as they pay to see the good guy win. There may be some who will boycott 152, but I’m sure it’ll only be a couple shows before those same people start padding his pockets again. If he does feel any negative effect in PPV sales directly, that will only be temporary.

  9. Brend0magic says:

    Jones just keeps digging his grave deeper and deeper with the fans.

  10. m says:

    i think the UFC is trying to turn Jon Jones into a “badguy” like old WWF days. If you can’t get the fans to like him… gotta make them hate him.

    I’d pay to see someone shut him up and knock him out.

  11. Hook says:

    Why isn’t daddy Greg Jackson Telling his son to shut the hell up already? If Punk aint no business man or a UFC champ. He’s just a spoiled little b****! I hope he gets humbled real soon

  12. Zack says:

    Anderson silva is going to beat gsps ass then he’s going to call out jbj and beat his ass then retire. Takin out the trash before he’s done.

    • Kenshiro says:

      U know what.. that wouldnt even surprise me! He wants to take care of GSP before he moves up to put a finishing touch on his career by finishing Jones. He’s already the G.O.A.T. but if he does that, i don’t see anyone in the next 50+ years come anywhere close to his accomplishments in the sport.

      • Zack says:

        That’s what I would do if I were Anderson. Go out like a fuggin BOSS!

      • ms pinto says:

        You are right, AS is so intelligent that although this “superfight” has been on the table for years and he kind of went around the bushes when offered to him a while back, he wants it now “regardless if GSP gets pass Condit” after an ACL ligament torn and over a year break for “Rush”… Hope it doesn´t fire back at him.

        • Pancho says:

          LOL Silva knows he couldn’t beat Jones. He said it himself. He would get annihilated

        • EP says:

          when did Silva say that… or is that just you making shit up and twisting things around in your head…. if you would actually read articles and interviews before spewing out bullshit… you would know that BOTH fighters have said that they do not want to fight each other, for whatever reason, both have stated that… with that being said, IF they ever do fight…. There is no questions asked and no doubt in my mind that Anderson would wipe the Octagon floor with Jones’ head and absolutely destroy him. Not even up for discussion in my opinion. Jones is an amazing fighter, although i do not like him as a person at all, but he is no where near Anderson’s level or expertise. Anderson would catch him and finish him… go out and solidify himself not only as a legend but the UNDISPUTED GOAT!!!

  13. magoo says:

    Whats everyone twisted over? Those were my exact thoughts when Hendo got hurt. JBJ would have given him, and still will give him the beating of his career, if he takes enough trt to heal himself maybe will get to see it sooner then later.

  14. People can dish it says:

    but have a hard time taking it. Jones, although I wouldn’t agree with it, gave Hendo and all his minions a dose of what they’ve been dishing out….and they’re all crying…

    Damn, Belfort might be the very first death in the Octagon….

  15. Thom says:

    Lol Jon has a remarkable talent for making himself look worse each and every day.

  16. jbeamazing says:

    I like it it’s the real jon jones my only beef with him is that he was being fake in the media and interviews but a shit talking cocky bones is fine with me

  17. mike b says:

    Body ur self jones..LolLolLol.please.

  18. Dick Diaz says:

    somebody shut this kid with giraffes as arms up already…

  19. Johan says:

    Jones doesn’t have to shut up, nor does he need to. He can say whatever the hell he wants. Dan henderson talked a boat load of crap, but that’s ok? Some of you guys are pathetic.

    • Irie nation says:

      Boatload of crap? Does your mommy not allow you to curse?

    • T.DADDY says:

      Na bones is pathetic for turning down the Sonnen fight.. and ur even worse for defending his big headed azz

    • ms pinto says:

      When did Hendo talked a lot of scrap??? If there is something Dan Henderson has been known about (other than his signature right overhand a.k.a H-Bomb) is his “low profile” during the pre-fight. Let me Recall a few statements for you:
      1. Jon Jones: “I respect Dan Henderson as an OLDER guy, I hope he keeps it classy without the trash talk” typical Jones modus operandi, he acts like an a** trying not to look like one, says he doesn´t want trash talk yet he refers to an MMA legend in a derogatory way.
      2. Jon Jones: “Dan Henderson is a one trick pony, he is an older version of Rashad Evans” No need to explain this one. More derogatory disguised trash talk only his also looking down on Rashad Evans as well.
      3. Jon Jones: “It would be a disrespect to Sonnen skills to take the fight with 8 days notice” then he goes on to saying “There is nothing to win for him with Sonnen not being worthy of title contention, being a RACIST and not a nice christian like Belfort”

      Dude, freedom of speech is a constitutional right but please don´t act as if Jones´ verbal farts didn´t exist!!! He can say whatever he wants but he has gone far and beyond on making a douche of himself with his declarations while earning the hate of the fans in the process!!! no questioning around that
      Henderson responded to some of these statements… RESPONDED!!! NEVER INITIATED THEM,

      I wouldn´t call you pathetic, (as you described some people who don´t seem to agree with your partial vision) but maybe just evidently biased and poorly informed.

  20. hurrdurrdurr says:

    The last time someone trash-talked Hendo, it didn’t end well for him. I hope Jones gets knocked out in similiar fashion as Bisping.

  21. That Kid says:

    Jones started off as “im humble. im a good guy. im going to always be humble” and as soon as he won the title “fuck everybody. i have money. fuck the guys on the card.” the fame hit this kid way too hard and way too fast cause it all went to his head.

  22. Shadleigh says:

    Yeah I hate Jon Jones more than any other fighter! Actually he makes Bisping look like a popular fighter. I hope Vitor or really anyone would KO his ass!

  23. slacker says:

    Becoming dumber by the second. He is the one who should keep his mouth closed. You can see that he can’t handle negative pressure. He needs a personal coach or something to help him conduct himself more professionally. He is just too young to be talking like this to a guy like Dan Henderson. It’s not right.

  24. Tom says:

    I hate to break it to you guys, but the majority of you are all uneducated twats spewing bullsh*t out of your mouth. Chael Sonnen can talk worse shit, do more and higher severity of illegal things, and act like an arrogant prick, but he is just a fighter. BJ Penn can refuse to fight Jon Fitch, Machida refuse to fight JBJ, Shogun refuse to fight JBJ, and the list goes on. Vitor is a hero for taking the fight on this short of a notice, but JBJ taking the fight with Vitor is a bitch move. JBJ is too cocky when he says this shit, but the man we all love, BJ Penn, talks as much shit, but he just shows hawaiian fighting spirit.

    The majority of you people are ignorant, hypocritical f*cks who chose people they like based on what personality best fits them, and then spout the most hypocritical, condescending garbage about everyone else.

    Jon Bones Jones is 25. He’s the most dominant fighter in the UFC to date based on fighters he has fought other than Anderson Silva (I’m sure some idiot will debate me here — Look at records, opponents, fight outcomes, and win:lose ratios.) He’s no more cocky than Chael, Rashad, BJ Penn in his prime, Rampage, Mir, Tito, Diaz, etc.

    If you guys wonder why Jon Bones hates most fight fans, it’s because most are f*cking under educated and super judgmental. If we all gave him respect that he deserves as a champion, then maybe things would be different.

    I have personally met and talked to the guy on at least 15 occasions. I can say he has better character, more intelligent, and better ‘morals’ than the majority of the people on this website. There IS a reason he is the champ, and has disposed of the majority of the 205 pound LHW champions.

    It’s easy to sit back and pick out the flaws of a 25 year old champion who hasn’t reached his maturity peak as we sit in our own comfortable world of being nobodies. Now I shall leave it to you guys to make pathetic attempts at flaming me with comments that lack all logic and reasoning.

    • Majestyk says:

      @uncleTom…Did Chael ever do anything to put people’s lives at risk? Like driving drunk? What’s more “higher severity of illegal” (I wish a high school diploma was a prerequisite to be on this site) than putting someone’s mother or daughter at risk? As far as BJ “talking shit” is concerned, there’s no comparison. BJ doesn’t back out of fights, or make hollow threats like JBJ made to Sonnen, or lie about paying the fighter’s and using a bulls**t excuse to explain why he never followed through. When BJ makes a promise, he either delivers or gives everything he has in the attempt. Unlike this self-absorbed, ungrateful piece of sh*t.

      • Tom says:

        @uncleMajestyk…. Chael commited a pre-meditated crime in which is a more severely punishable offense in the Unite States. Notice how I said “higher severity of illegal” as opposed to “could kill people.” Sonnen also took PEDs in order to gain an advantage, which puts his opponents and training partners health at risk (Not what I was talking about, but hey it’s relevant to your an attempt at a point). BJ’s shit talking and Jon Jone’s shit talking is almost identical. BJ said he was going to fight Jon Fitch how many times? Who did he come out of retirement for? I love BJ as much as the rest, but that’s a fact.

        And yes, a high school education would be a nice requirement… it would filter people like you out. I personally would prefer a college degree, but hey, I need some people to troll. 😉

        Also, BJ Penn delivered nothing in his last two fights, when Jon jones has delivered near greatness in almost every single UFC fight (save Bonnar). Like I said, I love BJ, but that’s a fact.

        You’re blinded by some weird hatred for the guy and spew the dumbest, most emotional sh*t. I never said I agree with his turning down the fight, I am just expressing my opinion on a fan website, and trying to logically approach a rational conclusion to an unprecedented event.

        • Tom, you should marry jones, go to your little honeymoon and get crushed by a bus with a drunk driver.
          Those fighters have their style, JBJ tried to be a good man, but showed his true personality by being a douche.
          The other fighters play a role in fighing game, he doesnt, he is a real self centered.
          so, yeah, STFU

    • Philly says:

      So Tom, by “met” Jones 15 times, to you mean jacked onto his picture 15 times?

    • J says:

      He is the only Champ to turn down a fight.
      He is the only Champ to be sponsored by the UFC.
      He is the only Champ to crash a Bentley into a telephone pole (drunk, within a year of buying it).
      He is the only Champ to directly cost the UFC $40million, when they made him who he is, all because he was too scared to fight a guy essentially TWO WEIGHT CLASSES BELOW HIM (Jones is moving to heavy).
      And he doesn’t regret it, feel sorry, or any remorse. He feels entitled to causing all that drama. I’m four years younger than Jon, personally, and even I’ve matured enough to realize that Champions are icons. Not just people. You take on the role of a Champion and you’re more than another fighter on the roster. You have responsibility. You have loyalty to the people who look up to you, to your employer, and to yourself as a FIGHTER to uphold.
      Get your head out of your ass and look at the hard facts JBJ nuthugger. Fairweather fans make me laugh. You’re the kind of fucking ignoramus that would have attempted to gain German citizenship if you felt they were winning in WW2 despite how skewed their moral compass was.
      Champions are going to be held to a higher degree than “us nobodies,” then they better be ready to take on the responsibility that comes with it. And this just in: saying “You can’t comment on something because you dont do that thing” is a common logical fallacy noted in almost every argumentative writing textbook you can find.
      You’re an idiot. How’s that for a flame.

      • Tom says:

        You’re maturity level is definitely not up to par of Jon Jones, to start. Jon Jones owes nothing to anyone. He is an entertainer as well as a fighter. If he wants to get paid, he needs to excel and perform. Jon Jones fighting is VERY entertaining, and he is one of the best. I will give you the benefit of the doubt because you are so young that you haven’t encountered what Jon Jones has in life when it comes to having to lookout for you. It is probably why you feel entitled to someone who should be loyal to you.

        He also didn’t cause the 40 million loss (and that’s a rough estimate) by himself. He was a man who has a chance of ‘SAVING’ 40 million. First, Henderson pulled out. Second, UFC did a bad job at planning the event. Third, where do you think the money went? Do you think it just disappeared? It’s in the pockets of people who would have bought the PPV. The local economy in Vegas? Most people ended up going and spending MORE, because they already had it planned, and had extra money to spend. The only entity it hurt was the UFC, which is why it is trying to pollute your weak mind into having sympathy for a multi billion dollar company owned by people who throw that money around.

        Your attempt at making points were sporadic, not well thought out, and completely ineffective. As to your reference of you calling it a flame, I’d be equally offended if a 4 year old called me a poo poo head.

      • One Day, Sonny Boy... says:

        you’ll realize how dumb you are right now in your early 20s.

  25. maurice says:

    jones has the making of becoming a major heel in the sport. he is sort of embracing it now, not because he wants to, but because he realized ppl just dont like him. i still blame it on him kicking the shit outta our lhw heroes. only thing jones ever said that made me say “wtf” was when he said some shit about not signing replica belts because he worked hard for the real thing. other then that i like him more and more every fight. every primetime he seems just wat he is, a goofy young kid just trying to enjoy this big stage in his life.

    i can understand ppl dont like jones. but i dont get the whole “fake” thing and blah blah blah. he too mean for dropping machida on his head. he’s fake for saying he would fight rashad evans, only if his job was on the line. he’s fake for being a christian that believes greatly in his skills. he’s an evil person for his dui incident. jones single handely destroyed ufc 151. ppl need to just shut up and enjoy. truth is we all loved jones coming up, but we had no idea that he could easily handle shogun, machida and page, not at only 23. but we were all wrong and it happend so quickly. i had jones pegged to lose to page, shogun and machida. after the machida win i gave him his due respect and remembered why i luved him.

    truth is yall just need to stop bitching and acting like jones is some fake christian who is a demon behind closed doors with team jackson. and going into the hendo fight i wanted hendo to win by vicious ko. after seeing the haters say senseless shit, i want jones to continue his success. i just cant keep hating on a fighter this confident, and destroying legends left and right, when 2 years ago he didnt even have a well groomed fighting style.

  26. GummyWorm says:

    Somebody tell “Old Greg” Jackson to put a muzzle on his little puppy dog.

  27. DMAC says:

    I hope Hendo gets a good cycle in so he can at least make it out the first rd.

  28. maurice says:

    like i said before, chael convinced these fickle ass fans that he is a true threat to jones and anderson, and neither guy wants a part of him. chael best performance came from a high trt reading and still taking another sub loss.

  29. sarah says:

    and you dodged an H bomb

  30. Chito Lopez says:

    Hating on Jon Jones you bunch of clowns??? Dana whites Little puppets I swear.. Jon Jones is the KING OF THE UFC .. Ran through 4 of the best with a quickness “DUCKS” a fight agains a man who don’t deserve to breathe the same air as him and you clowns are upset??? get it together RETARDS!

    • Irie nation says:

      Chito?? Are you named after a brand of chips? Haha you shouldn’t be allowed to post with a name chito…your prob some paisa who snuck into the US cuz you’re 3rd world country home was a shit hole and you wanted better…damn jbj cock suckers

  31. Guss says:

    Whaaaaa…whaaaaaa…whaaaaa. Cry baby jones is so sensitive. Truth hurts kid. Your now learning one of life’s lessons. Man up. Your suppose to be a champion. Maybe if you didn’t chicken out and fought, you wouldn’t be getting picked on. Lol

  32. Frank says:

    @Jon. Please stop talking! I was defending you at first, reminding people that the UFC151 drop was not just your fault. But the more you talk, the more ridiculous you sound. Just shut up and fight. Junior Dos Santos, Anderson Silva, George St Pierre, Benson Henderson, and Jose Aldo all do their talking in the cage. Fire your publicist and do as these other Champions do.

  33. MIKE says:

    Hendo didn’t just dodge a bullet, he dodged his retirement

  34. Cesar Saenz says:

    wow jon jones is a arrogant stupid pussy cunt. How are you going to call someone out for being hurt what a fucking scrub henderson would have eat your bitch ass up. i think you dodged a bullt more then he did and the erve to talk shit when u couldnt even take a fight you trained for against a guy that didnt train at all shut your scary ass up and do some more push ups pussy so you can call another fight off to train some more since your not ready.

  35. B-rad says:

    I bet if and when Bones moves up to HW he wont be talkin shit like this… Feed him to the Reem! i wanna see how bad he can fold Bones in half with that liver kick, he retired Brock with it, and hes 3x as thick

  36. lolziez says:

    sounds like some schoolyard kindergarten shit here lmao. He’s just digging a deeper pit of hatred towards himself the more he opens his pie hole. It’s like sitting back and watching a stereotypical reality show about the rapid rise and downfall of a would-be great man if he only knew how to stfu. If hendo wanted to, he could say “when i was in the gym workin hard everyday, allday, you were out showing the world how horrible your front bumper works..BTW whats your gamertag? so i can own you at COD”

  37. Miles says:

    I would call jon jones a faggot, but that would be too disrespectful to gays.

  38. I hope JBJ does go up to HW. Yes he walks around at 230, but he is going to have to bulk up to 250 at least. Weak ankles, spindly arms, chicken legs, has anyone really tested his chin, I’m sure JDS would like to ring his bell. JDS, Mir, Velasquez, Big Nog, Carwin, Kongo, Hunt, the list goes on for all the HW’s that would eat JBJ’s lunch. Please Jon “little bones” Jones, go to HW, get the Fuc% KO’d, and be humbled. Better yet, UFC should mandate a fight between you and Silva. I would love to see you get your ass handed to you by the Spider. JBJ A$$hole of the year!

  39. Wrestlingdoesntrule says:

    JBJ waited for AAA to come and change my tire on the side of the highway. He waited with me and my 3 yr. old daughter for over an hour. The whole time he was entertaining my daughter and offered us bottled water that he had in his trunk. True Story.
    He’s a decent guy in my opinion.

    • Not saying he isn’t a gentleman, assuming you are a woman, cause if ypu are a man, and needed JBJ to sit with you and yur kid, you would be either a fag or the biggest pussy going. That said, and assuming you are a woman, it is commendable that JBJ would stay with you and your child, and provide refreshments while AAA arrived. However, tell all the fighters who lost a paycheck how nice JBJ is. Tell his boss how great he is that he cost them $40 Million in lost revenue. JBJ needs to grow up and be a pro. He needs to be humbled in the biggest way. Oh yeah, it sure was a good thing that no innocents were injured while he drove his bently into a tree while driving impared.

  40. Nando says:

    Ha, what do you guys want from Jones? If he’s respectful, he’s fake. If he’s an ass, he’s a douche. Personally, I respect him more for standing up for himself & not being fake anymore. Right on Bones

  41. BJ is KING says:

    hahaha thats the spirit JBJ get some venom inya. Hopefully someone will shut him up, glad hes a bit more truthful now not like that fake cunt he was before.

  42. Olopop Master says:

    Bones is a douche. I hope Vitor knocks him out cold. I think the money got to his head. He seems like a prick.

  43. Edgar says:

    Jones is so cocky that he thinks he can take out the
    Heavyweight class ! I hope jones gets KO’d soon

  44. dodged a bullet…c’mon jones shut up dude. Hendo is a LEGEND and future HOF, ur cocky chickenshit ass needs to be quiet and respect a man who has done more for this sport, that your golden spoiled ass shits all over, than you will ever do. Hendo got hurt in training. and still wanted to fight you. You were completely trained, in shape and ready to fight and a guy in a lower weight class who is coming off the couch with no camp is willing to step up and fight you and you are too afraid to fight him? You are no longer the champion, and you should no longer hold the belt. part of being a champion is fighting anyone anytime. champions don’t turn down challenges, champions fight anyone that stands in front of them and if you really were the champ you would have fought chael and would have beat chael. you need to stop talking shit and get ur ass in the gym and get ready to defend that belt. cuz vitor is coming to knock your head off, and for the sake of many fans and for the sake of the sport i hope he succeeds. you are a disgrace to all champions who have come before you, a disgrace to the division, a disgrace to the sport. its time for a real man and a real champion to hold that belt.

  45. Bjj BB says:

    Y does every1 think you have to be perfect to be champion? The sooner you haters know that you dont! The sooner all of you will shut your hypocrite asses up! Theres no such thing as a perfect champion or human, we are all flaud and sin, so stop hating On a man that sins differently from you! F-ucking hypocrites!!

  46. Bjj BB says:

    I’m sorry guys just being biase.I went to college with JON JONES and he helped me explore myself and get in touch with my feminine side.and by golly just come out and live the alternative lifestyle.

  47. korean jesus says:

    like i said, in most cases, RICH MAKES YOU A BITCH.

  48. Smackuround says:

    I am now convinced Jones is the village idiot. He does not know when to shut up.

    • slacker says:

      lmao! He’s making himself contemptible now by being so disrespectful to Hendo. He should have just kept HIS mouth shut. At least before this, some people would have been a little merciful because of being so young and inexperienced in life. Plus, he could have shouldered the blame with Jackson. Now, going on the attack like this, he has brought himself out front and center; he is just showing himself to be the young, egotistical guy that people already disliked him for.

  49. Jujitsu Player says:

    I kind of agree with Jones on this, Hendo should shut the fuck up, he’s managed to dodge a lot of the flack but it’s his fault he got injured and if he’d reported the injury straight away instead of 2 weeks later the event would have went ahead. When they finally meet Jones is going to wreck him.

    • THANK YOU!! All this hate for Jon Jones but none for Henderson who could maybe have saved the card if he manned the hell up and reported his injury instead of waiting until the last minute so he could give his buddy Sonnen a chance to get an undeserved payday.

  50. Brett says:

    Jon Jones is a fuck retard! “Lucky you dodged a bullet”? Are you fucking crazy You had a chance to fight him he got hurt you fucking coward! Go ahead and shit talk the guy with a torn MCL! I was looking forward to seeing the H-BOMB landing on your glass jaw! But now I cant wait to see another Anthony Johnson win from Vitor or Another Wanderlei Silva fight from Vitor! #LionVsPussy

  51. DMAC says:

    Glad JJ isn’t showing respect to trt users like Hendo! First of all it’s a fight no need to respect shit about your opponent, especially a twitter clown like Hendo! He didn’t dodge a bullet he dodge a trip to the ER and finally retirement. All the roids in the world can’t help him win this fight, legendary juicer!

  52. Wsheets says:

    So in conclusion, most of you probably liked Jon Jones before his title shot, then he started winning, said one or two bad things, and now you love to hate him. Secondly, it’s hilarious how all of you have something to say about the way Jon Jones talks, yet love a guy like Rashad Evans…

  53. Javier Gonzalez says:

    the more they try to hate Jon Jones..the more money he’s going to make when he walks into the octagon…i still think he going to, i know he will crush whatever person they put in front of him…the facts will be shown and recorded for your entertainment…Mr. Jones..keep doing what your doing dispite of whats happening around have a blessing most will never understand…MAY GOD GRANT MORE BLESSINGS IN YOUR JOURNEY..

  54. Xaninho says:

    Someone should take away his computer and hand him an internet time-out.

  55. Bjj BB says:

    Eh majestic stop using my screen name and telling people how you live u F-ucking fruit!

  56. Dddddd says:

    It ain’t even fun hatin on this punk anymore.
    No respect for your elders? Sure Dan was
    givin him a little shxt but my elders always
    gave me shxt. Pretty bad metaphor to!
    A Bullet?

  57. Bjj BB says:

    All fighters talk shit, fuck up, get cocky, make mistakes out side the ring. Why is john jones any different? As far as respecting your elders is bullshit! Every man knows you dont respect any1 who dont respect you!! So fuck dan and every fighter of non fan that dont respect him, its funny how jbj gets no respect but all the guys you do love in mma aint half the fighter jbj is, but hey at least they never got drunk and hit a tree right? At least they never turned down a bullshit fight that made no sense to take right? Bullshit!! You know how dumb you guys sound hating on a guy for other things then mma!!?? Mma is a sport, hating a man for other things then that is fucking stupid and what part of mma is that? Your just a fan so keep it at that!!

    • Sugar Ponybear says:

      So, hating someone for who they are and what they do is stupid? Jon Jones is a champ, it’s his obligation to represent. You think he represents the UFC well pulling that shit. You think he represents himself well? Isn’t he the self proclaimed role-model? Isn’t it him that just wants to inspire kids? Well, isn’t he doing a hell of a job. Like any job what you do off the clock matters. That’s why people get fired and pulled from the Olympics for tweets. It’s all about representation. You can be the best fighter in the world, if you can’t carry yourself properly or the name that sponsers you properly, you shouldn’t be there.

  58. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Is Jon Jones a great fighter? Yes, no doubt about that. But he’s an ass, he’s letting his ride get to his head and he’s getting more and more arrogant as time passes. I’ve been saying I’m only a few fights away from being sold on Jones being the best LHW, with his attitude, I don’t think he’ll make it a few fights. I can see Jones being on an episode of ‘Where are They Now’ in a few years. A champ must be respectful, they must never get ahead of themselves, and they must NEVER at any time over estimate their abilities. Jon Jones suffers from all three of these, if he keeps this up he won’t be champ for long and he won’t have a fan base to fucking care.

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