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Thursday, 04/12/2012, 09:09 am

Jon Jones Open To Fighting Junior Dos Santos In Place Of Overeem


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89 Responses to “Jon Jones Open To Fighting Junior Dos Santos In Place Of Overeem”

  1. dick diaz says:

    from this statement, he doesn’t seem as open as the headline is making him seem.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Right. Another fine job by the media to get the rumor mill cranked up

    • Cmon, Son... says:

      But Jones is open to fighting Dos Santos, if not for his fight with Rashad. The headline is correct. What if Jones finishes Rashad in less than a round, or even in two, and comes out without a scratch. And also what if the price is more than Jones has ever received? Jones would do it. Two things that may happen.

      But, it would be totally disrespectful to JDS to hold off on naming an opponent when the UFC has all this time to find someone for him to fight. They gotta solve the Overeem problem now, name a substitute opponent now, or just take JDS off the card.

      The UFC want JDS on that card though. How can you have a HW main card without the HW champion?

      Fckn Overeem had to screw everything up.

    • ARR says:

      I questioned the same thing lol.. he seems more uninterested in it because there is sort of a friend factor it seems

  2. Steven says:

    One word..damn!!

  3. Jon says:

    HOW THE FUCK does this mean he’s open to fighting him?

  4. the original steve says:

    fucking make it happen. junior will knock him out.

    • Jon james says:

      But he would knock you out! Lol bahahaha

    • thetude says:

      yea right man, u kidding me, jones’ striking is far more impressive than dos santos, im not saying dos santos wouldnt beat jones in a boxing match, but this is MMA, dos santos has never faced anybody with the reach and athleticism that jon has, Let bones pack on about twenty pound and lets get them in the ring, it would be an awesome fight.

      • Xaninho says:

        GTFO dude! JBJ’s striking is basically shit. He has great advantage over the rest of his division with those freakishly long limbs. If his arms and legs were normal size he would be stomped on everytime he set foot in the cage!

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          If its just his limb length then why isn’t Stefan Struve cleaning up at HW….His best weapon is his elbows, ground and pound, takedowns, I don’t see how his height helps him in those areas. I think JDS would be too much for him right now but I think it wouldn’t be as one sided as people might think. JDS just has crazy power in his hands and has great takedown defense.

        • Xaninho says:

          It’s not his height it’s his reach. He has around 20inch reach advantage over anyone else.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Because Stefan Struve doesn’t have the footwork and understanding of range that Jones has. If he did then the shortest HW Pat Barry wouldn’t have checked his chin multiple times.

          Btw Struve and Kongo got lucky!!!!!!!!!

        • Xaninho says:

          Struve is getting better at that. He’s just 24 years old. By the way JBJ’s reach is longer than Struve’s!

        • Japanese Cookie Barbie says:

          Hey NOD, the more you “speak,” the more you sound retarded. In one post you say that JBJ’s striking is shit and if not for his long reach, he would be stomped on in every fight. Then later you say that JBJ has an understanding greater than Struve about range and footwork. So is Jones good because of his reach or range/footwork (or all of the above)? You just a hater and continously fail to give respect where respect is due. To call Struve & Kongo lucky against Barry is saying that Barry was “unlucky.” Or maybe it was Barry’s carelessness and fighting skills that led to two of those losses. Your judgement is so convoluted that it is confusing YOU. Bye Bye.

        • queeny says:

          in jons does have thos freeky long limbs and btw fuck nukkel he does the stomping hes getting better and better hw champ in two years he is a diffrent animal from the rest jds ia a great boxer but this is mma and every part of jon is a wepon soo walk up pal

        • Xaninho says:

          Just watch this before running your mouth sucka.

        • Dude says:

          you a hater, Xaninho? Hard to tell.

        • Xaninho says:

          I’m a realist. Nuthuggers usually can’t tell the difference…

        • I dont like Jones that much, but it doesnt mean he isnt good. there are better strikers though, but his striking isnt as bad as you put it out to be. cool video though, except when they talk about the long limbs making his striking faster when he extends… The spinning elbow has a little more body to deal with then just his arms, so not sure I completely Understand that part.

        • Xaninho says:

          It’s a matter of centrifugal force. His elbows are further from his body because his upperarm is freakishly long compared to normal peoples upperarms. So it moves faster and speed=force/power.

      • Joe Bidden says:

        Yeah, and Jones has never faced anyone with JDS’ size and strength advantage. He won’t be able to just shoot in and take him down when he wants, and he won’t be scoring any one shot knockouts either.

        If JDS got his hands on him, Jones would be down and out. You underestimate the power difference and JDS’ stand up ability.

      • john says:

        Are u serious? Jones has never faced any1 with juniors reach he is an oversized lhw and would be put in his place…. look at bones fights he is sloppy if he didn have an extra 7-12 inch reach on everyone

      • maurice says:

        yo dont eva compare jones striking with jds. jds will be bigger, and will be faster and way more techinacal on the feet. jones would still keep reach advantage, but that size advantage will be gone. jds knocks him out in the 1st if this fight eva happens. and jones cant take jds down.

      • the original steve says:

        HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. i will not even entertain this statement.

  5. Doesn’t seem like he’s willing to fight him at all lol

  6. wtfguyz says:

    ^ doubt that……..

  7. MMA Fan says:

    YESSSSS!!! It’s about time someone had the stones to step up and take advantage of the situation. You don’t see Anderson Silva saying he wants the belt at 205!

    If Jones beats JDS, Rashad is an after thought unless he wants to compete at HW.
    It’s an awesome statement at exactly the right time!

    Hope Jones is serious!

  8. Scott says:

    All of his physical advantages out the window,
    without them, he is nothing.

  9. Miss leading headline don’t you think? I wounder how many John Jones Haters will see the headline and get all mad without reading the article.

  10. Xaninho says:

    After reading what JBJ said, I think the headlines are a bit exagerated. He’s saying he doesn’t want any of that really. Which is a smart thing to do cause JDS might kill him.

  11. JangoBlast says:

    This doen’st make any sene Jon Jones can stay loyal and not want to fight Junior but he wants to fight his former mentor/training partner yo Idk what kinda monkey ass operation Greg Jackson is running down there but he doesn’t know shit about loyalty I see why Rashad is pissed off at them it’s just not right for Jon Jones not want to fight Junior he should be able to fight Junior with no problem, my thing is that he trained with Rashad, Rashad was like a big brother to him at Greg Jacksons camp but this is all so stupid Jones is so wrapped up thinking that hes the best thing since Chuck Liddell Smh damn wow if Rashad wins this fight I hope Jones realizes that he needs to be humble Rashad was the same way until Machida humbled him and now Rashad Evans is going to do it fuck Jon Jones this dude is so fucking fake I hate his fake monkey ass.

    • Xaninho says:

      JDS is a nice guy, but that’s not the reason JBJ wants none of that. He knows JDS would bust his head like a grape. He can’t beat JDS.

    • can says:

      Your comments make no sense. These guys are warriors, their job is to fight, not make friends. All the true fans of MMA want to know who is the greatest fighter and the only way to know that is by them fighting in the Octagon and not in the press.

    • defcon says:

      JangoBlast, I agree 100%. That’s all I could think about while reading this drivel. Jones runs his mouth as if he can do no wrong. I really hope that Rashad serves him some humble pie.

      • JangoBlast says:

        Hell yeah bro Jon Jones doesn’t even think how in the hell could he be like Junior Dos Santos is my boy and try not to fight Junior but he calls out his former training partner/Mentor Rashad has every right to be pissed off at Jon Jones, Jones is so stupid and as for Greg Jackson his camp should just go away and die because if he knew anything about loyalty to his fighters Rashad and Jones would’t even be fighting. I think Rashad has a good chance to win this fight he looked really good against Phil Davis Implementing his striking with his takedowns Rashad is a small LHW but he makes up for that with his speed and agility moving around like a welterweight see Jon Jones is tall and lanky he has the reach advantage but as far as speed Rashad can prance around the cage all night and not be able to touch him.

  12. Kirby Mayne says:

    He says junior is cool that they have chemistry together… What about Rashad?

  13. John C says:

    This is why Jon Jones is a f@gget bltch:

    IF he kept it real, 100% of the time, he would be the sickest, and the greatest…..but he is such a phony douche bag. You know this fool thinks his shit dont stink, but he would never tell the camera that……

    PHONY PHONY PHONY, if he would come out and act like the cocky, arrogant, CHAMPION he is….I would LOVE him….he is sooo damn good!

    But he is the fakest fool around! He is sayn everything “P-C” for the camera, and to me that is so fukn annoying. He is putting up a front that couldnt be further from his actual personality.

    • can says:

      You are making some pretty big assumptions about a mans character based solely on sound bites played in the media. You do not know Jones on a personal level so how can you call him a phoney?

      • John C says:

        You are right….I dont know anything for sure. But dont we all base all of our thoughts and opinions based on what we hear and see in the media??? I mean, most of us have ever met these guys nor any famous people that we constantly judge and make opinions about…..

        With that said, I base my opinions upon statements i have heard from other fighters in other interviews….

        from what i have heard Jon Jones is a cocky and arrogant fighter. I understand why he would be this way…I mean the guy is by far the best with by far the biggest up-side. He is so young and so good!

        My problem is that he should keep it real in his interviews. He acts so fukin humble and it is all an act….I can see right through it.

        And I get it, most athletes in the spotlight act this way or at least very similar….. Jon Jones has the personality of a Terrell Owens, but he acts like Tim Tebow in front of the camera. Its phony, adn whack!

        • can says:

          Its called propaganda, and the powers that be use it to promote interest in these fights. Just because other fighters give negative opinions about Jones, don’t MISINTERPRET his confidence in his abilitey to best many other fighters and his swagger after doing so as fake. All high level athletes have this in common.

        • John C says:

          No, you dont get it!

          I love the swagger, I am a Terrell Ownes fan, I am a Phil Hellmuth Fan, I love the people who are the best and are not afraid to speak what really on their mind instead of feeding the camera meaningless politically correct statements with no merit behind them.

          I love the swagger Jones has, and he should shown it at all times instead of putting a humble front.

          I beleive GSP is a humble champion, I beleive JDS is a humble champion, those guys are genuine when they talk, Jon Jones speaks nothin but bullshit

      • Donovan says:

        What a flakey person. “Oh look at me. JDS is my boy so I wontt fight him. Rashad was my boy, but he couldn’t handle how immature I am and how highly I think of myself…oh yeah and the title shot was way more important than my friend Rashad”

        Jones shld be afraid of fighting JDS

  14. jcullas says:

    funny how he says all that shit about JDS… “He’s such a cool dude, you know what I mean? He’s just such a cool dude. Fighting him is just like… Me and him, he treated me like his brother when we were in Brazil together. We did a lot of fun stuff in Brazil. He’s just a cool dude. Challenging him out of nowhere would be hitting him upside the head like, ‘Where did Jones come from? Why does Jones want to fight me?’’….. Doesn’t that seem a lot like the same situation with Rashad?? Except him and Rashad were even closer than him and JDS and that didn’t stop him from randomly calling out Rashad… sounds like he met him once and now all the sudden JDS too much of a cool dude and a friend to fight.. smh at jones, hes a backstabbin lil bitchboi

  15. banks says:

    I love how he dogged rashad but now jds is his boy and he doesnt want to fight him.. Dude is so fake jus finds ways of not saying wut he wants to say and implying hes humble haha i hope rashad knocks his head off and im sure junior would do the same if the kid even tried to kick him wit them birdlegs..

  16. Scotty says:

    What the hell is wrong with these people working for Only thing Jones says is “Something I would totally entertain” thats it.. Then goes and basically contradicts with JDS is a cool dude, did this and that, and would feel wrong for calling out JDS on a fight thats not even in his division…

    Its like clicking on a youtube video with good title and the video has basically nothing to do with what the title expressed.. Then u get bummed out!

  17. ma mama said mma says:

    the title of the article should be ‘Jon Jones NOT open to fight junior dos santos’ because thats what he saying even if he wanted to minimum injury suspension from fighting is 60 days even a fighters not injured

  18. Seanzky says:

    Misleading headline much???

  19. Matt says:

    This headline is a total piece of shit. BJ, you need some credible folks contributing to this site or I won’t even bother anymore.

  20. James says:

    This article is a serious contender for special olympics gold.

  21. jorge says:

    not have anyone in the heavyweight, who can beat JJones!
    Only Machida, perhaps …

  22. ee says:

    hes not open to it …. bad journalism moron

  23. Zack Palmer says:

    Jones is top 3 p4p…Haters come out of the woodwork when somebody comes up!

  24. pussies says:

    John C is right about Jones. Anybody with a fuckin brain can see thru Jones fake ass smirk

    • John C says:

      Thank you, someone who can read between the lines!

      Jones is OBV the best, #1 or #2 P4P (between him and silva) nobody with a brain can deny his talent, cant hate on his skills.

      But the fool is as fake as you can get, keep it real.

  25. Dano the clown says:

    Whats with you freaking morons? There is much more to Jones’s skill set then his limbs. The long limbs help but he is amazing to pull of the techniques he does. His athletisisim is earned by his hard work to develop himself into a better fighter. Give the champion of the WORLD more respect and credit for beating the snot out of legends.

  26. John M says:

    I competly agree with Jones on this one. JDS is a very cool guy and good choice on his part not to fight him out of respect towards him and respect he has showed you. With that said Jones knows JDS would absoutly maul him! His face would look like Carwins.

  27. Zack says:

    It would be pretty entertaining to see jds beat the shit out of jones. I don’t even think this fight would last 60 seconds

  28. plain and simple says:

    If they had a open weight tournament Jose Aldo would be the champion

  29. bizzle says:

    Headline for article is BS to get readers.. He basically says if it was anyone BUT JDS he would go for it..

  30. Just another example of bad writing. BJ, you gotta get somebody who knows how to write an article in this dude’s chair!

  31. MMAWAR says:

    Jones 2title Defends. Liddell 4 and Tito 5 let him do that before saying he’s the best. He aint nothing but a young guy beating older fighters. Plain and simple.

    • Jj says:

      Jon jones is better then both of them and being young dont mean shit

    • Drew says:

      Shogun was 28, Rampage 33, Bader not that much older same with Machida. Jones is a good fighter. if you think you have what it takes to beat Jones then go ahead and do it. Jones is great! He’s not interested clearly in fighting JDS, he has to pass Rashad, who isnt that much older either and will be a great match up. He didnt beat 3 former champions and 1 undefeated fighter for just being plain, simple, and young, but also skilled and smart! to do all that in one year isn’t something that anybody can just say. It seems you exhaggerated way farther then the situation really stands. Doesn’t seem to convincing, but I guess we have our opinions.

  32. slacker says:

    Dos Santos must be laughing his ass off. Now, will those in denial admit how arrogant this kid is? Can hardly wait to see this guy get humbled.

  33. slacker says:

    Geez. What a BS headline! This crap is getting as bad as the National Enquirer!

  34. MMAWAR says:

    Evans will put Jones to shame and Jones will be smack talker like Evans! Evans is Honest

  35. Stonerman says:

    JDS would knock Jones’s head off.

  36. MIke S says:

    Stranger things have happened better than JDS Hunt !

  37. gzawilliam says:

    Why not just entice Fedor to come over and fight for ther UFC title.. Would be a good draw. Sure JDS would win pretty comfortably. But couldnt be a bad replacement if they dont want to give it to hunt / hendo or mir.

    Imagine the sales of that card. Fedor vs jds for the hw title..

  38. Budoy says:

    He didnt say he’s fighting Dos Santos, the title of this news is misleading. this is what he says
    “You know, it’s hard to even say because of two factors: First, it would be disrespectful of me to just look past Rashad completely like, ‘Oh, this fight’s already done.’ Rashad is going to be a huge test and I’m excited for this great challenge. And you know, honestly, it is something I would totally entertain. But at the same time, I have so much respect for Junior dos Santos. He’s such a cool dude, you know what I mean? He’s just such a cool dude. Fighting him is just like… Me and him, he treated me like his brother when we were in Brazil together. We did a lot of fun stuff in Brazil. He’s just a cool dude. Challenging him out of nowhere would be hitting him upside the head like, ‘Where did Jones come from? Why does Jones want to fight me?’ I’m not saying he’s scared of me, by any means, I’m sure he’s not. If it was somebody else, I would definitely go for it. But it’s Junior. I don’t know, I’m not even a heavyweight so to pick a fight with Junior doesn’t really make sense to me. There’s a lot of work to be done in the light heavyweight division.” – Jon Jones.

  39. MMAWAR says:

    Jones aint shit til he defends his belt more than Tito Ortiz did which is 5!

  40. Jim says:

    LHW I don’t see anyone beating Jones, but HW? Come on, his main advantage at the moment is the fact he’s freakishly big for his weight. Put him in against the heavies and you’ll see a role reversal.

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