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Friday, 08/24/2012, 10:29 am

Jones Opens Up As Staggering -1500 Favorite Over Belfort | UFC NEWS

After one of the oddest days in MMA history, Jon Jones has been officially booked to face Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 this September. The vegas oddsmakers are on the booking and have set up odds for the proposed bout.

In what has to be one of the most lopsided betting odds to date Jon Jones opens up as of today as a -1500 favorite.

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60 Responses to “Jones Opens Up As Staggering -1500 Favorite Over Belfort | UFC NEWS”

  1. Zack says:


  2. Bobby says:

    With odds like that I would bet on Belfort. Unles Jones wrestles him to the ground.

  3. Bob says:

    OMFG Is UFC turning into BOXING now? Setting up lopsided fights and fighters refusing to fight other fighters??

    Yeah keep it up UFC, that was the same way Boxing faded away.

    SMDH. All MMA fans should be fking pissed… UFC is starting to become a scary a$$ sport. Guys faking injuries, taking steroids, lopsided match ups and guys turning down fights.

    Hell NO I am not ordering that fight.

    • danielrchargers says:

      are you stupid? or are you stupid?
      oh i guess you are stupid.
      MANY ATHLETES TAKE STEROIDS its a problem for the MLB UFC NFL and NHL and im sure many more.
      UFC IS not going ANYWHERE BUT UP!
      oh and by the way.
      Fighters turning down fights is the only positive statement you typed.

      • Bob says:

        Wow your comment is way off topic.

        – First nobody said this doesnt happen in every sport – Off subject much?
        – Second of all Who gives a flying fk about Petyon Hill? – Still off subject?
        – Third of all Many athletes take steroids, does that mean its right? You dumb cunt.
        – Fourth of all UFC will never fall down but yes it will drop in numbers hence why I said “Fade Away” as in drop in numbers in ratings and ticket sales. Do you honestly believe Jones vs Vitor will sell as much as Silva and Chael? No so thats fading in numbers. I didnt mean UFC would go anywhere. I should of cleared that up for you sad child.

        UFC will never “go ANYWHERE”- But they would drop “Fade” away on numbers and sales. I am not paying to watch this fight and millions arent either.

        You have poor comprehension skills. You jump off subject too much and you capitalize your letters which tells me you are mad. LMFAO

        All I can say is slap yourself fruit pie!

        • B-rad says:

          Actually chargers makes a good point.. The PED problem in MMA is still nothing compared to MLB, they still have a big problem with that.. And your mistaken if you think guys like Brian Stann are faking injuries to take lesser fights.. It is sooo easy to get hurt in training, especially grappling. All it takes is a kick to land in the wrong spot or your knee gets tweaked defending a takedown, and bam your out 6-8 weeks.. Shit happens, especially in MMA

        • scotty says:

          Yeah but with the new insurance fighters get, they can now say they cant fight over a little injury which can benefit in the end! To the OP you would be Naive to think the UFC wasn’t always doing “dirty” business.. They always were and always will because business will always come first to these guys.. You are just seeing it more now because they are making more money! Which now the fighters and their managers have noticed.. So they do what boxers are now doing!

      • Paul says:

        This is the worst title fight since they gave Gan McGee a shot at HW. What a joke, I can’t stand JJ anymore after all his pompous crap recently, but Vitor absolutely 100% does not deserve a title fight (WTF Machida???!?). He won 2 in a row against a washed up Akiyama, and Anthony ‘I can’t ever make weight’ Johnson. JJ destroys him, Vegas can quadruple those odds and not worry one bit. LAME, I used to despise Sonnen, but he’s growing on me now. This fight sucks, can’t wait until Jon ‘spoiled little bitch’ Jones goes to HW and gets destroyed by the top 5 guys. WAR SONNEN.

    • Arvelle says:

      BwahahaAHAHAHA! IVe been waiting for this. Everybody pissed at jon…but you really should be pissed at Dana. He cant make him fight, but he sure as hell couldve stripped him of the title! I thought he was the BOSS OF UFC!! Dana Arum is go! Sad thing is…some of you wont by the next PPV….but a lot more people will just to see Jon get beat up. THat wont happen Though.

    • Matt d says:

      Are you a fighter? I’m tired of all of the bandwagon fan.. I don’t like Jones decision but he is the champ and didn’t want to risk it… the reason why I asked if you were a fighter is that the ultimate goal of a true fighter is to become a champion..and that fighter would like to be ready for that shot…

  4. Scotty says:

    The odds have already started to change its +600 for Vitor now.. Im locked at $100 on Vitor, I cant pass those odds up! There is a HUGE if but if that IF comes out winning, I just won nice chunk of change..

    • Bob'O says:

      I see Bones winning this, but you got me thinking, and I don’t gamble.

      Jones could make a mistake because so many people are against him now. It’s in his head. Change is funny like that. Anything can happen.

      Could Greg Jackson actually turn out to be the guy who ruined Bones Jones career? A lot of pressure now braddahs, a whole hell of a lot of pressure now. ~Bob’O

      • Scotty says:

        I think Jones is going to win too! But there is always a punchers chance and Vitor has that punch that can end a fight quick! Like they say “Scared money doesn’t make money” If i put a $100 down and lose its whatever, its only a $100 and I can easily blow that somewhere else on some useless stuff.. So why not take that 10% chance and if Vitor wins, I just added $500 to my wallet!

  5. Nick says:

    Man, I’d bet on Vitor. It’s worth it. That’s a nice chunk of change if he happens to win.

  6. GET RID OF JONES (forever) says:

    This fight makes no sense whatsoever. I understand that there are a shortage of fighters in the LHW division but to bring up Vitor Belfort who just beat Anthony Johnson to get this title shot is absurd! War Vitor! I won’t be ordering this fight, I am from now on boycotting anything Jon Jones.

    • Zack says:

      I will never buy a Jon jones fight either. People forget how he got his title shot. After beating Nader UFC offered him his buddy’s title shot and he sure as hell took that. But u can’t fight Chael sonnen? That’s how I know jones is not and will not be the best fighter ever. A true fighter is ready to go right here right now. If I seen jones walkin down the street and called him a pussy bitch he wouldn’t do shit. If I said that to bj penn or Anderson silva or nick Diaz or Jose aldo I would get my ass kicked right then and right there. Screw jones.

  7. Bob'O says:

    Hey Daniel, Just like your Chargers are not going anywhere any time soon eh bro? LMAO!

    = sUCKIN!!! ~Bob’O

  8. Christian says:

    alotta people puttin’ their money on Vitor, but Imma still have to go with Jones, even tho he is a baby bacc bitch for not fighting a unprepared Chael,

  9. mean170 says:

    God i hope Vitor drops him and dribbles his head of the ground at least 3 more times then he should before the ref saves Jon ‘Coward’ Jones.

  10. Conor Filbin says:

    Go Vitor!

  11. bolgna jones says:

    so what does that pay out if you bet on vitor? i don’t know how these odds work.

    what if i bet $20 on vitor and he wins? what does that pay?

    • hmmmm says:

      i think 100 but im not sure, sorry

    • Xcape68 says:

      You would need to bet $1500 on JBJ to win $100 and bet $100 on Vitor to win $750. So if you bet $20 you’d win $150

      • scotty says:

        Odds have already went down again.. Usually the first 10 minutes they will have the highest odds which was +750, then it dropped to +600 and now its dropped again at +550! This is for online betting sites.. If u bet in Vegas, u might find some places with higher odds still.. To the OP, I should go atleast $50 to make it worth it, if he wins cause u will come out with $275!

  12. Drew says:

    Sounds about right

  13. KIDD433 says:

    I like those odds.Vitor is a ruthless killer in the cage,on top of that he fuels his engine with the spirit of god…Dangerous combination!Nighty Night there Jonesy!!!

  14. Mike Beltran is The Sh@$iest ref ever says:

    Think EVERYBODY should refuse to fight Jon Jones!! Refuse till he is stripped of the belt and broke. His head needs deflated a lot

  15. NO SH&T? says:

    WOW those odds are beyond insane? respect for vitor none? Im betting on vitor because of that huge payout!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Brett says:

    Wow I thought vitor had a better shot then hendo honestly!

  17. SinCe 2004 says:

    Why r people sleepin on Belfort?!?!?!?!

    • Zack says:

      If he tags jones like he did Anderson silva jones will go to sleep. Anderson just has a iron chin. He took a couple h bombs as well. I honestly believe vitor will win this.

  18. Phantom weight says:

    Look the fight was cancelled.get over sound like little kids.

  19. Mike says:

    can someone explain those numbers? Ex: Jones -1500

    • Scotty says:

      In sports betting you have favorites for a team or in this case fighters who are going to win.. In this case Jon Jones as being champ and one of the best in the world is fighting a MW on a months notice, so in Vegas/bookies feel he has a high percentage chance of winning.. So they put a high number on Jones for those who want to bet on him.. -1500 means if you want to bet on Jones, you have to put down $1500 to win $100.. But then you have the odds bet which is on Vitor.. Since everyone thinks he has a slim chance of betting, they put a higher betting number on him.. which was +750 which u can figure out u $100 down on him, you win $750.. They do this because if Jones wins they dont lose out on much money and they will gain alot of money on those who took the odds with Vitor.. They hope the odds bet doesnt win but some people like myself know there is a punchers chance in MMA especially for Vitor so its hard not to throw money down on him with these odds..

  20. JUST A FAN says:

    Fuck Jon ” IM A BIG PUSSY’ Jones ! Not only do I hope Vitor whups him , I hope vitor throws him a beating that he will never forget!

  21. Donovan says:

    Those odds make it low risk and high reward. To make himself more unpopular he is going to get KOd by Belfort and all the ppl that bet a bunch of money on him are gonna hate him more…and Im gonna sit back and laugh. I have never liked Jones…always fake.

  22. Kurius Boy says:

    Some are trying to say Jones is a coward for not fighting Sep 1st. How is Jones a coward when he already beat the best fighters in the division? machida and top fighters didn’t want to fight jones on short notice ether, so are they cowards too? I don’t think so, i think everybody was being smart to make sure their ready for when they do take the fight. Jones has a legacy to be one of the best ever, so he was the only one who had something to loose in a fight like this. They could’ve replaced the Jones vs Henderson fight with other fighters and chagred less. I’m sure the fans would’ve still watched. So Dana and fans, don’t blame it on Jones, blame it on Dana for not scheduling better fights for a plan B

    • David RT says:

      Lol another Jones defender. He is a b*&^h flat out. No mater if 1 billion of you Jon Jones pole riders slide down a slow and firm as you can will make this right. Chael was underweight.1, He is out of shape.2, He even said it himself “how can you pass up a chance to beat the ICON of the UFC while he isn’t in top condition”.3….enough said bruh no defense…Bisping took an 8 day notice fight and lost to Chael..8day notice 87% of the time is a loss. Point is a Champion is suppose to take on any challenger anywhere anytime..not preserve a record….Jon= Floyd in my eyes. he has single handed tarnished MMA in a new fashion and you defend True i do agree Dana should’ve had a back up plan, but that is the Main card. Not an easy thing to Plan B 8 days before…what you wanted him to have Bader and Vera train just in case ?

      • David you fag says:

        Say the same about Machida then, turning down the Jones fight with a month to train. So the UFC had to pull a MW fighter.

        Machida’s the real bitch. White is the King Bitch. You just too stupid to see anything other than what’s being fed to you.

    • Keyboard Warrior says:

      I agree on that. Jon Jones is just playing safe and Making sure he doesnt under estimate anyone even Sonnen. He knows he can lose to anyone at anytime w just one slip up. He will pick and choose his fights to cement his own legacy no matter how many fans he loses. At the end of it all, he is and will forever be a UFC champion. Dammit i hate him!!

  23. Dee says:

    I’m actually rooting for Vitor, so Jones can go down to middleweight and go back on his word to fight Silva.

    I know a lot of people are going to try to check me, so let me go ahead and defend myself. I KNOW how big he is, but I don’t think he will have the balls to fight at HW, WHICH is why I said MW. Also it’s a joke.

  24. lino says:

    c’mon vitor humble this guy!

  25. Joel Thoen says:

    Jon Jones is a little punk!!! He talks all this S about Sonnen, then he has the opportunity to back it up, and he runs like a little bitch! Sonnen should be on the card vs Jonesbfor 152 or he should have his title stripped from him. Champions are supposed to take any fight any time. They shouldn’t be allowed to decide Jo they will and will not fight. In so sick of the hype around this punk!

  26. punchkick says:

    it’s like vitor vs silva again. hopefully vitor avoid those damn front kicks. war vitor!

  27. says:

    I feel like this might look like belfort vs rumble

  28. B-rad says:

    Im ready to see Bones move up to HW.. I wanna see the Reem Monster devour him

  29. Hosep Asoral says:

    please count me in at the haters…! take that belt against the bones.

  30. Oscar says:

    Do u guys remember silva not wanting to give sonnen the rematch but Dana made him do it? Y not make bones?

  31. Michael hamlin says:

    I will never buy another PPV!!!

  32. Glen says:

    You never know in MMA when a big upset can happen. Last one I remember with odds like this was Fedor vs. Verdum. $100 on Verdum made for a decent pay day. Very tempting odds on this match up if you have a 20 dollar bill or 100 dollar bill burning a hole in your pocket.

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