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Wednesday, 08/15/2012, 03:56 pm

Jones Tells Sonnen "..At Least Disrespect Me to My Face Like a Man #Coward #Cheater" | UFC News

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is not tolerating any of Chael Sonnen‘s antics and trash talk.  We reported earlier Chael’s words for Bones Jones.  He quickly fires back at Sonnen causing both fighters to exchange jabs on twitter.  Read below:

The light heavyweight champ tops of his series of tweets with a message for the fans with:

Bones Jones is scheduled to face  Dan Henderson at UFC 151 on Sept. 1 in Las Vegas while Sonnen has a scheduled bout with  Forest Griffin on Dec. 29 in Las Vegas.

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64 Responses to “Jones Tells Sonnen "..At Least Disrespect Me to My Face Like a Man #Coward #Cheater" | UFC News”

  1. Some Guy says:

    I dont’ care what you have to say, Chael is the fucking man. The king is shit stirring. I love it.

  2. stephen riddle says:

    Lmao, chael is not scared homie! I admire him because hes not.

    • Jones will be remembered says:

      for being a dominate CHAMPION, not the DUI. Chael will be remembered for trash talk and coming close to beating Anderson Silva. When it’s all said and done, it will show that Chael fell short professionally. Unless something changes, of course.

      And there is not one UFC fighter out there that is afraid of the fight. Not one. It takes a special person to stand and face another human being knowing that that human being wants to harm you. That’s why Brian Stann is a hero in more ways than one. But its idiotic to say they (fighters) are afraid.

    • Paul Harris says:

      Sooo classic. Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.
      “come knock on my door. Don’t drive” hahaaaaaa
      How long did it take your parents to come up with that name JON JONES? #creative

  3. Me says:

    Jones would kill Sonnen in the ring
    Sonnen would kill Jones in a trash talking competition that being said I’d love to see the trash talk followed by a fight :)

  4. A.James says:

    Jones wants Chael to amp up a possible match. Chael vs Silva broke almost every UFC record out.

  5. Jim says:

    JJ has absolutely no control over what Chael does outside the octagon, inside maybe, but outside nope.

  6. Nick says:

    Round 1 Cheal. That’s for sure.

  7. Jaedr says:

    Jon booze Jones is so terrible at shit talking haha. What a child.

  8. B-rad says:

    Damn, i know its twitter and all, but ENOUGH WITH THE HASHTAGS!!!! You see more on his posts than a 14 year old girl!

  9. Scott says:

    Ummm any1 wants to tell Jon that Chael was just joking in the 1st place? :S

  10. geek says:

    no way chael can beat jones,jbj had great takedown defense and wrestling..chael is just an overarted fighter

    • Me says:

      No way is he underated… In his last 10 fights he has won 7 of them the 2 loses commin from the champion & the P4P king he has wins over Paulo Filho, Dan Miller, Yushin Okami, Nate Marquardt, Brian Stann and fucking Michael Bisping all these fighters were ranked below 15 when Chael beat them. Chael came the closest to beating the Spider so no way is he overated.

      • g says:

        Yea then he got caught with steroids chael is a pussy. Then he came in clean and gets his shot handed to him. And anyone who think chael has a chance against bones
        obviously are not watching the fights.

      • Larry Pope says:

        LOL he came close to beating the The Spider? by juicing up and lost to an injured spider. LOL don’t make some of us laugh. He is a character after all and definitely is a genius st getting under people’s skin to throw then off their game. But please don’t say he came close look at when the Spider was healthy Chael couldn’t even fight the fight he wanted making decisions that pretty much embarrassed him. He knew the had it coming it was like Bospobg talking Shit to Dan and what happened to him he KO and jaw shut for what 30 secs, he looked like someone taxed his ass. Bones is a good fighter but I guess the fame already got to his head it is only of time till that reign is short lived.

        • Me says:

          I have no idea what you are talking about… I said he came the closest to beating him and if you’re going to disagree with that then you’re delusional and as for the 2nd fight what was so bad about it? He won a round then in the 2nd round he got Anderson Silva’d no shame in loosing to the Spider.

      • Kevin Cormier says:

        People have beaten the spider… just nobody has the right skill set son far in ufc. My money is on Weidman.

  11. sr says:

    Lol to you all.fags who are hugging sonnens dick. Forest has beaten him before and will do so again. If he does win jones will wipe the fucking octagon with him. Trash talk does no good when elbows are smashing his face. Dumbasses

  12. Bryson kealoha says:

    Ho bahh @chael sonnen and anyone else who tink they hard come Hawaii to the VP and I show you what a real fighter look like. And remremembahh not 1 bahh 2

    • Xaninho says:

      cool story bro. 209 puto!!!

    • Michael says:

      Shut the fuck up…you don’t even know how to fight or speak English. Learn a real language, you’re embarrassing yourself.

      • Fraah says:

        too funny, go on youtube and look at fights in hawai’i, watch little kids and girls throwin down like madness. Knees, elbows, ground work. Then do the same thing for where your from and tell me what difference you see. Not long ago searched out all these fights for fun and never saw a place with displays of skills constantly like the 808. Seen lots of men who fought worse then local girls so how you gonna ack JUST SCRAP ain’t a line it what we do. No need for guns when your body is weapon enough.

  13. Rufus says:

    chael will beat him down like he did to hecter Lombard.

  14. Silva cheats says:

    I bet chael wouldn’t call his mommy to bail him out of jail after a dwi charge…

  15. learntoread says:

    After all the trash Jones did back & forth with Evans for months on end, he can’t really sit there and condemn Sonnen as the “trash talker” (that’d make Jon a bit of a hypocrite, even though Chael is king troll).

  16. Pancho says:

    Jones would destroy Chael, he couldn’t take Silva so no way he could take Bones

  17. 123 says:

    Chael Sonnen Is Funny As Fuck,

  18. Bjj BB says:

    Chael is da man at talking shit, i give him that! But as a fighter i can stand the dry humpers! He has ok stand up but if you cant beat silva with his so called great ground game theres no way hes beating jones, NO FUCKING WAY! But im sure chael dont care about that, he knows he will get the fat pay check and he will be remembered for as long as the ufc is around, so my hats off to chael for getting paid and keeping his name alive forever, but its to fucking bad he wont be talked about as a champ! I got no love for him at all as a fighter!!

  19. bunkylomax says:

    JJ is annoying to me..that cocky mf needs to get KO’d! He acts all high and mighty and is buying into all his hype..Nobody goes undefeated so maybe once he loses he’ll chill out. Oh and i wouldn’t buy anything Nike puts out in his name…Drunk drivers ruin lives and should never be rewarded tired of he’s young and made a mistake..he knows better and he should realize he represents the UFC 24/7..Nike should be giving deals to champs like GSP or JDS…BJ deserves a deal before JJ

    • Cody says:

      Right I mean look at his twitter pic for god sakes it’s a lion I pray that sooner than later he can’t make 205 any more so he has to fight people his own size and get a dose of reality

    • Jroc says:

      Jds should get a nike deal are u just that dumb to think a big corporation like nike would give a deal ti a guy that half the world would not know who he is walking down the street. Nike wants people that can be legends. The youngest light heavyweight championa guy who makes good decision minus his dui. Im pretty sure everybody on this message board has taken a drink and driven home. He doesnt claim to be a god. Get off. The hate train. Wow chael can talk shit but has never had ufc gold. Only place he could win a title is strike force. What a bum only thing he can beat is his dick

  20. JayKay says:

    Jon Jones is a wanker. Why doesn’t he step to HW, which is his natural division? Because he’ll have his ugly ass handed to him!!

  21. Arctor says:

    I like how Chael always tries to pretend like he’d show up to someone’s house or they should come to his house. If JJ showed up to his house Chael would cower, the guy is the complete opposite when there isn’t any media outlet whether it’s a camera, twitter, hell he can be cool when giving positive comments about a fight (such as his evaluation of Griffin-Shogun II). But he’s a parody of himself now, he’s like watching old WWE guys like Vince McMahon and Triple H doing dick and fart jokes. The only fight he’s ever sold is his fight with Silva, because A-Silva’s the greatest of all time, B-the champ, and C-the only guy anyone would pay to see a fight with Chael involved in it. JJ can be subpar with the shit talking all he wants, his record and dominance over the LHW division has already trumped anything and everything Chael Sonnen has accomplished in his entire life.

  22. Boom Boom says:

    Smh…social network bickering is just stupid. Be it baby mama drama on Facebook, teenage hormonal rage on MySpace, etc. Enough of these “Twitter wars”. Chael worry about Forrest, Jon worry about Dan, and come time you two square off, sell the fight on promos and press conferences and whatnot…

  23. Guss says:

    Hmmm…already lookin past Hendo? Lol Better stay focused Jones.

  24. Jimbo says:

    Why so much hate towards JBJ? The guy has taken out a who’s who of elite fighters and ex-Champions. In person the guy is as humble and polite as they come. Yes, I agree Chael is funny as shit, but in what world can he even come close to beating JBJ? I

  25. Cody says:

    JJ supporters always think everyone’s hating he just has a off putting personality and u can clearLy tell half the things that come out his mouth r what he thinks people wanna here there’s nothing worse in this world than a fake personality not to mention he’s ruined the lwh div he needs to just move the fuck up and fight people his own size every div in the UFC is competitive except lwh and maybe ww and it’s cause Greg Jackson found a freak of nature in jj who can make weight and come into a fight at 225 6’5 with 84 inch reach and a strong wrestling base it’s really no fun to watch but that’s just one mans opinion

  26. drew says:

    if chael ever gets a 205 title shot with jones…ill tell u this much he will never wear an actual belt…but he will single handedly be the richest mma artist ever to never wear the gold…think about it…two fights with anderson ALLLLLLL THAT FUCKING PRESS HE DID FOR EACH ONE…plus his book…fox fell in love with him and does like every show there gonna do a loooonnngggg assss time even dana said that in a recent interview…has fought for a long ass time in general…is now on some new like workout machine wear u hit like 8 different spots which doenst look to bad but still he fought stann good money fought bisping good money…and the forrest fight will pay alright even tho i fuckn hate forrrest ex piggy who hates being beat down by another man on one to a point where he runs out of the fights lol…assuming cheal wins…he will get another 205 shot…and if he can get past that whoever it may be which chael always has a good percentage at he decision based off his style…and if he can get atleast one jones fight all while doing fox shit and interviews and press he might crack 200M OUT of all this at the end of the line and 200M could possibly be nice on that estimation….im not condoning anything chael does…but he seriously works the position he is in and the media on all ends and really has made some mad bank….sadly he is a cheater

  27. drew says:

    sidenote…bisping beat him

  28. maurice says:

    why is everyone reacting as if chael sonnen won this little twitter beef? chael got owned and exposed once again for a cheat, coward and bitch. i dont understand chael, he has such a bad rep, but yet he still opens his mouth and talks bullshit. for once im on jones side here. jones last 3 tweets literally BURIED CHAEL…

    like seriously, does nobody realize chael shut the fuck up when jons called him out on his performance against anderson and his history of cheating?

  29. maurice says:




  30. Bjj BB says:

    @ maurice-+1000!! ^^^agreed!!!!!!!! I couldent of said it better my self!! But i will say that its cool for some1 like chael to do fucked up shit on purpose (and i quote from sum1’s comment above) (that jbj should know he represents the ufc 24/7) but you have jbj who thought he was ok to drive and made a mistake that can happen to any1 and he deserves to get all this hate? Was chael thinking about the ufc when he was stealing? Or when he juiced the fuck up or trt? NO U FUCKING PRICKS!! Yea lets all fucking be retards and back sum1 who stole money and took something to help win a fight and he also could of killed silva as well as jbj could of hit sum1 with his car!! Wake the fuck up ppl!!

  31. I’d rather win fights than arguments especially if I was in the fighting business. Jones knows all about winning fights. Chael just argues then loses his title shot twice at 185 even on the juice. Jones will be the legend not Chael. Chael’s just trying to set up an analyst position since he knows he’ll never wear that belt. Believe that!

  32. Jyoung says:

    Its funny how JJ says hes not falling into Chaels game, but thats exactly whats happening. He talks about Chael being a cheater and a coward, and saying that all the accusations hold no weight, looks like they are holding plenty of weight to me. Its not the fact that he was arrested for drunk driving (dont know the whole story, dont care too) but it was more to the fact that he is accusing everyone he fights of being inferior not only to his fighting, but to his standards as well. I would say that would classify him as a hypocrite, or even a liar. Is Chael a cheater? Seeing that he used more TRT than was allowed, yes at one time Chael was cheating, but I wouldnt call him a coward, an idiot at times, but not a coward.

  33. maurice says:

    @jyoung whenever u sit on ur ass in front of the GOAT and dont even attempt to get up or do anything aside from just accepting his fate, i call that a coward move. once chael realized he couldnt just throw anderson around again he completely broke down and quit. chael himself says he has found ways out of fights by being caught in subs. this is the first time that he literally decided to just quit b4 a sub even came lol. quittin is one thing. but quitting against a so called rival is a straight bitch move.

  34. Yeahrightman says:

    How can he call chael a coward when he ducked him?

  35. dan the man says:

    chael is a f*****g cartoon. .. he doesnt deserve the shot at jones title. honestly machida doesnt either. back to sonnen. that guy irks me he talks all this trash… which is funny at times… yet the guy is a master at tapping out and then getting pissed at the ref like “no no i didnt tap.. !” seen it 2 times ni the wec and in the first anderson fight .. and dui… ha worst things happen everyday . all so funny.. bet you wouldnt say those thingas to his face. virtual gang bangin is annoying.. why dont you come over to myspace and sit on my facebook.. ill pinch your twitters

  36. Craigy boy says:

    Pretty sure when Jones got busted, Sonnen tweeted GLAD YOU ARE SAFE GOT YOUR BACK. Yeah I have your back with a knife in my other hand!!!

  37. That Dude says:

    Didn’t Sonnen say that he was going to retire after he got beaten by the spider?!

  38. Sam says:

    Chael would eat Jon’s face off in a fight. Jones is nothing more than a coward. He said he didnt want to fight Machida and now he turns down Sonnen. He sounds scared to me. I’d love to see Chael rip him apart like I know he would. Chael dismantled Silva in their first fight and Anderson is 10 times the fighter Jones will ever be.

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