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Thursday, 10/18/2012, 12:04 pm

Jones Thinks It’s ‘Bullcrap’ that Sonnen Is On TRT | UFC NEWS

“I think it’s terrible. I think it’s absolutely terrible if you’re going to consider yourself an athlete. TRT would be perfect for Chael Sonnen if he wasn’t competing in one of the toughest sports in the world.

I think Chael Sonnen made tons of money when he was a young guy, and now he’s an older guy. And now just to be able to take a drug and super-enhance yourself back to where you were in your 20′s is bull.

Right now I’m 25, I’m sure I’m not as giddy and happy-go-lucky as I was when I was 20, so if I take a drug at my 25-year-old age and have the energy of a 20-year-old, it just wouldn’t be fair. Everyone would hate me if I did it, but Chael Sonnen gets to do it? I think it’s bullcrap.”

The champ, Jon Jones, took a swing at Sonnen’s use of TRT during yesterday’s tele-conference to promote TUF 17 and their April 17 fight announcement.

Check out the full audio from the call below:


34 Responses to “Jones Thinks It’s ‘Bullcrap’ that Sonnen Is On TRT | UFC NEWS”

    • fedgar_fan says:

      I don’t understand why people have such have huge problem with him being on TRT. The commission tested him and his testosterone levels were too high for a normal guy so he the commission suspended him and asked him to go on TRT (testosterone reduction therapy) after his suspension was over. He is on TRT because the comission told him to do it.

    • Jasplanet says:

      Here we are again. . First of all this is NOT a sport, it is a circus freak act. Now that u dont see it as a sport but just an income source for fox and ufc, then who cares if chael has 6 times the normal human limit for testosterone. Honestly this is what its all about, throw in a chainsaw and let some american soldiers step in with metal limbs and a knife vs a terrorist prisoner wearing bombs, this is not a sport, its a show, so anything goes really.

      • Jones says:

        This is defiantly a sport! Your fucking dumb. That’s like saying boxing an judo isn’t a sport. Your prolly some liberal queer living at home with mommy.

        • Jasplanet says:

          I dont have time to google up what liberal means. My point is dont mix mma and ufc up, when it comes to the ufc it really is just a big showfor mainstream fans, thats it. In soccer, champions leage, if a crappy or relatively unknown team wins then they come to the finale and play in the right order. Thats the difference between a sport and and a freakshow. U protect TRT like if ur daddy pumps it before he molestopump u

  1. Bobby says:

    if sonnen doesn’t get his trt, he dies.that simple

  2. SRJ says:

    Jon Jones is dumb as hell.

    TRT is only given to athletes who test *below* the normal level of testosterone, and is only administered to bring them *into* (not above) the normal level of testosterone, which is where he must test at while on the therapy.

    It is not a cheat, it gives him no advantage. It puts him at the same level of testosterone as a normal human male.

    Anyone who would like to explain how correcting a low testosterone level to a normal testosterone level is actually “cheating,” I await your response.

    • chris says:

      I know I shouldnt respond because people will believe whatever they want despite the facts. With the UFC and TRT you can actually go above what the average male would have. The UFC allows for a ratio of 6:1 were as average is 1:1. Also if Sonnen’s issue with low T was legit he would have been diagnosed by a urologist vs some primary care physician.

    • BJ says:

      I think the cheating aspect arises from the fact that as anyone ages their T levels drop. Chael can “legally” restore his back to the level of a 20 year old…

  3. Mike b says:

    People already hate u jones….too late for that.Lol

  4. drew says:

    he has low testosterone because he abused roids back in the day. you think randy couture ever had a low testosterone problem…orrrr royce gracie…orrrr anderson silva orrrrrrr matt hughes orrrrrrrr bj penn? i mean wtf dude dont act like you know what your talking about when you dont. your acting like chael all of sudden through out his life who we all know is a very active athletic guy would start loosing natural testeserone to a point where his body almost stopped creating it? dude it doesnt add up it just doesnt…he fucked up his natural testeserone being produced so bad that it pretty much almost stopped working lol like did that ever happen to you? or me? thats a probably no it didnt. why becuase we didnt jack up ourselves on synthetic products that shrink our balls. the only guy i defend is for hendo, dudes like 43 chaels like 33 34 early 30s…come on man like dude once ur 40 its like c ya later keeping up with being in MMA, randy and hendo are freaks of nature bottom line.

    • Not You says:

      Drew, Royce was busted for Roids after a fight he lost. And your body uses more testosterone the more rigorous your physical output is. High level athletes deplete their levels faster than regular Joes. Also, it’s a bit heavy handed to say someone is talking about things they don’t know when you want to make the claim that a list of people, to which you hold no personal connection or ties, are completely clean fighters.

  5. Sosa says:

    2 questions.

    – where did jones go to college?

    – can he get his money back ?

  6. Dante says:

    Getting TRT is just a bit more difficult than going to a store and buying Tylenol. Don’t try to justify anyone’s “necessity” for doing this treatment because I’ve never seen any extensive evidence, through testing, that would showcase any fighter needing to use this treatment. That said, I’m indifferent on the issue, but the perspective of the know-it-all MMA fan is obnoxious.

  7. Unknown says:

    TRT won’t help him anyway.

  8. Jason says:

    Isn’t it true that the guys who are on TRT are actually allowed to test higher than guys who are not. I believe the ratio is 6:1 instead of 4:1

    • Booger says:

      Some people have naturally high t levels as well as naturally low. The 6:1 is for all fighters, not just for trt users, and to the guy calling it testosterone reduction therapy, you’re so wrong. Chael had a ratio of 16.9:1 bc he abused it, or roids, not sure, that’s why he was suspended. He had naturally LOW T, which is why he’s on testosterone replacement therapy. Read a book.

  9. Drew says:

    Yes I did come off harsh and I do apologize for that wasn’t classy. But chael did have 17 or 16:1 ratio in Anderson 1 fight. Maybe he is a clean fighter maybe he isn’t. It’s just hard to look at the best ever like Hughes Anderson bj randy Hendo and they never needed except Hendo now but he is 43 it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that were assuming from your arguement that chael’s training is so much more intense then couriers training that he’s been on trt for the past 2 years or longer. U have to admit it just seems shady

  10. jorge says:

    the only thing Jones likes to be on is Greg Jackson :)

  11. Dr. D says:

    Drew, a few points.. Royce did get popped for steroids and was suspended for a year. Also, Hendo, Randy, Rampage and a few others have come out and advised they have competed on TRT, it was no secret. One big misconception about TRT is many people assume it is an anabolic steroid or similar, which in fact it is not. It is,a legal substance that allows an older person the opportunity to replace hormones to the level of a person much younger, now if taken at the legal dosage allowed by the commission (UFC doesn’t regulate the rules, this is the job of the athletic commission) then it truely allows the fighters to be at an equal level, but when taking excessive amounts such as chael and the famous 16:1 ratio, that is clearly cheating, but normal level to normal level is not. The real argument that I ponder, and still not sure on how to go with this is if TRT allows fighters careers to extend beyond the average career expectancy of 10 years and compete at the competitive levels that of their prime and we get to enjoy these fighters longer than we normally would, as fans.shouldnt we be happy we get the household names longer or is it better with a revolving door of fighters we never really get to know because the top tier constantly changes. I can go either way to be honest. Regards.

  12. Pkq says:

    Just let them all take steroids and be open about it, then when people who don’t take steroid win there fights from hard work then and technique it will just bar that much more of a reward. you look back in the history of people who take steroids and get caught and they almost never win the fights. Perfect technique is the best performance enhancer.

  13. Dr. D says:

    Thats actually a good point to be honest, the majority of the athletes who tested positive with anabolics after a fight
    did lose. Technique, Patience > Strength, h

  14. Josiah says:

    on TRT or not he’s still the king of smack talk so TRT doesn’t really have to do with his career.

  15. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    The real problem with TRT ie: TESTOSTERONE WHICH IS IN FACT AN ANABOLIC STEROID. The commissions do not randomly test any of these fighters so that allows them to shoot up as much JUICE between fights s they want which also allows them to train at least 10 times harderand recover at a pace natural fighters like BJ penn could only dream of. Also what really sucks is these commissions do not test for synthetic testosterone to weed ou the ABUSERS like Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt who is OBVIOUSLY using it between fights and tapering off to get down to the 6 to ratio which BTW is an insanely high amount to be allowed ecpecially fo a 35 yr old like Nate “THE CHEAT”. The reason I bring up Nate “THE CHEAT” is he was busted like 5 times in one year for having excessive levels of testosterone while he was using TRT. ASk any dcotor once you start TRT your body will need it for rest of your life. All Nate “THE CHEAT” did was outsmart about 99% of you and commissions and UFC by saying he sudeenly doesn’t need it anymore. However anyone who as a half of brain knows all he is doing is continueing to use it just like he has always where he has his own testing done throughout his training camp or betwen fights which allows him to JUICE up as much as hehas always done his entire career (busted in 2007 for ILLEGAL STEROIDS ie NANDROLONE also known as DECA ( afavorite among athletes fro its fast results) The reason Nate OBVIOUSLY need testosterone is because he CHEATED his entire career using ILLEGAL steroids and as he eve stated at his hearing n 2007 he said everyone was using steroids in JAPAN because it was legal. ll the commission wold have to do to BUST Nate “THE CHEAT” right now s test hm for SYNTHETIC testosterone. Nste just wanted to get fans, commissions, UFC off his back so he went back to what he has doe all his career and that is CYCLING. Take it from me an old man TRT makes you feel like SUPERMAN used in doses a fraction of what Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT”, Frank Mir, Hallman and many others, Bristol Marunde (his brother died of ENLARGED HEART in his early 30’s due to massive abuse of steroids (worlds strongman). Gee I’m sure Brisol ever did any ROIDS with his big brother which is the #1 cause of LOW T. Until UFC or commission start randomly testing all UFC fighter and especially TRT users they will all continue to CHEAT and have massive advantage over the CLEAN fighters like BJ Penn, Nick and Nate Diaz nd the number is shrinking by the day. Its been estimated by very LEGIT sources upwards to 90% of all UFC fighters use PED’s. Also its easyiest to get away with all out JUICING the less a fighter fights (GEE who hasn’t fought in over 560 days) The Sherks, GSPs, etc etc

  16. Jasplanet says:

    Here we are again. First of all this is NOT a sport, it is a circus freak act. Now that u dont see it as a sport but just an income source for fox and ufc, then who cares if chael has 6 times the normal human limit for testosterone. Honestly this is what its all about, throw in a chainsaw and let some american soldiers step in with metal limbs and a knife vs a terrorist prisoner wearing bombs, this is not a sport, its a show, so anything goes really.

  17. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    No doubt in my mind Sonnen trains almost year round with at least 16.9 to 1 or 16 times th testosterone as the average man. Keep in mind he was for sure tapering off when he owed up forthe weigh ins against A Silva in their first fight. Sonnen fought so far over his head that night because he had enough JUICE in him to fightwith the strength of 10 men. We all saw what a somewhat normal Sonnen with only 6 to 1 was ble t muster of against Bisping. No doubt in my mind if Sonnen would have had the sameJUICE levels in Bisping fight as he did in first Silva fight he would have blown right thru Bisping. It only takes a week or two of tapering off the STEROID/TRT injections to get his levels down to around 6 to 1. However for the previous 4-6 months he was able to train and recover at a rate that average (CLEAN) fighter can only dream of and ask any doctor you do not lose any of the INSANE strength and recovery benifits that were abtained thru the use of a NEEDLE and best JUICE/STEROID Pharmacudectal money can buy. Back in old days all these pro wrestlers and or athletes of all sports use to have to buy ll that crap from Mexico which was hit or miss at best and full of rat sh’it and god only knows what else. Now these CHEATS like Marqaurdt, Mir, Sonnen, Griffen, Marunde, Duffee, Hallman, and hundreds more that just use it without TRT (CHEATER CARD)

  18. belov says:

    Jones took this thing with Phael as soon as he saw that press conf. after 153, where all of you can hear and see Dana and Anderson talking about that Tae Kwon Doe world championship and Silva v Jones fight. So Dana has leverage over Anderson to make that fight, but Jones saw an exit from that one by calling out Phael through TUF picking a perfect timing to avoid Silva since Silva fights twice a year tops and April would fit Silva perfectly. Or was it Jackson protecting his interests. But still it was Jones that made that call to Dana, and he could have said to White that he wants to fight Silva instead of Phael on the finale of TUF. And i bet that everyone would rather watch TUF with Silva and Jones as coaches which would end with the dream fight.

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